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Voice of Awesomeness wrote:

Would a Wrywood with the Living Machine alt racial trait work?

I didn't even know this existed. Weird name though. This is fine. Maybe I'll have someone cast enlarge permanently on the character to make him large. Now I'll have to figure a profession. cool

I'll be making my own creation theory though

CucumberTree wrote:
Voice of Awesomeness wrote:

Would a Wrywood with the Living Machine alt racial trait work?

I didn't even know this existed. Weird name though. This is fine. Maybe I'll have someone cast enlarge permanently on the character to make him large. Now I'll have to figure a profession. cool

I'll be making my own creation theory though

Living Machine doesn't say how it heals... if resurrection works, then regular healing should work right?

CucumberTree wrote:

Living Machine doesn't say how it heals... if resurrection works, then regular healing should work right?

I would assume this ' They gain a Constitution score and can be targeted by spells and effects that target living creatures' means they can be healed normally. Even if that's not the case, I'll officially rule that is, since I'm fairly sure the reason undead and constructs(and anything else) can't be healed normally is cuz they aren't alive which makes them 'immune' to that aspect of positive energy.

Here is Aleksandros, greek demigod ready for play. Orphan though both parents are still alive. Supremely confidant though almost no one believes in him. He needs no help though is always ready to join forces and fight alongside others. Cares not for wealth or treasure because his godly inherent power is enough. Proving himself by defeating more and more powerful enemies is what he seeks, in the arena with rules or the lawless battlefield, wherever the greatest challenge is is where he goes.

Alexandros had chosen his own name at the age of 10. Before this he had only been known as the Orphan. It was a thing that he hated. He had never known either of his parents. His mother had died giving birth to him, something that bullies used against him, calling him mother killer. His father was a mystery to him, getting his mother pregnant and never being seen again. He had his suspicions but none would come forward to take and responsibility for him. That was the other problem, his father was one of the gods. Believed to reside on Mt Olympus, the gods played their games among themselves and among mortals who got caught up with it. Alexandros had not asked to be caught up in the god's business and he sometimes thought a simpler life would be better.

It could never be so for him. Having a deity for a father, present or not, had consequences that could not be ignored. All around him his whole life he had only known the grand halls and streets of Olympia. But he had never belonged to any group, cult, organisation or temple. All had rejected him because of his mystery parentage, or denied he even had special privilege to be there. How he was brought to Olympus is also unknown to him, leaving many shadows covering his important past. He would not be discouraged though. The harder others harassed him the harder he pushed back, never afraid to fight. This eventually caused a few too many waves until finally, on his 18th birthday, he was exiled from Olympus, told never to return.

He woke up at the foot of Mount Olympus back on earth. He decided that he must make his own path and that would not be any path that a god or their agents had chosen for him. He sought and after great difficulty found another portal. This one not to Olympia but to a completely new and strange place with many strange and magical creatures and different gods that he had never heard of. A new place where no one knew who he was. With no one around to constantly pull him down he saw that he could create a great name for himself, his own name, free of all other influences. Nothing could be attributed to his rise but his own divine talent. He forswore wealth, possessions, weapons and magical items of all kinds. Only the natural talents, learned skills and divine power within him would he rely on.

The World Serpent Inn was the perfect place to learn more and find others like him that had escaped oppressive lives and start anew. He saw a new movement, with him at the center, and it was good. Perhaps one day, could he become a god himself? Why not?

background details and questions:

Step 1: write five things about your character’s concept and background, five things that you think are the most essential parts of your character.
1) Aleksandros has had no friends for most of his life and has only had himself to rely on.
2) Aleksandros' father is one of the Greek gods but this being has never come forward to acknowledge him.
3) Aleksandros grew up in the city of the gods Olympia on the plane of Olympus where they usually reside when they are not plotting on earth.
4) Aleksandros' self reliance created a narcissistic personality and he believes he can do anything better than others.
5) Aleksandros has only one possession that he treasures, a bronze amulet engraved with an eagle's head that he wears around his neck that was once his mothers'.

Step 2: List two goals for the character that you, as a player, think would be cool to see accomplished in-game.
1) Create his own cult of followers who live lives after his code of honour based around self-improvement and reliance.
2) Be welcomed back into Olympus after gaining enough renown and influential power that they can not ignore.

Step 3: List two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet.
1) His father is Zeus, he found this out when granted an audience. Zeus admitted it privately but would never speak it publicly due to reasons he did not make clear, thought Aleksandros suspected it was because he wasn't as smart as most others. Aleksandros could not speak it in public either without making powerful enemies with the accusation. None would believe him.
2) He has no idea that his mother is still alive. She abandoned him near the portal at the top of mount Olympus hoping he would be taken in and raised among those like him and has had no contact since. She might hear of his disappearance and worry about him.

Step 4: Describe three people that are tied to the character though blood, romance or honor. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile.
1) Brenner is Aleksandros' first new friend in the strange new place and showed him to the Inn. He is also the first to join Aleksandros' movement and hopes that he can use Aleksandros to gain power and wealth for himself in the process.
2) Elrren was one of Aleksandros' teachers that helped him deal with the troubles he faced in a good way. If not for him, Aleksandros could have leaned to an evil alignment rather than his current Neutral.
3) Oktur is another demi-god like Aleksandros, a favoured son of Zeus and the ringleader of those on Olympus that made his life difficult. It would be just like him to discover that Aleksandros is no longer on earth and endeavor to find where he went.

Step 5: Describe three memories that your character has. They don't have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor.
1) The memory of his first fight will forever stay with him when he successfully defeated a bully. It did not stop them from insulting him but it was seldom that he was physically attacked.
2) The long sought audience with Zeus, was disappointingly short. He disliked most gods for their superior attitudes but after this he hated Zeus.
3) The strange new world after leaving earth filled him with wonder and his mind with thought on the possibilities of what is out there beyond what he has experienced. He wants to see everything there is to see if he can. He entered by saying the words, "In my own name, I enter."

Custom Race Based on Human:

RACE: Olympian (20RP)
Olympians are the half-human children of the Greek gods. Most often born to human mothers, though some goddesses have taken human companions also. These often become heroes or villains, legends among mortals due to their divine spark, giving them greater abilities and skills than the average human. Many grow up living among mortals, preferring humans to the constant company of the gods in the lands of the plane of Olympus. Some few grow up among the gods, choosing a patron and even sometimes returning to earth to spread the worship of their patron and increase their influence.

Type:(0RP) Humanoid(human, olympian)
Ability Score Modifiers:(0RP) +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, and –2 Intelligence
Size:(0RP) Medium
Base Speed:(1RP) 40 feet
Languages:(1RP) Common, Olympic. Olympians with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic)
Bonus Feat:(4RP) Olympians select one extra feat at 1st level
Skilled:(4RP) Olympians gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level
Awareness:(1RP) Olympians gain a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws and concentration checks
Heart of the Mountains:(1RP) Olympians gain a +2 racial bonus on Climb checks and Acrobatics checks to move on narrow surfaces and uneven ground. Furthermore, they are considered acclimated to the effects of high altitude
Piety:(1RP) Olympians gain +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks and Knowledge (religion) is always a class skill for them. In addition, once per day before attempting an attack roll, saving throw, ability check, or skill check, such a human can call out to his deity in order to receive a +2 racial bonus on that roll; he can use this ability only if he is able to speak.
Social Ties:(1RP) Olympians gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks, and on any skill checks to recruit members and teams for an organization. They also add a +1 racial bonus to their Leadership scores (if they gain the Leadership feat).
Celestial Resistance:(3RP) Olympians gain acid resistance 5, cold resistance 5, and electricity resistance 5
Spell Resistance, Greater:(3RP) Olympians gain spell resistance equal to 11 + their character level

Oaths and Boons:

Honour Code:

Honor Rules
Code Chivalric Code
Honor Points 8

Character Sheet:

