"Takin' it Easy" Uncontest Winners!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Okay. Wow, check out that "Takin' it Easy" Unthread (or, if you're at work, maybe don't). There's more than 300 posts on there, most being some really hilarious captions for the scandalous scene from Pathfinder Adventure Path volume #21. Totally a hard decision, but at the end of the day the caption that had the editorial pit most in stitches was James Martain's short but sweet:

"Dear Pathfinder letters..."

James picked up a few free PDFs for his hilarity. We've got a few worth some extra special mentions, though! Thanks for everybody who posted. Really funny stuff everybody, thanks for playing along!

Little did his friends know that Exren's arcane eye functioned perfectly well underwater.

Merisiel: "Hey, is Wrinkles dead?! I'm taking his stuff!"

For weeks Sajan had suffered the jibes and taunts of the others. However, by not inviting him to the pool party, they had gone too far.

F. Wesley Schneider
Pathfinder Managing Editor

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