[SFS] 5-08 Star Sugar Superstar

Game Master Kludde

RPG Chronicles




... ABSA-WOW! CELINE MACHINE! D-D-D-DOMAKAYO! an announcer speaks with an excited, deep voice, all facing off in Ruby Theatre's music show extravaganza...



Zoey walks into the lounge wearing a black suit, sunglasses and a fedora that doesn't suit her style at all, with her right hand handcuffed to a Mysterious (tm) briefcase that has a large sticker STAR SUGAR SUPERSTAR on it. She takes her hand out of the cuffs (they weren't that tight), puts the suitcase on the table, and opens it up with a satisfying click from the lock.

Hello everybody, I am a mystery guest from AbadarCorp Entertainment Zoey says, not fooling anyone, guess what I have my suitcase...

Free* tickets for STAR SUGAR SUPERSTAR!! Get them here! How she pronounced that asterisk is anybody's guess, but that's a skill that comes with being in the same company as CAPTAIN*CARMINE.

This is DM Kludde recruiting for SFS Society 5-08 STAR SUGAR SUPERSTAR, the level 1-4 music extravaganza. Sign up here (link)

* One ticket per person only, tickets may require participation in volunteer duties.
AbadarCorp Entertainment is not liable for any loss of property, credits, or brain function.


...and we have six players! Welcome all, let's get this started!

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