Male Olympian Mighty Godling/Legendary Cleric/Legendary Monk 8
LN Medium Humanoid (human, olympian)
Init +9; Senses darkvision 120 ft., blind sense 90ft., see in darkness 30ft.; Perception +23
AC 30, touch 28, flat-footed 30 (+1 deflection, +1 dodge, +2 natural, +5 armor, +7 str, +4 wis) +4 vs AoO from movement
hp 112 (8d12+16); fast healing 4 16 temp hp on initiative roll
Fort +15, Ref +15, Will +15 +3 vs spells, spell-like abilities and abilities, +2 vs Enchantment
DR 8/magic SR 25 Defensive Abilities Agile Feet (1 faith point), Freedom's Call(1 minute, 1 faith point), Uncanny Dodge, Freedom of Movement
Speed 70ft. (1 faith point +10 ft.)
Attack +19 Unarmed (1d10+25/18-20 x2), +19/+19/+19 Flurry (1d10+21/18-20 x2) +2 to confirm crit, reroll miss chance twice, reduced by 20%, +1 attack on AoO
Special Attacks Stunning Fist (8/day), Retribution (10/day) on enemy hit, Panther Parry (4/round) before enemy AoO, Combat Patrol/Lunge (15ft. threatened area), Distant Strike (1 ki, 8 rounds, +5ft. reach), Channel Positive Energy (4d6, 7/day, DC 18)
Str 24, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 5, Wis 18, Cha 10
Base Atk +8/+3; CMB +15; CMD 31
Feats Dimensional Pursuit(aristeia), Heroic Senses(aristeia), Unbreachable Heroism(aristeia), Champion(story), Leadership(background), Skill Focus(Acrobatics)(background), Weapon Focus(unarmed), Blind Fight, Improved Initiative, Combat Reflexes, Dodge/Mobility, Combat Patrol, Lunge, Unarmed Combatant(monk), Two Weapon Fighting(monk), Stunning Fist(monk), Dragon Style(monk), Dragon Ferocity(monk), Signature Skill(Religion, Escape Artist, Acrobatics), Panther Style(godling), Panther Claw, Panther Parry
Drawback Unlearned(Religion)
Traits Reactionary, , [url=]Heavy Hitter, Bullied
Skills 6 class -3 int +6 oath +1 human +1 cleric +3 background = 14/level
CS=class skill
Acrobatics +29 (8 ranks, +3 CS, +7 Str, +6 oath, +2 cleric, +3 feat) (0 ACP) skill unlocked
Appraise -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Bluff +0, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +0 Cha)
Climb +18, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +7 Str) (0 ACP)
Craft () -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Diplomacy +24, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +7 Str, +6 oath)
Disable Device +3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +3 Dex)
Disguise +0, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +0 Cha)
Escape Artist +14, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +3 Dex) skill unlocked
Fly +3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +3 Dex)
Handle Animal +11, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +0 Cha)
Heal +15, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +4 Wis)
Intimidate +24, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +7 Str, +6 oath)
Knowledge (arcana) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (engineering) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (geography) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (history) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (local) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (nature) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (nobility) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (planes) -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Knowledge (religion) +15, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +4 Wis) skill unlocked
Linguistics -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Perception +23, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +4 Wis, +6 oath, +2 aristeia)
Perform (any) +3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +0 Cha)
Profession (Soldier) +15, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +4 Wis)
Ride +3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +3 Dex)
Sense Motive +15, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +4 Wis)
Sleight of Hand +3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +3 Dex) (0 ACP)
Spellcraft -3, (0 ranks, +3 CS, -3 Int)
Stealth +20, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +3 Dex, +6 oath) (0 ACP)
Survival +15, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +4 Wis)
Swim +18, (8 ranks, +3 CS, +7 Str) (0 ACP)
Use Magic Device +0, (0 ranks, +3 CS, +0 Cha)
Languages Common, Olympian
SQ Blessed Alacrity (1 faith point, +10 ft.), Dimensional Hop (80ft. day), Night Vision (1 faith point, 30ft.), Cloak of Shadows, Eyes in the Dark(1 faith point), Nature's Whispers (Str to AC and CMD), Preternatural Senses I,II,III, Force of Brawn, Flurious Mobility
Other Gear Travel Robes, Copper Amulet with Eagle Head(signature item)

Mighty Godling Abilities:

Mighty Godling Special Abilities
Favoured Class Bonus +1/2 divine trait rank
Lineage Domain [travel, darkness] As a result of their divine bloodline, mighty godlings gain access to the powers (though not spells) of a cleric domain. The mighty godling selects his first lineage domain at 1st level, and gains additional lineage domains at 8th and 16th level.
Agile Feet (Su) By spending a faith point as a free action, you may allow yourself and all allies within 30 feet to ignore all difficult terrain and not take any penalties for moving through it for 1 round.
Blessed Alacrity (Su) At 4th level, all of your movement speeds increase by 10 feet. You may spend a faith point as a free action to double this bonus for one round.
Dimensional Hop (Sp) At 8th level, you can teleport up to 10 feet per cleric level per day as a move action. This teleportation must be used in 5-foot increments and such movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You must have line of sight to your destination to use this ability. You can bring other willing creatures with you, but you must expend an equal amount of distance for each creature brought.
Night Vision (Su) You gain darkvision to a range of 60 feet. If you already have darkvision, you instead increase its range by 60 feet. Darkvision gained from this ability does not work in magical darkness except from your cloak of shadows ability. As a swift action, you can spend a point of faith to grant this ability to your allies within 30 feet for one minute.
Cloak of Shadow (Su) At 4th level, light seems to fade around you, leaving you surrounded by shadow. The light level within 10 feet of you is reduced by one step. You can suppress or resume this aura as a standard action. You cannot use concealment granted by this ability to enter stealth, as the aura reveals your location.
Eyes in the Dark (Su) At 8th level you can spend 1 point of faith as a swift action to gain the see in darkness universal monster ability to yourself and any allies affected by your Night Vision ability for one minute.
Divine Traits (7 points total, 7 spent, 0 banked) A godling gains divine trait ranks at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th levels. The number of ranks gained increases each time, 1 rank at 2nd level, 2 ranks at 6th, and so on. Raising a trait up one degree costs a number of ranks equal to its new degree, but the godling must buy each degree separately. Thus taking a new trait at degree I costs 1 divine trait rank, while taking a trait a godling already has at degree I to degree III costs 5 ranks (2 ranks to bring it from degree I to degree II, and 3 more ranks to bring it from degree II to degree III). A godling may save unspent ranks if he wishes, but can only spend them when he gains a new level. Once ranks are spent, the trait chosen is permanent and the ranks cannot be regained.
Divine Portfolio I Nature Mystery: Nature’s Whispers (Ex) You may add your Strength modifier, instead of your Strength modifier, to your Armor Class and CMD. Any condition that would cause you to lose your Dexterity modifier to your Armor Class instead causes you to lose your Strength modifier to your Armor Class.
Preternatural Senses I (Su) When making an attack against a foe within 30 feet, every time the godling misses due to concealment, he can reroll his miss chance percentile roll once. (If the godling has Blind-Fight or a similar ability that allows him to reroll an attack that misses as a result of concealment, that re-roll is in addition to the one provided by preternatural senses)
Preternatural Senses II (Su) The godling gains blindsense with a range of 30 feet. If the godling has darkvision, it now gives him full-color vision even in the absence of light. When attacking creatures with concealment, the percent chance to miss with an attack roll is reduced by 20% – making it 30% for creatures with total concealment, and 0% for creatures with normal concealment. If the godling has the Greater Blind-Fight feat, his percent chance to miss creatures with total concealment drops to 0%.
Preternatural Senses III (Su) The godling’s blindsense now extends 90 feet. If the godling doesn’t have darkvision, he gains with a range of 60 feet (with the color vision benefits of Preternatural Senses II). If the godling already has darkvision, he gains the See in Darkness ability out to 30 feet, giving him full vision even in total, magical darkness.
Scion Talents As a mighty godling gains experience, he learns a number of talents that aid him and confound his foes. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th levels, a mighty godling gains one scion talent. A mighty godling cannot select an individual talent more than once unless the talent states otherwise.
Force of Brawn (Su) [acrobatics, diplomacy, intimidate] Your deific heritage manifests in the form of amazing physical might, which allows you to accomplish things through sheer power of sinew rather than mental acuity or natural talent. This brawn also powers a barrier of divine defense which helps protect you from harm. You may add your Str mod, rather than any other ability scores, to your saving throws. (Replace your Con mod with your Str mod for Fort saves, your Dex mod with your Str mod for Ref saves, and your Wis mod with your Str mod for Will saves). You may also use your Strength modifier rather than the normal ability modifier for three Dex– or Cha-based skills of your choice. Once these skills have been selected, the choice cannot be changed.
Retribution (Su) When foes dare to strike your person, which is a vessel for the divine energies that make you a godling, you can call upon those divine energies to strike down the heathens who dare defile your physical perfection. When you are hit by a melee attack, you may make a melee attack at your full attack bonus against the attacker. Alternatively, you may cast a touch or ranged touch spell with a casting time of 1 standard action or less at the attacker. Using this ability counts against your attacks of opportunity for the round, and you cannot use it if some condition or circumstance prevents you from making attacks of opportunity. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your highest ability modifier.
Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Starting at 4th level, a rogue can react to danger before her senses would normally allow her to do so. She cannot be caught flat-footed, nor does she lose her Dex bonus to AC if the attacker is invisible. She still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A rogue with this ability can still lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action (see Combat) against her.
Bonus Feat [Panther Style] At 4th level, and again at 12th, a mighty godling receives a bonus feat. The godling must meet all prerequisites for these feats. For a mighty godling, the feats must be Combat Feats.

