Ask a Pro: Question Two

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We continue our Ask a Pro series with what is either the most important part of NPC interaction or the silliest part of a roleplaying game, depending with whom you speak.

2. When delivering the lines of NPCs, do you prefer in-character or third person?

Lisa Stevens: In character.

F. Wesley Schneider: Depends... Important, named characters usually have a voice of their own, but if someone is just going to the blacksmith for a quick purchase, then I will usually just say that costs so much gold or whatever.

James Jacobs: In character. Maybe not always with a voice, but definitely always in character.

Erik Mona: In character.

Jason Bulmahn: Depends. If it's an important NPC then I'll do it in character, but it's Joe Schmoe guard I'll generally cut through it.

Sean K Reynolds: Mix.

Joshua J. Frost: Always play the character.

James Sutter: Totally the voices. I think that if you can find a really funny or interesting voice, it's the best part of a character.

Chris Self: I do third person. I'm bad at voices. Generally whenever I use funny voices, my players ask me to stop. (laughs)

I've never used the voices... I'm just not much of a character actor!

Hank Woon
Editorial Intern

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