GM Jhaeman's Starfinder Bounty # 5: "Echoes of Woe" (Inactive)

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Starfinder Bounty #5: Echoes of Woe
Paizo Inc.

A Starfinder Bounty designed for 1st-level characters.

A century ago, tragedy claimed the lives of the patients and staff at a rural Castrovelian hospital. Now, thanks to a profitable land deal, investors from the nearby city of Qabarat have given the town a means to demolish the dilapidated building and build a brand new laboratory in its place. All that remains is to enter the hospital and clear it for demolition. There’s just one catch: the hospital is haunted and no one in town dares enter… It’s up to a team of outside troubleshooters to brave the hospital’s haunted halls and clear the site for demolition! Will our heroes survive their brush with the past? Or will they be the hospital’s latest victims?

Content Note: While Echoes of Woe is a typical Starfinder adventure, it’s also a tragic ghost story set in a haunted hospital and involves themes of horror, disease, and patient death. Before you begin, understand that player consent (including that of the Game Master) is vital to a safe and fun play experience for everyone. You should talk with your players before beginning the adventure and modify descriptions of the narrative as appropriate.

Written by: Ruvaid Virk

Content sanctioned for use in the Starfinder Society Organized Play program.

Scenario tags: Repeatable