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Decemvirate Member

A letter from Kreighton Shaine

A 2nd letter from Kreighton Shaine

A 3rd letter from Kreighton Shaine

Disagreements among the Pathfinders erupted into violence 300 years ago, spurring the Society's leaders to don helms that hid their identities and protected them from assassins. These ten members of the Decemvirate have remained anonymous to this day, but a recent discovery may uncover new information about this dangerous part of the Society's history. With a unique window into the past, it falls to the PCs to identify these original leaders and the secrets they buried before donning the helms—in the process helping to unveil a hidden threat to the Society.

Recruitment is first-come, first-served, with two spots reserved for phaeton_nz and Colin_Mercer . If you would like to play, please fill out the information requested below (only completed check-ins will be accepted).

Pathfinder Society Number:
This Chronicle #:
Current XP:
Current Prestige:
Current Fame:
Current Gold:

Dark Archive

Player: Colin
Character: Joyce Rosenthal
Pathfinder Society Number: 2411798-13
This Chronicle #:1
Current XP:0
Current Prestige:0
Current Fame:0
Current Gold:95
Faction:Grand Lodge
When I created this CORE character, there isn't any other faction available other than Grand Lodge. Is that normal?

The Concordance

Player: SodiumTelluride
Character: Brazia's Lilac
Pathfinder Society Number: 89635-18
This Chronicle #: 2
Current XP: 1
Current Prestige: 0
Current Fame: 2
Current Gold: 383 gp, 8 sp
Faction: The Concordance

Scarab Sages

PFS Fame/XP:
chronicle 4
Adventures Completed: Crypt of the Everflame
Total Wealth Acquired: 150+1398gp=1948

Thanks for running this

I got 3XP with a run through crypt of the everflame and the PFS GM bailed.

Level 2 conjurer

Scarab Sages

Player: PDK
Character: Shukara Melkamnet (Female Dwarf Monk 2)
Pathfinder Society Number: 4456-15
This Chronicle #: 6
Current XP: 5
Current Prestige: 9
Current Fame: 9
Current Gold: 3463
Faction: Scarab Sages

Grand Lodge

Player: phaeton_nz (Keith)
Character: Jack Hurricane
Pathfinder Society Number: 124312-07
This Chronicle #: 1
Current XP: 0
Current Prestige: 0
Current Fame: 0
Current Gold: 0 (he drank it all)
Faction: Liberty's Edge

Wow 5 players already! Discussion thread is open. I’m perfectly happy with 5 players so I’ll try to have the first gameplay post up in the next day or 2.

Dark Archive

Got a Core Rogue here if that can help

Player: Lil"Eschie
Character: Corgrim Tailas
Pathfinder Society Number:133884-17
This Chronicle #:5
Current XP:4
Current Prestige:8
Current Fame:8
Current Gold:813
Faction:Dark Archive

Ok as long as our 2nd level character's Players have never played this at lvl 2, Corgrim makes 6 and we are good to go and Recruitment is CLOSED

Dark Archive

PLayed it once in regular (non-Core) PFS, with another character of course, a few years ago (August 2019..)

so no real memories of the adventures

Liberty's Edge

are you full??

Qstor wrote:
are you full??

I am still waiting on 2 of the 6 players to post in the gameplay thread, but since this came together pretty quickly I am giving them till Saturday morning EST to post, if one of them hasn't checked in by then, you are in.

Shukara Melkamnet has dropped, Qstor you are in!

Qstor, if you are still interested in joining, please post in the discussion or gameplay thread asap

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