Legendary Cleric Abilities:

Legendary Cleric Special Abilities
Faith (Su) 8 points At 1st level, the cleric’s faith manifests itself in a pool of points which fuel their domain powers. The cleric’s faith pool is equal to 1/2 their level plus their Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). When casting a spell, they can expend 1 point of faith to increase their effective caster level by 1 or increase the DC of the spell by 1. The cleric regains all expended faith when they regain spells each day.
Aura (Ex) A cleric treats their level as 5 higher when determining the strength of their alignment aura.
Knowledge of the Faith (Ex) A cleric automatically gains a number of ranks in Knowledge (religion) equal to their class level and may use Wisdom in place of Intelligence for Knowledge (religion) checks.
Channel Positive Energy 4d6(Su) The amount of damage dealt or healed is equal to 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every two cleric levels beyond 1st. Creatures that take damage from channeled energy receive a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the cleric’s level + the cleric’s Wisdom modifier. A cleric may channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + their Wisdom modifier. This is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. A cleric can choose whether or not to include themselves in this effect.
Domains At 1st level, the cleric chooses one domain based on their faith. Each domain has an associated skill known as a divine skill. When a domain is selected, the cleric immediately gains that skill as a class skills. At 10th level, the cleric gains a secondary domain, treating their cleric level as 10 lower when determining what abilities they gain from it (minimum 1). They still may use Wisdom as their ability score for that skill. At 12th level, the cleric selects one of two doctrines for their primary domain. The chosen doctrine determines the abilities which the cleric gains at 12th and 16th levels.
Freedom Spells: 1st-abjuring step 2nd-extreme flexibility 3rd-gaseous form 4th-litany of escape 5th-break enchantment 6th-getaway 7th-ethereal jaunt 8th-protection from spells 9th-freedom
Breaker of Chains (Su) By spending a faith point as an immediate action, you may grant an ally within 30 feet a sacred bonus to Acrobatics checks, Escape Artist checks, CMD, and saving throws against effects which would restrict their movement for 1 round. This bonus is equal to half your cleric level (minimum 2).
Freedom’s Call (Su) At 4th level, you can emit a 30-foot aura of freedom for 1 minute by spending a faith point. Allies within this aura are not affected by the confused, grappled, frightened, panicked, paralyzed, pinned, or shaken conditions. This aura only suppresses these effects, and they return once a creature leaves the aura or when the aura ends, if applicable.
Forever Unbound (Su) At 8th level, you constantly benefit from the freedom of movement spell.
Blessing of the Faith +2 [acrobatics, attack](Su) +1 sacred bonus to skill checks with a single skill at 2nd level. This bonus improves by 1 at 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter. At 6th level, 10th level, and 14th level, the cleric chooses one of the following types of rolls for this sacred bonus to also apply to: attack rolls, concentration checks, caster level checks, or skill checks with a different skill.
Devoted Skill (Ex) [escape artist, religion] At 5th level, the cleric gains the skill unlocks for Knowledge (religion) and for their first domain’s divine skill.
SPELLS CL 8, DC 10+level+wis
Orisons Detect Magic, Guidance, Pufity Food and Drink, Read Magic
1st Bless, Divine Favor, Obscuring Mist, Shield of Faith, abjuring step(d)
2nd 3 Resist Energy, Silence, Weapon of Awe, extreme flexibility(d)
3rd 3 Shield of Darkness, Sadomasochism, Ki Leech, gaseous form(d)
4th 2 Blessing of Fervor, Divine Power, litany of escape(d)

Legendary Monk Abilities:

Legendary Monk Special Abilities
Flurry of Blows At 1st level, a legendary monk can make a flurry of blows as a unique full-attack action. When making a flurry of blows, the legendary monk can make one additional attack at their highest base attack bonus. Unlike a normal full attack, a legendary monk cannot make any attacks which would be made at a reduced base attack bonus (a 6th level legendary monk could make two attacks at +6, but not a third at +1), including those granted by feats such as Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. At 8th level and again at 16th level, a legendary monk can make an additional attack at their highest base attack bonus whenever they make a flurry of blows. This stacks with the first attack from this ability and additional attacks from haste and similar effects. A legendary monk cannot benefit from other abilities or effects which would grant additional attacks while using flurry of blows except haste effects, the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, or the additional strike qi technique.
Qi (Su) 4 points At the start of each day, a legendary monk gains a number of qi points equal to their Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). A legendary monk spends qi to accomplish qi techniques and regains qi in the following ways: Combat Maneuver, Killing Blow.
Qi Techniques A legendary monk can spend the listed number of qi points to activate the following effects. Qi techniques which require 0 qi points are active as long as the legendary monk has 1 or more qi points. The saving throw for all qi techniques is 10 + 1/2 the legendary monk’s level + their Wisdom modifier, and their caster level is equal to their legendary monk level:
0 qi points Athletics (Ex), Bladed Knuckle (Ex), Qi Strike (Su), Near Miss (Ex)
1 qi point Restoring Life
2 qi points Additional Strike
Unarmed Strike (unarmed combatant) At 1st level, a legendary monk gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A legendary monk can apply their full Strength bonus on damage rolls for all their unarmed strikes. A legendary monk can choose to deal nonlethal damage with no penalty on their attack roll. A legendary monk’s unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.
AC Bonus When unarmored and unencumbered, the legendary monk adds their Wisdom bonus to their AC and their CMD. In addition, a legendary monk gains a +1 bonus to AC and CMD at 4th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every four legendary monk levels thereafter, up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level. These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when the legendary monk is flat-footed. They lose these bonuses when they are immobilized or helpless, when they wear any armor, when they carry a shield, or when they carry a medium or heavy load.
Path of Mastery Path of the Mountain: Legendary monks who use pure power and might to accomplish their goals, adherents of this path are those who value strength above all else.
Mountain’s Might (DR/8 Magic) The legendary monk gains damage reduction (magic) equal to their Strength modifier + ¼ their class level. This damage reduction cannot exceed their class level. At 12th level, this instead becomes damage reduction (adamantine and magic).
Stunning Fist At 2nd level, the legendary monk gains Stunning Fist as a bonus feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites. At 4th level, and every four levels thereafter, the legendary monk gains the ability to apply a new condition to the target of their Stunning Fist. This condition replaces stunning the target for 1 round, and a successful saving throw still negates the effect. At 4th level, the legendary monk can choose to make the target mute and blind for 1 minute. At 8th level, they can make the target staggered for 1d3+1 rounds. At 12th level, they can make the target nauseated for 1d3+1 rounds. At 16th level, they can paralyze the target for 1d3+1 rounds. At 20th level, they can permanently petrify the target.
Two Weapon Fighting (Ex) Legendary monks gain the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, even if they do not meet the prerequisites for it.
Evasion If a legendary monk succeeds at a Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, they instead take no damage. Evasion can be used only if a legendary monk is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless legendary monk does not gain the benefit of evasion.
Legendary Monk Arts At 2nd level and every two levels thereafter, a legendary monk can select one legendary monk art.
Harrying Dodge (Ex) When the legendary monk is targeted by an attack, the legendary monk gains a dodge bonus equal to their Wisdom modifier (this bonus stacks with the AC bonus class feature) against that attack. If it misses, the legendary monk can move up to 5 feet in any direction. At the beginning of their turn, the legendary monk can move back to the space they previously occupied before using this qi technique. At 8th level, they can instead move 10 feet, and at 16th level, they can move 20 feet. If the legendary monk has the bare hand block qi technique, if they successfully deal damage with that qi technique, they can move as though they had dodged an attack with this qi talent.
Diamond Soul (Ex) The legendary monk gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and abilities. At 8th level and again at 16th level, this bonus increases by 1.
Bare Hand Block (Ex) When an opponent makes a melee attack against the legendary monk, they can spend 1 qi point to attempt to parry that attack. The legendary monk makes an attack roll as if they were making an attack of opportunity. If their result is greater than the attacking creature’s result, the creature’s attack automatically misses. The legendary monk must declare the use of this ability after the creature’s attack is announced, but before its attack roll is made. Upon performing a successful parry and if they have at least 1 qi point, the legendary monk can as an immediate action make an attack against the creature whose attack they parried, provided that creature is within their reach. Once per round, If the legendary monk makes a successful attack with this qi talent, the legendary monk is treated as though they have made an additional successful attack for the purpose of being able to use a combo strike.
Distant Strike (Su) Distant Fists (Su): As a free action, for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 the legendary monk’s level + their Wisdom modifier, the reach for the legendary monk’s unarmed strikes increases by 5 feet.
Style Feat (Ex) [dragon style, dragon ferocity] At 2nd level and every four levels afterwards, the legendary monk gains a bonus style feat or a combat feat which has a style feat as a prerequisite. The legendary monk must meet the prerequisites for these feats. The legendary monk can spend 1 qi point to start their stance (or stances at 11th level) as a free action.
Fast Movement At 3rd level, a legendary monk gains an enhancement bonus to their land speed, as shown on Table: Legendary Monk. A legendary monk in armor or carrying a medium or heavy load loses this extra speed.
Combat Qi (Ex) At 5th level, whenever a legendary monk rolls initiative, they gain 1 temporary qi point in addition to their normal qi pool. Temporary qi points are spent first and last for 1 minute or until spent. Once a legendary monk has gained temporary qi from this class feature, they cannot do so again for 5 minutes. At 9th level and every four levels thereafter, this ability grants an additional temporary qi point upon rolling initiative.
Combo Strikes At 3rd level, a legendary monk can unleash a more powerful blow through the power of accrued momentum. A combo strike can be substituted for any attack made with the legendary monk’s full base attack bonus while using the flurry of blows class features. Combo strikes require a certain number of successful unarmed attacks, combat maneuvers, or near misses with unarmed strikes being made before it can be used. The saving throw for all combo strikes is 10 + 1/2 the legendary monk’s level + their Wisdom modifier.
One Hit
Distracting Strike (Ex) Creatures damaged by this attack take a penalty to attack rolls they make equal to the legendary monk’s Wisdom modifier for 1 round. At 10th level, this penalty lasts for 2 rounds.
Dual Strike (Ex) The legendary monk can select two different creatures within their reach when making this attack, rolling their attack against both. If both attacks are successful, they deal additional damage equal to the legendary monk’s Wisdom modifier. At 8th level, this additional damage is increased to two times their Wisdom modifier.
Maximum Impact (Ex) If this attack is successful, all of the variable numeric effects of your weapon damage roll are maximized. This excludes additional damage dice from sources such as a flaming enhancement or class features like sneak attack. At 10th level, it also deals an additional 50% damage (which is also maximized).
Piercing Swing (Ex) This attack targets a creature’s touch armor class. At 10th level, if this attack was successful, the next attack the legendary monk makes before the end of their next round also targets a creature’s touch armor class.
Unbalancing Blow (Ex) Creatures damaged by this attack take a -2 to their armor class and Reflex saving throws for a number of rounds equal to the legendary monk’s Wisdom modifier. At 8th level, this penalty increases to -3.
Two Hits
Armor Cracker (Ex) If this attack is successful, the target has any damage reduction, energy resistance, or hardness it possesses reduced by an amount equal to the legendary monk’s Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) for 5 rounds. At 12th level, this reduction is now equal to two times the legendary monk’s Wisdom modifier.
Bolstering Blow (Ex) If this attack is successful, the legendary monk gains temporary hit points equal to 1/2 their class level + their Wisdom modifier (these temporary hit points do not stack with each other).
Foot Stomp (Ex) If this attack is successful, and the legendary monk ends their turn adjacent to that foe, the foe’s movement is restricted. Until the start of the legendary monk’s next turn, the target of this attack can move only in such a way that the space it occupies is adjacent to the legendary monk. Alternatively, it can attempt a combat maneuver check (against the legendary monk’s CMD) as a standard action to break free. This strike does not work against foes that cannot be tripped.
Leg Sweep (Ex) If this attack is successful, the target must make a successful Reflex saving throw or fall prone.
Shielding Swing (Ex) If this attack is successful, the legendary monk gains concealment against the creature they damaged with this combo strike until the end of that creature’s next round. At 12th level, they instead gain total concealment.
Three Hits
Absorption Technique (Su) If this attack is successful, the legendary monk gains a +4 morale bonus to one of their physical ability scores (Strength, Constitution, Dexterity) for 1 minute while the creature they damaged takes a -4 penalty to that score for the same duration.
Forceful Fist (Ex) If this attack is successful, you may move a target that is up to one size category larger than you 5 feet in any direction. At 10th level, and every 3 levels thereafter the maximum size category of creature that can be affected by this combo strike increases by one. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity unless the legendary monk possesses the Greater Bull Rush, Greater Drag, or Greater Reposition feats.
Draining Strike (Su) If this attack is successful, the legendary monk heals an amount of hit points equal to 1/2 the damage caused to a creature by this combo strike. At 10th level, they instead heal an amount of hit points equal to the full damage caused by this combo strike. This combo strike may not be used against helpless creatures or creatures with fewer Hit Dice than half the legendary monk’s character level.
Violent Whirlwind (Ex) When making this attack, target all creatures within your reach, using the same attack roll for each one.
Still Mind (Ex) At 4th level, a legendary monk gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.
Skill Unlock (Ex) At 5th level, a legendary monk gains the Signature Skill (Acrobatics) feat; this does not count against the normal limit of being able to select that feat a single time.
Flurrious Mobility (Ex) At 6th level, whenever a legendary monk uses their flurry of blows class feature, they can move up to half of their speed afterwards as a free action. Any creature damaged by their flurry of blows cannot make an attack of opportunity against the legendary monk for this movement.

