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It is the year of our lord 1864. Queen Victoria is hale and hearty. The Americans are in chaos, but when aren’t they? The war effort against those French dogs continues. All is as it should be. God save the Queen.

This game will take place on an alternate Earth. Although I enjoy historical accuracy, I am not a historian by any means, so please bear with me. And of course, some things are quite different. For example, the Napoleonic Wars have extended a good 50 years after when they ended in our timeline. And of course, there is magic and monsters about.

Myth and Monster:

Monsters, as a rule, were not tolerated in England, and during the middle ages, were eliminated. By the industrial revolution, not only had the fey withdrawn completely from the isles, but all traces of elvish heritage were so dilute as to be non-existent. Historians suggest that other non-human races such as dwarves “faded” from Western Europe, although it is probably more accurate to say they were murdered. As such, the majority of Europe exists without rational fear of boogeymen, ghosts, and certainly not dragons. After all, the last dragon of England’s bones are on display in the royal museum.

On Magic and Miracles:

Once all the fuss about burning witches died down, and the more scientifically minded Victorians got around to really thinking about it, magic was basically just a science. Studying it became something of a hobby for the elite blue-bloods, something to brag about. Unfortunately, all of the truly powerful spells were lost, and modern wizards seem unable to create new spells of a similar caliber. The existence of such higher magics has been mathematically proven, as well as heavily implied via the use of “metamagics.” Understanding of the circles of magic, sometimes referred to as “levels,” allows one to prove rather simply the existence of the elusive 4th circle spell. Many mages have made it their life's mission to discover such a spell, but as of yet, none have publicly taken credit for it. Magecraft, as a profession, or as a hobby, has grown out of favor in the past few decades, and instead has been replaced with a vested interest in alchemy, which is commonly considered to be a far more rigid science than the rather temperamental arcane arts.

Miracles on the other hand, have largely gone the way of the dodo. There hasn’t been a recognized miracle by the Church of England for over 300 years. There were tales of old, detailing casters empowered with abilities that even wizards were not born with, granted by god. Those are either decried as falsehoods, wizardry, or relics of a bygone age by the current administration and as such, the only priests that can cast spells are those who have trained in the art of wizardry. Tales of strange, heathen casters from across the ocean have opened additional theological, as well as magical discussion, but as of today, there are no divine casters in England.

Blood healing(Replaces Infernal Healing):

School: Necromancy Level 1
Casting time: Standard action
Target: Creature touched
Components: V/S/M (Blood from the caster or other source)
Duration: 5 rounds/see text
Range: Touch
Saving throw: Fort negates (harmless) Spell resistance yes: Harmless
Effect: The subject gains fast healing 1 for the duration of this spell. If a non-human blood is used, the caster may make a DC 20+CR heal check during the casting of this spell to attempt to augment the effect. This augmented effect is subject to DM approval. If the heal check fails, the spell behaves normally.

On the origins of the modern sorcerer::

We are all familiar with the spell of the first circle, blood healing. Indeed, it is a common occurrence for those who still dabble in the unrefined art of wizardry to practice their craft by using their blood magics to cure minor injuries of the common folk in return for a small fee. A less refined spell than the alchemical process of curing light wounds, it nevertheless deserves recognition for its consistency in curing the same injury the same amount every time it is used, (albeit over the course of 30 seconds) unlike the more unstable alchemical version, which has the capacity to heal considerably more substantial injuries, and requires substantially less bleeding from the alchemist to be effective, as well as being instantaneous. Less well known however, is the addition of more potent blood to the casting of blood healing by a skilled doctor can cause additional beneficial, but temporary side effects, dependent on the nature of the blood or ichor of the creature it was gleaned from. Some wizards of ill repute, and even some alchemists of low moral fibre have taken the principles of this spell, and attempted to extrapolate a way to permanently increase magical capacity by ministering blood transfusions of potent magical energies. This inevitably leads to the creation of a Kith, or in particularly hideous cases, a Chimera or Amalgam. However, when the blood of one of these beasts is transfused to another living soul, the mutagenic properties are lessened, although almost imperceptibly. Over the course of 30 or more administrations of these infusions, the blood grants upon the patient magical capacities without many of the negative consequences of infusing magical blood. These individuals have an innate understanding of their abilities, seemingly able to bypass the years of ritual study a mage must undergo. However, the downsides are numerous as well as crippling. They seem to be unable to learn new magics through traditional schooling of any means. In addition, most seem to lose their memories previous to the event, as well as suffering from mild mutagenic deformities. Further complications can arise as the blood fights for dominance within the patient, often leading to the fracturing of the mind, criminals more dangerous than a simple rampaging beast. For this reason, any sorcerer discovered will be put under the care of the state, and kept under constant surveillance from at least one wyrd warden at all times, under penalty of death. The creation of a sorcerer is highly frowned upon, and punishable by no less than a fine of 10,000, and no more than hanging by the neck until dead.

