All Hail Mobogo!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pathfinder #12 is off to the printer, and with it a block of four more new monsters! Of those four, three have roles to play in this volume's adventure, "Crown of Fangs." So to avoid spoilers, let's check out the fourth one—the dread mobogo! We first mentioned these immense frog-like monsters way back in Pathfinder #2 in the boggard entry, and I knew then that sooner or later we'd be seeing these monstrous lords of the swamp. Check him out! Doesn't he look happy to be here?

Mobogos reside in the most primal swamps of Golarion, grotesque eldritch wildernesses unchanged for centuries. The crude religion of boggard-kind says that when the massive goddess Gogunta deposited her frogspawn in the muddy morass of Golarion's still-forming continents, the mobogo were among the first creatures to emerge. Ever since, these Swamp Kings have slept and fed, preying upon the beasts of their fetid meres, growing huge and lethargic, dreaming inscrutable amphibious dreams of their godly mother's return.

James Jacobs
Pathfinder Editor-in-Chief

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