Happiest of holidays everybody!! I hope yours was, is, or will be heckin great!!

I intend to kick things off soon, within the next week or so. However, before I do so, I have a very important question for all players:

Is your PC just arriving at the Inn, have they already been there for a little while, or would you like me to run a short intro scene to get them to the Inn??

Everybody can answer differently, as the game is going to be open and sandboxy enough to hopefully accommodate all backstories and origins.

My holidays were great. Still are!

To answer your question:

I think my PC has been established there for about 9 months. She has sort of been using it as a base of operations for her mercenary work (if that's allowed), and also as a place to offer various alchemical goods/poisons for various uses to clients who need them. As such, she's probably got a doorway that leads to a place of business with a small home attached. I am unsure the rental fees for such things (if it's by the size of pocket dimension used), but as she can't afford much, she'd probably have something on the smaller side of things but functional.

No PC will be starting out with permanent home or place of business(This is by decree of The Owner), however rooms are just 1gp a night.

All: If you wish to be an established resident, Mitchifer has likely brokered a deal with you for something like 8gp per tenday.

As for a place of business, you'll have to suffice with a table in the common room. I know it's not ideal, but somewhere in my readings for the Inn(I forget where, exactly) it expressly states that The Owner is the arbiter of who gets a permanent dwelling/business.

That works for me. She would likely have brokered a deal with Mitchifer.

I reckon Aleksandros will only have been there a short time. A few weeks to a month at max. He would do a deal for cheaper rooms if offered. Even using diplomacy to bring the price down even more if that's allowed.

Dark Archive

Heyo. So I've been thinking about what incentives should be for downtime activities, sidequests, and the like. I have a lot of notes and ideas about possible subsystems and activities, but I first wanted to nail down how these should affect character growth and the game in general.

So, here are my ideas about that so far. I'm trying to strike a balance where these activities are a main driver of the game related to the roleplay focus, and not feel like they're "in the way" of the game. So, feedback and ideas welcome.

To foster roleplay alongside individual investment in characters and their specialized expertise and interests, we define concrete incentives for advancing those characters that are tied to a wide array of cooperative downtime activities and side quests.
Item Availability / Max Purchase Price
Not just any adventurer can walk into any shop and procure expensive and rare items. It takes connections.

The initial per-item max cost is 18k. Gaining reputation and influence will increase that limit.

If one reaches legendary levels in their chosen organizations and/or connections, they can even get leads on unique artifacts.
Item Crafting / Creation
If you can’t locate the item you want, you might be able to craft it, but this takes materials and a proper space to work in. Characters can vie for crafting space with their local faction or attempt to setup their own shop (but beware drawing the ire of competing blacksmiths, arcane peddlers, and the like). Crafting can also be used for creating specific equipment for adventuring needs, or just to draw an income.
Spell Research/Creation
Sometimes a particular scroll can’t be found to learn a spell from. Or perhaps you saw an interesting effect on a distant plane that you can’t get out of your head. Arcane workspaces enable a different type of crafting, in the form of spell research. Reverse engineer spells or work with a GM to create your own.
On-demand Favors
Adventurers travel in parties because they know they’re not good at everything. Even for a fully-balanced party, there is a lot to be “good” at in the multiverse. There are innumerable subjects of lore that one may need to draw from. Via affiliations, and connections characters can get help via a replacement knowledge or lore check roll (or significant aid). Alternatively, characters can get their connections to engage with NPCs they wish to get something from, providing better diplomacy, deception, or intimidation checks. Or perhaps a character wants to ensure a crafting check.
Cohorts and Followers
Gain a cohort with class levels who wants to soak up your immense wisdom and experiences. Or, alternatively, is standing by to chronicle the cautionary tale that is your life. Either way they get your coffee and undertake missions that are beneath your expertise.
Access to more distant planes
There are widely known planes of existence, and then there are lesser known, more dangerous corners of the multiverse. Expand the set of allowed destinations your character may travel
Access to Arena (Monsters)
Not just anyone can step into the arena to test themselves against arbitrary monsters. As you gain favor with the arena bosses, you’ll get just such opportunities.
Capture Monsters for the Arena
Before you can even step into the arena, you can obtain weapons with a special magical property known as Capture. Upon defeat, the creature is stored in a magical vessel associated to the weapon, from which you can choose where to release it. Capture and sell monsters to the area bosses. Bonus for particularly rare creatures. Cultivate and breed creatures to draw an income from monster fights. Breed a mythic mutant chicken and name it Little Jerry.
Access to Arena (PvP/NPC)
For some, there is no opponent more enticing then another desperate or over-confident adventurer. The favors needed to do this are fewer, but the risk is much higher (as is the reward).
Character Levels
Sure you’ve bested the necessary creatures and traps to ring that next bell, but how do you learn from it all? Mentoring, training, and/or tutoring is required to level up. The factions control all of the talent that provides this, and you’ll have to garner influence to get the access you need.
Mythic Tiers
The truly well-connected get pointed to specific pockets of the multi-verse where the trails of the gods await.
Personal Planes Gazetteer
Chronicle and track the distance planes you’ve visited. Gain advantages to operating in these places (e.g., survival bonuses, diplomacy bonuses for new races encountered, knowledge checks on creatures, etc.).
Personal Bestiary
Chronicle and track the creatures you’ve encountered. On subsequent battles, you automatically recall X facts about them, with X increasing on repeat encounters with a particular creature.

