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A century ago, tragedy claimed the lives of the patients and staff at a rural Castrovelian hospital. Now, thanks to a profitable land deal, investors from the nearby city of Qabarat have given the town a means to demolish the dilapidated building and build a brand new laboratory in its place. All that remains is to enter the hospital and clear it for demolition. There’s just one catch: the hospital is haunted and no one in town dares enter… It’s up to a team of outside troubleshooters to brave the hospital’s haunted halls and clear the site for demolition! Will our heroes survive their brush with the past? Or will they be the hospital’s latest victims?

Now recruiting for Starfinder Bounty # 5: "Echoes of Woe" (Level 1 PCs only). Bounties are short adventures, and this one provides .25 XP, 200 credits, and no reputation or Downtime. They're great for testing out a new character. We'll do it via play-by-post here on the Paizo website. If you'd like to play, please note the content warning in the Discussion thread and then provide the following information:

Player Name:
Character Name:
Organized Play #:
Current XP:
Current Credits:
Current Reputation:

Horizon Hunters

Player Name: Frozen Frost
Character Name: Iron-59 Felicis
Organized Play #: 2403787-701
Faction: Dataphiles
Current XP:
Current Credits:
Current Reputation:

Ok, Iron-59 Felicis is in!


Player Name: ‘Eκάτη
Character Name: Antethriss
Organized Play: 342384-708
Faction: Acquisitives
Current XP: 2
Current Credits: 1820
Current Reputation: 2

Welcome, Antethriss.

The bounty is for 3-6 PCs, so we need at least one more, but I'd like to get to four before starting.

I'll wait another day or two and then I can run an Iconic to get us up to three if need be.

Grand Lodge

tentative dot...might as well start playing SF at some point....


Player Name: Alex
Character Name: Saja Joseung
Organized Play #: 108716-706
Faction: Exo-G
Current XP: 0.75
Current Credits: I'd have to count
Current Reputation: 0

Full disclosure: I have GM'ed this game (and loved it). Saja is a good match for this bounty for RP reasons, so I'm very happy you're running!

Also, I have a level I Navasi set up from a previous game, so I can always add that one if you need to get to four.


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And hi grimdog! Let me know if you need any help or tips getting set up. As a freebie, I can recommend the hephaestos site for character generation.

Great, Saja is in!

Everyone can move to Gameplay and begin introductions.

We'll wait 24 hours or so to see if grimdog73 would like to play and then get started with the briefing.

Grand Lodge

go on without some learning to do...

@grimdog: Okay, if you're sure. Bounties are a good way to learn (they're short and usually relatively straightforward), and I'm sure we'd all be happy to help. If you change your mind, just let me know.

@Iron-59 Felicis, Saja, and Antethriss: Please head over to Gameplay and introduce yourselves. Once everyone's there, I'll do the briefing.


Player Name: DoubleGold
Character Name: Altoid Ant
Organized Play #: 135676-727
Faction: Aqu
Current XP: 1.25
Current Credits: 1168
Current Reputation: 2

Great, welcome Altoid Ant!


Hey all! Sorry for the late arrival, but I was looking for a 1st-level game and Jhaeman said it wasn't too late to join.

Player Name: FriendlyNeighborhoodMadScientis
Character Name: Oshari Soteria, Health & Safety Inspector
Organized Play #227485-704
Faction: Advocates
Current XP: 0
Current Credits: 27
Current Reputation: 0


Welcome! I saw your posts on the station. Let us know if you need any help getting set up...

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