Coming Soon: Open Call for Pathfinder Society Scenarios

Thursday, October 2, 2008

** Warning: if you wish to avoid possible spoilers about future Pathfinder Society scenarios, do not read this blog post. **

Good news! Next week we begin our first open call for Pathfinder Society scenarios. What do we mean by "open call?" We mean:

1. Not every scenario we release is written via the open call process

2. Outline submissions are based on summaries, rather than true open calls

Rules for submitting Pathfinder Society scenario outlines are as follows:

1. Based on a summary (or summaries) posted on the Paizo daily blog as well as on the Pathfinder Society page, write a 750-word outline following the format of already posted and available-for-sale scenarios.

2. By the due date, email said summary to with the subject line [Scenario Name] Submission.

3. Include your full legal name, email address, physical mailing address, and a contact phone number at the top of your submission—this text does not count toward your word count.

4. Once all submissions are in, the Pathfinder Society coordinator will take two weeks to review submissions and select an author for each open scenario. You will receive an email confirming receipt—please allow 72 hours for a response before resending your submission. The coordinator will attempt to respond to all submitters with feedback, but this may not always be possible.

5. If you are selected to write a scenario, you will be emailed instructions that include your word count, due date, and contract.

6. Failing to follow any of the instructions above will immediately disqualify you from the open call.

The open call that starts next week is for Pathfinder Society scenarios #17 and #18—the January March releases. The full schedule for this submission period is as follows:

10/9—Open call begins with summaries posted on the Paizo Blog and at

10/17—Submissions due by 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time

10/31—Submissions review completed

11/3—Decision announced on messageboards and after authors are chosen and notified

While we won't begin accepting scenario outlines until next week, here are a few hints to get your brain juices flowing:

Scenario 17—Spiders & Pirates
Scenario 18—Vampires & Vaults

Good luck!

Joshua J. Frost
Events Manager

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