Voice of Awesomeness wrote:
Is your PC just arriving at the Inn, have they already been there for a little while, or would you like me to run a short intro scene to get them to the Inn??

Josten found the World Serpent Inn by accident..or it was destiny. That's hard to know on The Planes, even more so when godlings are involved.

Josten has been at the inn for about two normal lunar cycles.

The godling is well known by the staff, and I would like Josten to be on friendly terms with the proprietor. Josten is currently trying to convince the proprietor to grant permission to hang a large holy symbol of Cayden Cailean on the wall. I also put forward that The World Serpent Inn has been known to The Drunken God for some time, and is pleased Josten is trying to give his father an 'in'.

PaleDim, you can tell the work you put into those incentives! They all look great! I can Josten working toward at least one cohort (more if he takes Leadership!) or expanding his godling power into mythic levels. And the Personal Planes Gazetteer/Bestiary are really great ideas!

I keep forgetting how different 'Sphere' characters are to build than regular PF1 characters. So Have been spending most of my free time working on that. I think I've got the crunchy part of the gestalt Armorist/Conscript close to being done.

You told us to copy your character sheet, which I've done; but removed the spoilers for this list. I've also added the math so I wouldn't lose it. What do the MSM and MSD under Base attack on your character page count for?

I need to decide on a character name and get the page created. I'll also put together a 'ten minute' background or something similar soon.

As for history in the 'Inn' would a couple years be ok? I figure he will be a full time gambler and a part time musician.

I'll finalize the last trait, gear and armorist bonded equipment as well.

Monkey, please let me know if there are any questions or observations.

Basic Info:

Initiative + 12 = 6 [Dex] + 4 [Race] + 2 [trait]
Senses Perception
Stats: Str. 13, Dex. 22 (18+2 [lvl] +2 [oath]), Con. 14 (12+2[oath]), Int. 12, Wis. 13, Cha. 18, (16+2[oath])

Fast Healing: + 4
AC: 26/28= 10 + 8 [+ 2 mithril breastplate] + 6 [dexterity] + 2 [deflection (talent)] Ranged attacks + 2 [dodge(talent)]
Touch: 18/20
Flat-footed: 20

HP 112 = 8(10 [Class] + 2 [Con] + 1 [toughness] + 1 FC])

Fort: + 11 = 6 [base] + 2 [constitution] + 1 [race] + 2 [oath]
Ref: + 15 = 6 [base] + 6 [dexterity] + 1 [race] + 2 [oath]
Will: + 10 = 6 [base] + 1 [wisdom] + 1 [race] + 2 [oath]

Speed 30 ft/60 ft flying
Melee: + 9 = 8 [base] + 1 [strength]
Ranged: + 14 = 8 [base] + 6 [dexterity]
Special Attacks: Fatal Thrust: 2d6, Sneak attack: 2d6

Base Attack
CMB + 9 = 8 [base] + 1 [strength]
CMD 25 = 10 + 8 [base] + 1 [strength] + 6 [dexterity]

Tax feats in play, One feat per level.
Story Feat: Crisis of Conscience (Story)
From Nomad background: Self-sufficient
background feats: skill focus: perception
background feats: skill focus: Bluff
1st lvl: Extra Combat Talent feat: equipment sphere: Expert Reloading
2nd lvl: Extra Combat Talent feat: Fast Draw
3rd lvl: Toughness
4th lvl: weapons focus: (Revolver)
5th lvl: :Extra Combat Talent feat: Compact Frame
6th lvl: Extra Combat Talent feat: Armor Training
7th lvl: Extra Combat Talent feat: Magic Armor
8th lvl: Extra Combat Talent feat: Fatal opening

Elven Reflexes
Roving Range

Backgrounds and Occupations
Tribal: Nomad:
Skills: You receive a +1 competence bonus on checks using the skills: Bluff, Perception, Survival,

Race: ½ Fey/ ½ Drow
Type: Fey (2 RP) Fey have the low-light vision racial trait and breathe, eat, and sleep.
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft./ fly 60 ft..
Ability Score Standard: +2 bonus to Dexterity and Charisma, and a –2 penalty to Constitution.
[b]Language:Common, Sylvan
[b]Defense Racial Traits:

Lucky, Lesser (2 RP) Benefit: Members of this race gain a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.
Advanced trait (Defense):
Fey Damage Resistance (3 RP) Benefit: Members of this race gain DR 5/cold iron.
Advanced Traits (Feat and Skill)
Quick Reactions (2 RP) Benefit: Members of this race receive Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.
Advanced trait (Movement)
Flight (10 RP) Benefit: Members of this race have a fly speed of 60 feet with good maneuverability.
Half Drow:
Light Blindness (–2 RP)Weakness: Abrupt exposure to bright light blinds them for 1 round; on subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.
Darkvision (3 RP) Benefit: see in the dark up to 120 feet.

96 = 8( 4 [class] + 1 [Int] + 2 [house rule] + 5 [oath])
Acrobatics + 17 = 6 [Dex] + 8 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Climb + 1 [Str]
Diplomacy + 15 = + 4 [Cha] + 8 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Disguise + 4 [Cha]
Escape Artist + 17 = 6 [Dex] + 8 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Heal + 10 = 1 [Wis] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill] + 2 [self-sufficient]
Intimidate + 4 [Cha]
Investigate + 11 = 4 [Cha] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge: Arcana + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge:Dungeoneering + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge: Local + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge: Nature + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge: Planes + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge: Religion + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Linguistics + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Lore of Society = + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Lore of Humanoids = + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Perception: 21 = 1 [Wis] + 8 [rank] + 3 [class skill] + 2 [skill focus] + 1 [Nomad] + 6 [oath]
Ride: + 6 [Dex]
Sense Motive: + 8 = 1 [Wis] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Stealth: + 18 = 6 [Dex] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill] + 1 [Nomad]
Spellcraft/Psicraft (via Class): + 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [class skill]
Survival 15 = 1 [Wis] + 8 [rank] + 3 [class skill] + 3 [Nomad/self-sufficient]
Swim + 1 [Str]

Background Skills
24 = 8(3 per level)
Appraise: = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [background skill]
Knowledge (geography) 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [background skill]
Knowledge (history) 8 = 1 [Int] + 4 [rank] + 3 [background skill]
Perform 11 = 4 [Cha] + 4 [rank] + 3 [background skill]
Profession: = 1 [wis] + 4 [rank] + 3 [background skill]
Sleight of Hand: 13 = 6 [Dex] + 4 [rank] + 3 [background skill]

Sphere skills
Bluff + 23 = 4 [Cha] + 8 [rank] + 3 [class skill] + 2 [skill focus] + 6 [oath]
Flight + 21 = 6 [Dex] + 8 [rank] + 3 [class skill] + 4 [race]

Languages(1): @ 8 to be decided

Oaths Sworn: 14 total oath points
Oath of Offerings (7 oath points)

Oath Boons:
Accelerated Recovery (3 Oath points)
Enhanced Abilities (Su) (2 Oath points)
Immortality (Ex) (2 Oath points)
Inhuman Resilience (Su) (1 Oath point)
Skillful (Ex) (5 Oath Points)
Skill Superiority (Ex) (1 Oath Points)