Setting/Build rules:

3rd Level
23 point buy (+1 build point per level in addition to the flat +1 every 4 levels)
Human only (Exceptions are limited, see spoiler about "sorcerers." If your build requires you be a tiefling to work, then you’re an alchemical creation, not a descendant of a devil.
2 traits, drawback for a 3rd allowed
No Occult Classes except Kineticist, once again see “sorcerer.”
No divine casters
No spells of 4th level or higher. (Metamagic ok)
Guns are martial weapons
Improved Unarmed Strike is a martial weapon
Background Skills
Words of power allowed, and encouraged for spontaneous casters, but not required

House Rules:

Combat Maneuvers only provoke if they fail
+1 teamwork feat at 1st, 4th, and every 4 levels after.
Detection spells based on power source: IE a fey sourced version of detect poison would detect cold iron, but probably not poison berries.
Infernal healing removed, replaced with Blood Healing (See spoiler)

Who are the PC’s?:

You will all be under the employ of Her Royal Majesty’s Wardens of the Wyrd. This organization was originally created after an event known as, “The Applewood Incident,” where a powerful sorcerer resulted in an entire neighborhood needing to be purified with fire. Afterwards, a Minister of Magic I know, I know… was appointed, and an entire organization was formed to root out sorcerers. After ethical concerns of terminating all humanoid sorcerers were raised, as well as concerns about destroying potentially useful magical tools, the Wardens began using captured sorcerers who were of a helpful nature in limited scenarios. As the creation process inevitably wipes the memories of an individual, some have wondered at the exact nature of what makes a “helpful sorcerer.” In any case, be it after days or years, the sorcerous agents break down, and have to be terminated, quite often by their own squad that they work with.
The role of the agency has expanded over time. Once the state researchers that were part of the Wardens re-discovered the secrets of ancient metallurgy, recovering both adamantine and mithril from the vagaries of time, both their funding and scope increased. When it was discovered some 3 years ago that Fey gates had started opening up in England once again, it was the Wardens who first scouted out the area immediately within the circles, arches, or other gate forms.
These past 3 years have been quite busy for the Wardens of the Wyrd. In an attempt to claim the fey wild as part of the English empire, a 2 sq mile area inside of the Feywild has been cleared of it’s most dangerous aspects, and Parliament is hopeful that further expansion can take place. Your job will be to take expeditions into the Wilds, and report back what you can find. At least one of you will have the authority to make negotiate on behalf of the Wardens with the local denizens, but your job is to perform scouting of the area so that England can expand it’s area of influence. Long live the Queen!

Whew! That was a lot to type, and I bet it was a lot to read! Thanks for making it this far

I am still quite new to PbP GMing! Full disclosure, I occasionally get burnt out on the forums, and have to take a break for a day or three. If this happens, I’ll try and let people know ahead of time, and I understand completely if that’s a dealbreaker for anyone. Also, I'm a college student, and finals are coming up in about a month, so I may be slightly less present.
I love getting questions, PM’s, or really any form of interaction with other players on the forums. I expect it will be about 3 parts RP, 2 parts combat/encounters, but having never really run a PbP before, that may be subject to change.
I don't mind optimized characters, as long as you're willing to put in the backstory legwork to how all these things work!
I’m sure I missed something, but I really look forward to seeing what characters people make!

Interested! Just no divine casters or also no divine spells, e.g., skald spell kenning can't be used to cast divine spells? Also, do druids, rangers, shamans, paladins, etc all count as divine casters too?

So many cool concepts to work into this setting... which one to choose though? So tricky...

Big dot! Loved the Victorian approach and low magic. Let me go through the details more and bring a concept here.

Spell Kenning: For ease of my sanity, I'd probably just say they can't emulate divine spells. I'd be open to it on a case by case basis; specific trumps general, and general is no.
Rangers are a-ok, although I'd encourage archetypes that remove spells, it's not required.
Paladin on the other hand, would require no spells.
Shaman/Druid, I hadn't considered well enough, but I'd say that I'd probably stick with the really old school technique of making them an NPC class. Their secrets are ones that survived the transition to industrialization, and they probably aren't best pleased by it.

Ok cool I'll give it a good think!

Follow-up questions:
1. So am I understanding correctly that this is to be more wilderness campaign? If so, I wouldn't want to make a character all focused on lying and picking locks, for example. Instead, a character focused on wilderness exploration would probably have more fun.
2. What are you thinking for battle maps (and whenever else maps come up)? Theater of the mind, google slides, roll20, etc?

Hey Kazmanaught, thanks for being willing to run a game!

I love the idea of a near-modern alt-earth game and have a character who may fit in well. Obviously, I would tweak him a little for this game, but here is a descriptor of Angus for an earlier game.

