[Outpost VI] SFS #5-07: Planar Bloom

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Starfinder society, tier 5-8, RPG Chronicles
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scenario wrote:
Unstable planar matter ejected from the Drift has collided with Akiton's wastes, causing regional destruction and rapid biological mutations. Yet, from this collision sprouts opportunity, as the planar collision terraforms Great Gwaz into a lush, jungle paradise. At the request of famed Akitonian Starfinder Avor Stelek, a team of Starfinders is dispatched to investigate the so called "planar bloom." Can the Starfinders stop the planar bloom's spread? More importantly: should they?

Recruitment for Outpost VI

1) I'd like to hear of your experience in Pbp-games and Starfinder system. If you recall having played with or GM'd game for me, you have advantage in selection.
2) Party composition: enough diversity in classes and skills. No more than 3 PCs of same class.


I'd be keen on playing.

I've been playing on these boards for... several years now. And have several characters hitting the top tier of scenario. Shokil was one of my characters made to try some of the low-entry scenarios that come out each year, but has started to level out of them.

If you can stand to have a (IC) slightly drunk halfing author along, he'd be keen to join.

Silver Crusade

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I'd like to play! I know that Twich, my level 8 ysoki technomancer will be available. I think Delea, my level 5 lashunta mystic will probably be available (she is in a game now).

I'm sure we've played together at some point; I think you were a player in a Silent Tide game I GMed in 2020. In terms of general experience, I have quite a bit of PbP experience, and a moderate level of experience with Starfinder.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)


I would like to play with this character, who is level 8 mechanic (but quite more than that).

I don't think we've had the chance to play together.
After a long pause I'm getting back in PbP where I have quite a bit of experience and I'm knowledgeable about Starfinder :)

I've been playing PBP Starfinder exclusively since COVID, so I have a ton of experience with SFS and I've played multiple adventure paths, all PBP also.

I've got a a mechanic and envoy in this level range and can use either depending on the tier.


I've played and GMed on these boards quite a lot, mostly Starfinder as there seem to be no local players down here.

For this session I'm offering Luce 'Stella' Lumen, who is a lashunta female. She is level 6: Star Shaman Mystic(5), Armoured Solarian(1). Her specialty skill is Mysticism and her Professions are Mathematician and Drift Philosopher. She's one of those who study the Drift and is currently trying to figure out why it crashed. She's also a reasonable pilot but will deny any rumour about a Pegasus and a hot dog stand.

Liberty's Edge

Greetings everyone!

I would gladly join the adventure!

I am VL with a bunch of experience mostly in PF-1.
But I GMing SF and SFS also.
Played PbP format a lot and GMed barely couple games myself. Not sure if we meet at another virtual table though.

If you need me - I am gonna bring Lashunta Solarion - Xenoseeker. Named Zeratool, likely 6th lvl now, but could be 7th - need to check.
Charecter prototype taken from Starcraft setting.

Silver Crusade

We have 6 players. I marked table as full on event listing.

Does anyone have any preference on what PC I use?

I can bring my level 7 elf envoy or my level 7 barathu mechanic and his combat drone which he rides during combat.

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