Caster Level: Armorist: Low Level @ + 4
Spell Pool:@ 11 This pool contains a number of spell points equal to her class level + her casting ability modifier
Casting Tradition: Armorist
Fey Magic:
Drawbacks: Emotional Casting, Fey-Infused Magic, Somatic Casting, Wild Magic,
Boons: Easy Focus, Overcharge,

Martial Tradition: Conscript
Canny Hunter
Equipment: Huntsman Training
Scout sphere
Sniper sphere
Variable: Canny hunters gain one additional talent from the Equipment sphere: Archery Bash

Magic Spheres:
1st lvl Bonus Talents/Tradition: Fallen Fey
1st lvl Bonus Talents/Tradition: Warp Sphere: Drawbacks: Personal Warp:
2nd lvl magic talent: Time sphere: Drawbacks: Altered Time: Lose Slow, Personal Time

Combat Spheres
Tradition: Scout sphere
Tradition: Sniper sphere
1st lvl Feat: Extra Combat Talent feat: equipment sphere: Expert Reloading
1st lvl Conscript Combat Talent: Dual Wielding Sphere
1st lvl Conscript Bonus Talent: Athletics Sphere Fly
2nd lvl conscript Combat Talent: Barrage Sphere
5 th lvl Conscript Combat Talent: Fencing Sphere

Champion Talents:
8 th lvl Arsenal Trick: Dimensional Archer

Magic Talents:
Tradition: Emergency Teleport
2nd lvl magic talent: Time sphere: Improved Haste, Lingering Time:
4th lvl magic talent: Fade (fey-blessing)
6th lvl magic talent: Listen To The Wind (fey-blessing)
8th lvl magic talent: Pouncing Teleport

Combat Talents:
Tradition:Huntsman Training
Tradition: Archery Bash
1st level Combat specialization: Firearm Proficiency Equipment sphere talent
2nd lvl Feat: Extra Combat Talent feat:Fast Draw
3rd lvl Conscript Combat Talent: Close Combat Specialist
3rd lvl Conscript Bonus Talent: Impossible Reload
4th lvl Conscript Combat Talent:
Vigilant Sharpshooter
5ft lvl feat: Extra Combat Talent feat: Compact Frame
5th lvl Conscript Bonus Talent: Fast Feint
6th lvl Feat: Extra Combat Talent feat: Armor Training
6th lvl Conscript Combat Talent: Feint Strike
7th lvl Feat: Extra Combat Talent feat: Magic Armor
7th lvl Conscript Combat Talent: Expert Feint
7th lvl Conscript Bonus Talent: Unlikely Feint
8th lvl Feat: Extra Combat Talent feat: Fatal opening
8th lvl Conscript Combat Talent: Verbal Feint

Conscript Class Abilities:
Combat Specializations: @ 5 All bonus feats lost
Evasion (Ex) (1 point)
Black Powder Training (Ex) (2 points) [Conq. HB]
Gunslinger deeds: gunslinger initiative, quick clear, and utility shot.
Sneak Attack (2 points) 2d6

Armorist Class Abilities:
summon equipment
Bound equipment/implement (+4, 3x)
Will be matching revolvers and mithril breastplate to be determined later
Arsenal trick
@ 2nd lvl: additional binding
@ 4th lvl: Dark Materials
@ 6th lvl: Improved Materials (requires armorist 6)
@ 8th lvl: Champion Feats: Dimensional Archer (Champion)
Armor training: + 2 Dex, - 2 armor skill checks

Signature Item: Grandfathers Dwarven made howdah

Mundane Items
Explorer’s outfit: N/A, N/A
Kit, Gunslinger’s Price 26 gp; Weight 31 lbs. This includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, a gunsmith’s kit, an iron pot, a mess kit, a powder horn, rope, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.
sub-total gp. lbs.


Sub-total gp. lbs.

Magical Items:
Belt: N/A
Body: N/A
Chest: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Feet: N/A
Hand: N/A
Hand: N/A
Head: N/A
Headband: N/A
Neck: N/A
Shoulders: N/A
Wrists: N/A
Wonderous Items:
Bag, Handy Haversack: Price 2,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
sub-total gp. lbs.

Total expenditure: gp.

Total weight of all gear: lbs,

wealth Starting Wealth: 40,000g, limit of 18k on any one item.(this will be half with oaths)

Carry Capacity
Light load: 0 - 50 lbs.
Medium load: 51 - 100 lbs.
Heavy load: 101 - 150 lbs.
Lift over head: lb.
Lift off ground: lb.
Push or drag: lb.

Dark Archive

Josten Cailean wrote:
PaleDim, you can tell the work you put into those incentives! They all look great! I can Josten working toward at least one cohort (more if he takes Leadership!) or expanding his godling power into mythic levels. And the Personal Planes Gazetteer/Bestiary are really great ideas!

Thank you! I haven't fully worked out the details of how cohorts and leadership will work, but good to hear some interest in that for sure.

I think the most controversial idea here is requiring "training" of someone of higher level to help you level up once you have enough XP. I fear some may see that as getting in the way of the overall game, but my hope is that it weaves the RP-drive of the downtime/side activities more into it. E.g., if the party is out on a bit of a longer mission, do they accept not leveling up until they can return to the inn? Use a saved up boon/favor to dimensionally skirt away to get some quick training and drop back into the mission? etc etc

The incentives sounds pretty fun. Especially planes travel, arena with monsters and pvp, mythic for sure since aleksandros is on the path to becoming a god (thinks he is already).

I enjoy the incentives as well. They are RP-inspiring. Let's hope it all comes to fruition!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Woohoo! Sounds fun. There've already been so many good ideas. I'm going to look at making Quark or his brother Rom.

That sounds awesome!

Been thinking it over, and while it's okay for people to have been at the Inn for a little while, I would prefer it if they weren't there for more than a couple months.

There's a lot of NPCs, various locations, etc that you should probably know about, and I kinda want the PCs to discover most of that stuff in game organically. Which can't really happen if you've been there for six months or longer.

Would this really mess up people's overall concepts??

Not mine.

Prefectly fine. What I was going for anyway.

Voice of Awesomeness wrote:
Would this really mess up people's overall concepts??

No problems on my end. I figure he can spend a little time exploring the 'City of Doors' before he finds his way to your fine Inn.

After thinking about it, it will be better to learn about the Inn in game instead of trying to 'read up' on everything.

I am okay having been there just long enough to start finding ways to survive in that existence and make money doing so, but not so long as to know more than a few people or to have established roots there. This would likely be maybe a week or so since she arrived.

Britta brings up a good point: it sounds better that some kind of cosmic alignment brought the traveling inn to the attention of many powerful individuals across the planes and multiverse, or it could be one of many mysteries associated with the World Serpent Inn. Either way, I'm fine with a week since Josten found the inn.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Happy New Year!!

I Finished the crunch, Now the background story...

Living Machine Fighter Level 1/Ranger(Galvanic Saboteur) Level 7
NG Large humanoid
Init +7; Senses: Perception +16
AC 26, touch 15, flat-footed 20 (+6 armor, +5 Dex, +5 shield, -1 Size, +1 Dodge)
hp 112 (8d10+32)
Fort +10, Ref +10, Will +6
Speed 20 ft

Large Split-blade sword +1 +13/+8 3d6+6 ×2 disarm, trip

Large Shield +2 +15/+10 1d8+7 +free bull rush when hit


Str 20 (+2 Size, +2 Magic)
Dex 20 (+2 Race, -2 Size, +1 Level, +2 Magic)
Con 16 (+1 Level, +2 Magic)
Int 13 (+2 Race)
Wis 14
Cha 5 (-2 Race)

Base Atk +8; CMB +16; CMD 29

Feral Heart (Story)

In your chest beasts the heart of a wild beast.
Benefit: Whenever you receive a morale bonus on Strength or attack rolls (such as from heroism or the barbarian rage class feature), you receive a +2 bonus on Dexterity– and Strength-based ability and skill checks and a +1 bonus on Reflex saves until the morale bonus effect ends.
Goal: Woo and then marry or otherwise enter into a committed relationship with a person from a civilized culture. This relationship must be forged in love, not bought or coerced.
Completion Benefit: Delay the penalties for the exhausted, fatigued, shaken, and sickened conditions for 1 round after first receiving them. If you already have the condition in question and it is applied again, this feat provides no benefit. Despite ignoring the penalties you do still have the condition. For example, if you become shaken again while benefiting from this feat, you become frightened as normal.

Skill Focus(Perception)(Background)

Benefit: You get a +3 bonus on all checks involving the chosen skill. If you have 10 or more ranks in that skill, this bonus increases to +6.

Skill Focus(Disable Device)(Background)

Benefit: You get a +3 bonus on all checks involving the chosen skill. If you have 10 or more ranks in that skill, this bonus increases to +6.

Endurance (Ranger Feat)

Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus on the following checks and saves: Swim checks made to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion; Constitution checks made to continue running; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march; Constitution checks made to hold your breath; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst; Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments; and Fortitude saves made to resist damage from suffocation. You may sleep in light or medium armor without becoming fatigued.

