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Please sign into rpg chronicles

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do we have to wait until feb 7?

To sign-up you do. You can make a post in recruitment before then, but it won't count. You can sign into rpg chronicles early, and it still won't count. But I go by this. Heavily mooded sheet
And if you try to sign-up on the google sheets, it will be deleted within an hour as it is heavily moded.
You can sign into rpg chronicles if you want, but if 6 people beat you to it on the google docs, the heavily moded google docs, I will have delete your name from rpg chronicles. But 6 gms using their GM early access for this game is highly unlikely. Just keep in mind, you still have to sign the google docs on Feb 7th for it to officially count as you signing up.

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yeah i see the gane is now listed on the OP list...wasntvwhen i posted hence my question...

I had made this thread the same exact day I signed up to DM it, it wasn't on because it took them a day or two to put it up.

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grimdog73 here....signed up on google doc and the chronicle thing....

Ok, I've signed in to RPG Chronicles. Thanks for running!

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