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Just signed up on the spreadsheet.

Long time Pathfinder Society player (and 4 star GM) in 1st edition, and just enough 2nd edition when it first came to have a level 5 PC. But I've played VERY little PFS since the pandemic started, and the local stores stopped holding in person events. Kept up with a 1st edition campaign with my friends online, but no PFS, and no 2nd edition.

Also, did some PBP years ago, but haven't done that in 4 or 5 years, either.

So hopefully, you can all bear with me as I try to remember how to play 2nd edition, how to play by post, and also how to make a new level 1 character for this adventure. I believe the start date for playing isn't actually until March, so hopefully, I'll have everything figured out before then, and be ready to dive right in when we actually start playing.

As for my new PC, I'm leaning towards making an investigator, if that affects anyone else's choices of what to bring. But I could also consider something else, especially a spellcaster. Don't really want to do a front liner. My only other 2e PC and the PC I'm playing in my 1e campaign with my friends are both front line tanks, so I want to do something different this time.

I actually have a credit from playing a pregen, so I'll start off with a tiny bit more money than a brand new PC, but not much else.

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Already signed up on the spreadsheet.

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Horizon Hunters

I'm wondering why I'm not listed as a player or as a character. I do have to admit that this is my first time on Society PbP, so I would appreciate any help in this regard.

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Kazmuck - You need to post in the gameplay thread to be listed as a character. Most of us usually put in a period for a post (“dot in”), post it, and then delete the post so we don’t see a bunch of them. That should get you on as a character.

Good luck and enjoy

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I would appreciate it if you all could fill out the RPG Chronicles sign in sheet and thanks to the two of you who have already done so.

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