Improved Shield Bash (Combat)(Combat Style)

Benefit: When you perform a shield bash, you may still apply the shield’s shield bonus to your AC.

Shield Master (Combat)(Combat Style)

Benefit: You do not suffer any Two-Weapon Fighting penalties on attack rolls made with a shield while you are wielding another weapon. Add your shield’s enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls made with the shield as if it were a weapon enhancement bonus.

Shield Focus (Combat)(Fighter Bonus Feat)

Benefit: Increase the AC bonus granted by any shield you are using by 1.

1 Two-Weapon Fighting (Combat)
You can fight with a weapon wielded in each of your hands. You can make one extra attack each round with the secondary weapon.
Prerequisite: Dex 15.

Benefit: Your penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for your primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for your off hand lessens by 6. See Two-Weapon Fighting.

Table: Two-Weapon Fighting Penalties
Primary Hand Shield
–2 0

2 Dodge

Revised. You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC. This bonus increases to +4 against attacks of opportunity caused when you move out of or within a threatened tile. A condition that makes you lose your Dex bonus to AC also makes you lose the benefits of this feat.

3 Powerful Maneuvers

New. You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when performing a bull rush, drag, overrun, or sunder combat maneuver. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks with these combat maneuvers. Now a prerequisite for the relevant greater combat maneuver feats.

4 Weapon Focus (Combat)(sword)

Prerequisites: Proficiency with selected weapon, base attack bonus +1.

5 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Split-blade sword)

6 Shield Slam (Combat)

Prerequisites: Improved Shield Bash, Shield Proficiency, Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: Any opponents hit by your shield bash are also hit with a free bull rush attack, substituting your attack roll for the combat maneuver check (see Combat). This bull rush does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Opponents who cannot move back due to a wall or other surface are knocked prone after moving the maximum possible distance. You may choose to move with your target if you are able to take a 5-foot step or to spend an action to move this turn.

7 Greater Two-Weapon Fighting

Revised. Prerequisites now Dex 17, Two-Weapon Fighting, BAB +6. In addition to the standard single extra attack you get with an off-hand weapon, you get a second attack with it, albeit at a –5 penalty. Once your BAB reaches +11, you also gain a third attack with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a –10 penalty.

8 Deft Maneuvers

New. You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when performing a trip, disarm, dirty trick, feint, reposition, or steal combat maneuver. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks with these combat maneuvers. Now a prerequisite for the relevant greater combat maneuver feats.


Chance Savior
Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Regional Recluse
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Survival checks and one of the following benefits.
Gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception checks made at night.

You gain a +1 trait bonus on Escape Artist checks, and Escape Artist is a class skill for you.


Climb (Str) 16=8+3+5
Escape Artist (Dex) 17=8+3+5+1
Disable Device (Dex) 19=8+3+5+3
Knowledge(Arcana)(Int) 13=8+3+1
Perception (Wis) 16=8+3+2+3
Spellcraft (Int) 13=8+3+1
Stealth (Dex) 16=8+3+5
Survival (Wis) 14=8+3+2+1
Swim (Str) 12=4+3+5

Background skills

Craft (Traps) 12=8+3+1
Knowledge (engineering) 12=8+3+1
Perform(Wind instruments) 5=8+0-3

Languages: Common

Kit, Ranger’s
This includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.

Belt of Physical Perfection
Aura strong transmutation; CL 16th; Slot belt; Price 16,000 gp (+2)

Lion’s Shield
Aura moderate conjuration; CL 10th Weight 15 lbs.; Price 9,170 gp

DESCRIPTION: This +2 heavy steel shield is fashioned to appear to be a roaring lion’s head. Three times per day as a free action, the lion’s head can be commanded to attack (independently of the shield wearer), biting with the wielder’s base attack bonus (including multiple attacks, if the wielder has them) and dealing 2d6 points of damage. This attack is in addition to any actions performed by the wielder.

Large Lamellar (Mithral)
Cost 8,300 gp; Weight 35 lbs.
Armor Bonus +6; Max Dex Bonus +5; Armor Check Penalty -2
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 15%; Speed 20 ft./15 ft.

Permanent Enlarge person 2,500 gp

Large Split-blade sword +1 2700 gp

Cash: 1,330 gp

Special Abilities

Ranger Spells:

1st Level


2nd Level


Class features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
A fighter is proficient with all simple and martial weapons and with all armor (heavy, light, and medium) and shields (including tower shields).

Ranger(Galvanic Saboteur)

Class Skill(s): A galvanic saboteur adds Disable Device and Knowledge (arcana) to his list of class skills and removes Handle Animal and Knowledge (dungeoneering) from his list of class skills.

Favored Enemy (Ex) (construct 1st, ? 5th)
At 1st level, a ranger selects a creature type from the ranger favored enemies table. He gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures of his selected type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. A ranger may make Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify these creatures.
At 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th level), the ranger may select an additional favored enemy. In addition, at each such interval, the bonus against any one favored enemy (including the one just selected, if so desired) increases by +2.
If the ranger chooses humanoids or outsiders as a favored enemy, he must also choose an associated subtype, as indicated on the table below. (Note that there are other types of humanoid to choose from—those called out specifically on the table below are merely the most common.) If a specific creature falls into more than one category of favored enemy, the ranger’s bonuses do not stack; he simply uses whichever bonus is higher

Combat Style Feat (Ex)
At 2nd level, a ranger must select one combat style to pursue.
The ranger’s expertise manifests in the form of bonus feats at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level. He can choose feats from his selected combat style, even if he does not have the normal prerequisites.
The benefits of the ranger’s chosen style feats apply only when he wears light, medium, or no armor. He loses all benefits of his combat style feats when wearing heavy armor. Once a ranger selects a combat style, it cannot be changed.

A ranger gains Endurance as a bonus feat at 3rd level.

Reprogram (Ex)
At 1st level, a galvanic saboteur can improve the initial attitude of a mindless construct. This ability functions as wild empathy, except only against mindless constructs. The ranger can use this ability against constructs with an Intelligence score, but he takes a –4 penalty on the check.

This ability replaces wild empathy.

Lucky Dodge (Ex)
At 3rd level, a galvanic saboteur can dodge the precise attacks of even the most technologically advanced foes. The ranger gains a luck bonus to AC against attacks that target his touch AC as long as his opponent’s type matches that of his first favored enemy. This luck bonus is equal to 1/2 the ranger’s favored enemy bonus against that creature type. At 8th, 13th, and 18th levels, the ranger gains this luck bonus to AC against attacks that target touch his AC as long as his opponent’s type matches his second, third, and fourth favored enemy, respectively. A galvanic saboteur’s animal companion (if he chose one for his hunter’s bond) also gains this luck bonus.

This ability replaces favored terrain.

Hunter’s Bond (Ex) (Wolf)
At 4th level The second option is to form a close bond with an animal companion. A ranger who selects an animal companion can choose from the following list: badger, bird, camel, cat (small), dire rat, dog, horse, pony, snake (viper or constrictor), or wolf. If the campaign takes place wholly or partly in an aquatic environment, the ranger may choose a shark instead. This animal is a loyal companion that accompanies the ranger on his adventures as appropriate for its kind. A ranger’s animal companion shares his favored enemy and favored terrain bonuses.
This ability functions like the druid animal companion ability (which is part of the Nature Bond class feature), except that the ranger’s effective druid level is equal to his ranger level –3.

Beginning at 4th level

Technological Trapsmith (Ex)
At 7th level, a galvanic saboteur can rig technological traps using the remains of destroyed constructs with the clockwork or robot subtype. To successfully rig such a trap, the ranger must spend 1 minute working on the destroyed construct and succeed at a Disable Device check (DC = 10 + the construct’s HD). On a failure, the trap doesn’t function and the construct’s remains are ruined. On a success, the ranger creates a mechanical trap with the following statistics.

Rigged Construct Trap
Type mechanical; Notice Perception DC 20; Disable Disable Device DC 20

Trigger location (all spaces occupied by the construct’s remains); Reset none; Effect blast of electricity (1d6 electricity damage/2 HD of construct); Reflex negates (DC = 10 + 1/2 the ranger’s level + his Intelligence modifier); multiple targets (all targets within 5 ft. of construct’s remains) Other types of destroyed constructs can serve as suitable materials for a rigged construct trap (at the GM’s discretion). Constructs destroyed by disintegrate or similar effects that leave no intact remains cannot be used to create a rigged construct trap.

This ability replaces woodland stride.

