Elemental Mysteries, Part 3

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The four elements—air, earth, fire and water—have fascinated man for thousands of years. Yet, there are still many mysteries that have yet to be solved. Elements of Power—the next set in the GameMastery Item Card line—is due to release next month, and if you can solve some of the mysteries of the elements, you might just score a free deck.

One elemental mystery will be presented each week. Answer it correctly and get entered into a drawing to win a free deck of Elements of Power Item Cards, shipped to you when the set releases. Just send an email with your answer, your name, and your paizo.com screen name to contest@paizo.com. Make sure to put the phrase "Mystery of Fire" in the subject line of this week's email.

This week we take a look at the element of fire. Perhaps no other element has fascinated man more than fire, and for good reason. Whereas fire can destroy, its cleansing can also lead to new life. There are a number of items in this set with a fire theme, including weapons, potions, staffs, and a wondrous item or two, each one looking like it might just burn you to a crisp. Look for these and other items like them in the upcoming set. Next week, we'll take a look at the final element.

Mystery of Fire: What would an ordinary goblin wearing chainmail need to roll on its Fortitude save to successfully avoid taking damage during his second hour spent in 114 degree heat?

All answers for the Mystery of Fire are due by 12:01 PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, August 9th. Good Luck!

Mystery of Earth Solution: Congratulations to Joshua Blazej, who figured out the correct answer that a stone giant could only throw a Small earth elemental (as it weighs 80 pounds, the maximum allotted weight for a rock thrown by a Huge giant).

Jason Bulmahn
GameMastery Brand Manager

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