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Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm excited to welcome a few new faces to the Paizo offices: David Eitelbach and Hank Woon, our enthusiastic new editorial assistants! David and Hank are going to help us here in the pit with… well… pretty much everything and anything we can come up with—and not a moment too soon! Expect to see them posting on the boards, blogging about all the cool stuff that crosses their desks, and overall giving us a fresh look inside the Paizo offices. If you have any questions for Dave and Hank, or just want to say "hi," be sure to drop them a "welcome aboard" post!

But that's enough out of me. First up, meet Hank Woon, and tomorrow we'll check in with David.

F. Wesley Schneider
Pathfinder Managing Editor

Hello Paizo readers! This is my first blog for Paizo. Who am I, and why am I wasting your time, you ask? I am like you: fan, gamer, and enthusiastic supporter of Pathfinder. But, unlike you, I am not constrained by the typical boundaries set by the stifling paradigm known as "acceptable social behavior" or ridiculous and outrageous theories like "the law." So, through some cunning intelligence-gathering, I managed to locate the address of Paizo's hidden fortress, deep within the unforgiving wilds of Bellevue, Washington, and with no hesitation, set off on a quest to plunder its secrets.

Determined to unravel the delicate mysteries shrouded within, I cleverly forced my way through an unlocked hidden portal marked "Enter." Unfortunately, I was soon captured by Paizo's roving band of tiny, rabid, ninja robots (spawned from the unholy union of spare computer parts and chewing gum, these deceptively fast mechanical menaces are fanatically loyal to the Paizo team).

Now the Paizos have me lashed to a desk, and as punishment are forcing me to edit documents for them. The foolish mortals knew not that this is exactly what I wanted! When they are not looking (or throwing thumb tacks at me, as they are wont to do), I shall leak information about the inner workings of this academy of dark sorcerers; not just the docile, politically-correct image they put forth, oh no, no, no... The truth is much more interesting. There is danger, excitement, romance, adventure... and of course, the robots.

Stay tuned.

Hank Woon
Paizo Editorial Intern

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