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Game Master Zynete

Hello and welcome! I'll be running this level 3-6 Starfinder Scenario for OutPost and will be picking up a party of six characters to play in it. Please post if you are interested in playing.

I generally expect people to be able to make one post per day and notify if that there is an upcoming issue that might conflict with that. I also expect everyone to have some botting instructions on their profile or elsewhere that I can refer to in case needed.

I'll confirm players for the game within a week assuming the game fills past capacity.

Please post about your interest and I'm looking forward to running this!

Signing up! I have several characters available. Starfinder scenarios typically come in the flavours 'bring a gun', 'bring a screwdriver' and 'bring a communication strategy'. I don't know this scenarios, but which type of character would you recommend?

As this is a safari, there is an inclination toward bringing a gun, but like a lot of adventure, but there is certainly need for a bit of everything among those in most adventures including this one.



I would joun you if possible. Alhtough 2 players may be not enough, I believe someone may appear still?

I've got Schuka who is more suitable for such mission due Faction, but she is just level 3 Operative.

Although I've got level 6 Solarion if we go high tier and need some damage.


If this game is still on I can bring a Operative 6. Is that too-little-guns for this safari?


I have a level 3 Witchwarper available to play. Unfortunately my higher tier character just hit level 7.

I will have to level up my Witchwarper, I'll see if I can find him "more gun"


Hello, Mister Intro!

I wonder if any of the monster will smell like driftdead...


"Ah, Momo! What a wonderful surprise! I had heard there was a Safari of some sort. I thought it may be nice to go on a relaxing excursion after our recent brushes with danger!"


Icon (Actor) Operative (Spy) 5.1?

Typical Operative, depends on Tricks instead of weapon size.

My apologies for my lack of recent response here. I have created a discussion and gameplay threads for the campaign. Given the signups and your time I welcome you all into the game assuming you are all still interested in this adventure.

I'll send messages over the weekend to check in to make sure I don't leave anyone behind.

I have a signup sheet up and links to the initial map I'll be using to run this adventure in gameplay.


Given the length of the wait to get players, I don't think anyone is surprised you might not have been watching the thread very closely anymore!


Is everybody who posted here getting in or do you need to make selections?

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Based on my count and review, everyone is getting in.

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