Favored class bonus
+8 HP

Standard Racial Traits

Racial Traits
Ability Score Modifiers: Standard (+2 Dex, +2 Int, –2 Cha) (0 RP)
Type: Construct (20 RP)
Size: Small (0 RP)
Base Speed: Normal (0 RP)
Languages: Standard (0 RP)

Darkvision: Wyrwoods have darkvision and so can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.
Low-Light Vision: Wyrwood can see twice as far as humans in dim light (they have low-light vision). (0 RP)
Alternate Racial Traits

Living Machine: Through generations of refining the techniques of creation, many young wyrwoods have become closer to organic beings than constructs. These wyrwoods are constructs with the living machine subtype. They gain a Constitution score and can be targeted by spells and effects that target living creatures or constructs, as well as those that require a Fortitude save. They are no longer immune to ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, exhaustion, or fatigue. Wyrwoods with this trait require sleep, but they do not need to breathe or eat. They are not destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points, instead becoming unconscious and stable. They are destroyed when reduced to a negative number of hit points equal to their Constitution score. They can be raised or resurrected when destroyed. This alters the wyrwood’s creature type.

Can I make my wolf Living construct story wise, without changing the wolf's game stats?

CucumberTree wrote:
Can I make my wolf Living construct story wise, without changing the wolf's game stats?

Sorry, I meant to reply to this yesterday. Unsure what you're asking, exactly. Do you just want the flavor of the living construct but no mechanical benefits?

Also, I was thinking you could just maybe apply the subtype to your wolf as like a mini template, if you wanted?

Finally, I saw you're playing a single class character, right? As opposed to a gestalt or tristalt one? It's totally okay if you are, just wanted to make sure.

Important FYI:

While the gameplay thread has opened, and posting has begun, it does not mean recruitment is over! There is probably not going to be a limit on the characters accepted, just on those who might go on any missions or standard adventures.

Voice of Awesomeness wrote:

Sorry, I meant to reply to this yesterday. Unsure what you're asking, exactly. Do you just want the flavor of the living construct but no mechanical benefits? I was asking for this in my question.

Also, I was thinking you could just maybe apply the subtype to your wolf as like a mini template, if you wanted? This would be very cool, because of the world I'm building.

Finally, I saw you're playing a single class character, right? As opposed to a gestalt or tristalt one? It's totally okay if you are, just wanted to make sure. Yeah, I find gestalt+ is good for 1-2 players, but it helps eliminate RP interaction in larger groups IMHO

Liberty's Edge

This is RH's half-Fey Hunter, Eldlen. I basically took the holidays off and have not gotten much more done on my character. Not wanting to misuse naming tradition I decided to rework a 'pathfinder society' character's name. I want to make sure I've got the character well established in my head, so I plan on finishing the 'ten minute' background before I post in game.

Having said that, you did mention using a discord channel, do we have that set up yet? Would you rather we continue asking questions here, or would you open the 'discussion' thread for the game?

Voice of Awesomeness wrote:

Important FYI:

While the gameplay thread has opened, and posting has begun, it does not mean recruitment is over! There is probably not going to be a limit on the characters accepted, just on those who might go on any missions or standard adventures.

Hmmmm, game play is open :) What will be the criteria for the characters who might go on missions or adventures?


Flesh entwined with mechanis spanned the enormous room. It's height is supported with a gothic like design. Golden globes of light exude through Mechanis-flesh walls. Up high, a germination tube lights from within. A humanoids body wriggles awake. Small swimming constructs move through the germination's blue fluid. They rip the body apart as the blue water fights against the blood. The little fleshbots needs some of it for implantation, and the rest went to storage or food.

The fleshbots pull free as one piece, which was made with the brain, brainstem, and eyes. The robotic capturers move through the liquid and into a pipe. The pipe runs to the top of a Fleshbot humanoid torso. An opening to the pipe was nestled behind and over the fleshbot's headless neck. The small fleshbots place the living mind into the body. Head halves seal themselves from either side. His eyes slide into open slots. A human with Mechanis-flesh subsummation, stands next to the new creation. "I am Xann."

Xann is erect in the air while floating by tendrils that extend into the ceiling. Tools slide to him through the tendrils. He floats closer to Mechanis-flesh body. He reaches into the cavity filled with blue nutrient fluid. Injectors erupt from his fingertips and begin to inject self-forming organs. "No need for lungs. No need for stomach. The healed flesh fixes the mechanis. The healed mechanis fixes the flesh." Xann says to his newly awake creation.

Xann closes the chest and the Mechanis-flesh seals. He floats back as the awakened golem's surgical table rotates upright. Xann mentally lowers what looks like a beam weapon. It fires and envelopes the creation with green light. The monstrosity grows. Two service drones place armor pieces on his body. The plates are drilled into his frame.

Xann floats to be close to it's face. "A moment" An injector connects to the back of the creature neck. A neural net is injected in. It quickly weaves around the creature's brain. Information from combat to skills bombards the large Fleshbot's mind. Service drones place a visor over his forever open eyes. The sound of drills are replaced by Xann's voice.

"This place is a demi-plane created by my human conversion, Doctor Penn Nicely. He created this demi-plane to research Mechanis-flesh. He knew that he needed the demi-plane to protect the Prime-plane should something go wrong. From his perspective it went wrong. The Mechanis-flesh consumed him, from the inside and finally took over his body." He pauses.

"I am the result, and the Mechanis-flesh is my servant. I can pull constructs and clones." He waves at the battalion of constructs that surround the room. "It will provide to my imaginings." He sighs, "The Mechanis-flesh and the demi-plane continue to expand. The unconscious mind of Nicely plays at the edges creating constructs focused on killing me."

The large warror is given a weapon. The shield stays suspended in front of both the creator and the creation. "The numbers don't lie, he will kill me eventually...And I can't leave for this is my home." Xann flies closer to the shield. "I create you as my son. And I leave you to the endless worlds. And this, this is your birthright." He says while highlighting the shield with his hands.

To be continued...

@ CucumberTree, are you more or less finished with your PC?

The Exchange

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A little bit late, but I present Partiche

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hm... I haven't played PF1 in a while, but I could give this a shot! I'm semi-interested in playing a barmaid, of a more "NPC" type. She'll be either human or, if it's okay, warforged (using wyrwood stats). She's from Eberron, but she was in the wrong place at the wrong time--specifically, in Cyre on the Day of Mourning--and wound up here. Now she's pretty happy with her new job. Don't worry about how good she is with a knife. I'm sure it's not gonna come up. Probably a good idea to tip well, though.

Statistically, probably a Sandman bard, maybe with a few levels in rogue.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hmmm, this could be interesting.

I might think about pulling up a few older characters who never got their chance to shine, or I do have one or two perennial wanderers I can slot in just about anywhere.

If nothing else, poor Tikkik the Kobold never did get to SHOW THEM ALL!, should people think it entertaining to have a somewhat mad kobold driving a mechanical dragon end up in here somehow (mechanically Tikkik himself is a rather low-threat skill-monkey, but he comes with a custom construct, and was really dissapointed he never got to try out the electro-magnetic griffon launcher.)

Though I also have a frog-person riding a frog who summons frogs that never got much screentime.

If you're planning on playin an NPC type, I wouldn't worry overly much about stats/mechanics(unless you want to, of course!). Rather, I would suggest just listing your classes/levels, and maybe an important stat or two. Basically, just so you know what the NPC is capable of.

Heck, you could even borrow from the FUDGE system, and just give me a few descriptive words in order of most to least important.

Ie, if your a barmaid, maybe attentive, pretty, agile, witty, in that order.

Presenting Windchime, wyrwood waitress! A warforged from Eberron who's quite pleased to serve as a barmaid after having had a [INFORMATION REDACTED] time in the Last War. Let me know if this minimalist approach works for her!

Windchime wrote:
Presenting Windchime, wyrwood waitress! A warforged from Eberron who's quite pleased to serve as a barmaid after having had a [INFORMATION REDACTED] time in the Last War. Let me know if this minimalist approach works for her!

I'm not sure what 'spelleating' means, but I loves it!

Eldlen is actually wavin over a server right now, asking about cigars, which of course the Inn has plenty of. Feel free to reply to him!

Actually, I had another reply ready, but I can tweak it! Spelleating is a reference to it possessing the Sandman archetype.

Could we consider launching a Discussion thread, by the way, or is there an invite to that Discord group somewhere?

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Kobold Catgirl wrote:
Could we consider launching a Discussion thread, by the way, or is there an invite to that Discord group somewhere?

Idk how comfortable I feel lettin a Kobold Catgirl loose in the sever. One or the other of those is bad enough, but both together? That's like a mega disaster, lol

I'd like introduce Zeran Vigga, human Diviner/Stargazer educated in the College of Mysteries in Absalom. He's never traveled to another plane or planet, but he has studied them....

I still need to write his history and create his spellbook, but otherwise I think I've got most of the kinks worked out. If I've made any significant mistakes, please let me know.

@ Zeran, you're good to go! Feel free to post in gameplay whenever you're ready!

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