And the Winner is...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

After combing through more than 150 initial queries and almost a dozen detailed outlines, we have finally found our winner of the GameMastery Open Call contest. The winner will write GameMastery Module W3: Flight of the Red Raven. Scarce information about the plot was given out, and the entrants had to combine that, along with the title, to come up with a compelling adventure full of exciting encounters and memorable villains.

In the end, David Schwartz came out on top. David's proposal hit a nerve with the staff, as his submission was both well-written and full of evocative scenes. This adventure is slated to hit store shelves in May 2008. While you might not see any more news on this one for a while (as David will be busy writing it!), here is a revised blurb describing David's adventure, along with our mock-up cover:

The Vernal Key has been stolen from the town of Azurestone and the notorious Red Raven is the culprit. With a terrible winter setting in, the small community faces a gruesome fate without its protection. To recover the Key, the heroes must face off against brazen outlaws, freezing weather, and dangerous predators, but the trail leads to even greater peril. For the Red Raven's path heads straight into the Jarl's Prison, a maze of ice and snow from which there is no escape!

Hearty congratulations go out to all of our finalists. Picking one of them as the winner was not easy task, as any one of them might have made for a great adventure. And don't forget, for all those who didn't win this contest, there's still plenty of time to enter RPG Superstar and make your big break that way!

Jason Bulmahn
GameMastery Brand Manager

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