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Hello! Welcome to my table. Before we start, please do the following:

Please complete the macros linked at the top of the page. This will be used for initiative and secret rolls.

Please also post your token to the slides and post your position in the marching order. The slides are also linked at the top of the page.

As per the Organized Play Foundation Community Standards, each player must decide if they will allow their characters to be damaged by friendly fire (usually via splash damage). In keeping with the “Explore, Report, Cooperate” motto of the Pathfinder Society, engaging in non-consensual character-versus-character conflict is prohibited. While accidental friendly fire happens due to missed attack rolls or other factors, players must obtain the consent of other players before deliberately including fellow PCs in damaging effects. This rule does not apply in situations where a character is not acting of their own free will, such as if they’re being mind-controlled by an NPC and forced to attack a fellow Pathfinder.


Macros Layout - Doug H, Frozen Frost
Macros Logic - BretI, Mike Hallet
Slides - Doug H (Marching Order), Frozen Frost

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