Forging a Connection

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

The 54 cards of the Harrow do not only portend sunderings and strife. Indeed, the cards can also express creation and unity.

The Forge, for example, represents strength through great diversity. It is a test, and those who pass the test are the stronger for it. The Marriage is a union—of people, of countries, or even of ideas and thoughts. Mergers portended by The Marriage cannot be parted.

Note how both the Forge's hammer and the Marriage's crown are positioned in the middle of the left-hand-side of their respective cards. As hinted at in the past, the alignment of each icon and the icons themselves all mean something specific for the cards. Where the position of its icon determines the card's overall demeanor, the icon itself keeps score of an ability the card represents.

Harrow releases in only a few weeks. When it does, I foresee in your future years of enjoyment.

Mike McArtor
GameMastery Editor

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