Thar's a Mighty Blow A-Comin'!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Now that we have copies of Key Largo in stock, I thought I'd show you how to play the game. It's 1899, and ten days till a mighty hurricane roars ashore (we had great weather-predicting machinery in 1899). So, before that hurricane arrives, you want to get as much gold and jewels as you can out of the many pirate shipwrecks sunk deep in the coastal waters. You start with a little wooden boat, $100, and a diver. Your goal is to become the richest salvager on the island in those ten short days.

You have five cards which allow you to go to places around the isle. You play two of them per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can:

  • Go to the Tavern to hire more divers
  • Go to the Equipment Shop to buy those divers hoses, tridents, and weights
  • Search a wreck for treasure
  • Sell your treasures at the Market
  • Take tourists dolphin watching at Dolphin Cove

Those are all good choices, but when you do these actions is critical. Everyone acts at once, and the number of people wanting to do each action can alter the prices for those action. For example, if three people want to hire divers, the divers know they can charge more. So you spend your time trying to guess what everyone else is going to do and surprising them with what you're going to do.

Oh, and watch out for sea monsters! If you don't have a pointy trident to fend off the monsters, your divers might become monster chow.

At the end, as the hurricane is bearing down, you sell off everything you have left, count your cash, and declare a winner as you ride the winds out of Key Largo. And when you come back, that hurricane will have made sure there are plenty more wrecks for you to search...

Mike Selinker
Titanic Games Brand Manager

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