A few questions to get a feel for your expectations. How many folks would you take? What kind of posting rate are you looking for and planning on keeping yourself? when you're not recovering from 'burn out' or dealing with exams :) How long will you keep recruitment open? Do you have any idea how long a story/what level were looking at going to?

I'm thinking on building a brawler, maybe - more of a commoner, a mason of sorts, or maybe a cook that was hired to accompany the Wardens and ended up more involved than he bargained for. Still going over my options :) I also thought about alchemists, especially that archetype that goes for the whole "Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde".

1 - What about wealth, and magic items?

2 - What about shifters? Would you be okay with them (thinking thematically as well, werewolf stories and whatnot)

3 - Would alchemist extracts be also limited to 4th level, for instance?

That "ghost rider" archetype of cavalier would be fun to see as well, but I guess it's kind of too much on the "occult" side.

Here is my current character idea:

Enzo Montalbano is one of the last Holy See paladins recognized by the famous city state known as The Vatican. The paladin is currently 'on loan' from The Holy Catholic Church to Queen Victoria. Unwilling or unable to have Her Royal Majesty’s Wardens of the Wyrd, and by extension, The Church of England, dabble in the supernatural unsupervised, The Holy See assigned Enzo to work with The Wardens as an agent.

Enzo Montalbano is able to directly relate to the famed Renaud de Montauban, cousin to Roland, the nephew of Charlemagne; both men accredited as one of the Twelve Peers, foremost warriors of Charlemagne’s court.

Everyone can read these, and in the case of Lapyd's questions, should.

It is a wilderness campaign, but keep in mind it's the Feywilds. One could just as easily find diplomacy being as important as survival for group survivability. Both will be important, and I will provide additional information on how the realm of the Fey differs from the world that you all come from.
I'm still unsure what I'll use for maps. Probably not Roll20, so google slides for when theatre of the mind is not sufficient.

Wealth is standard for 4th level. I know you guys are 3rd, but the Wardens gave you a bit of an advance. In the in person campaign I ran in this setting, the players rediscovered the art of enchanting items, so there are enchantments being made and a few family heirlooms.
Shifters are probably Sorcerous in nature, but fully fit in that umbrella term! With the advent of fey reagents being purchasable on the black market, stranger and stranger monsters and sorcerers have started appearing.
Yes, extracts would also be limited to 3rd level or lower. Which isn't to say that you couldn't be the first to rediscover them.
As much as I love that archetype, and as at home it would be in my other campaign setting, I'm afraid it would be a bit strange to have as a "normal person power." A sorcerer on the other hand, certainly could have that archetype. A note I'll add here is that any PC who plays a "sorcerous" character will be of particularly noteworthy construction, and seemingly highly stable.

Sorry to everyone for using a common class as the blanket term for everything atypically magical in this setting...

Thank you! I am looking for between 3 and 6 players, depends on interest. Tentatively lets say a week before I end recruitment, and if I end it earlier, I'll give 24 hours notice before. I check the forums a few times a day, so I should be able to commit to one post a day, with the potential for more. I'd hope for at least once every two days from participants, with the option for more.
Duration: I have an idea on a story that I want to tell, and several planned "level up" milestones. I'm sure that the story will have a lot more than the bare bones that I have planned right now. I certainly would plan for hitting at least 7th level, and possibly beyond.
This seems like a good time to talk about tone! I strive for seriousness, and this is a "serious" setting, but I've always had a penchant for some lightheartedness. Actual heroes in a world of grey. (My favorite interpretation of batman is from the animated series if that helps at all) I'll keep the Victorian sexisim/racisim to a minimum, but you guys are going to be part of a colonizing empire in the height of their power. You're allowed to use the velvet glove instead of the iron fist when dealing with the native powers, but that would make you atypical for the setting.

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Dotting for interest - very cool game concept Kaz.

Would you allow 3PP Archetype? I'm considering a pitch as a Sikh Warrior

Sikh Warrior (Fighter Archetype):

Alignment: A Sikh warrior must be of good alignment.
Proficiencies: A Sikh warrior is not proficient in heavy armour or martial weapons like the typical fighter. He is proficient with all weapons of the sikh weapon category as defined by the
sikh weapon training class feature below.
Class Skills: A Sikh warrior gains Knowledge (religion) in place of Knowledge (engineering).

Misaligning Footwork (Ex): A Sikh warrior is adept at using their footwork to mislead their opponent and keep them off their centre. This translates to a +1 dodge bonus to AC when wearing light or no armor. A sikh warrior gains no benefit from this against creatures that cannot be caught flat footed, are immune to being feinted, or have the blindsense ability. This bonus improves by 1 every four levels thereafter to a maximum of +4 at 15th level. This replaces armour training.

Sikh Weapon Training (Ex): A Sikh warrior is skilled in a unique set of weapons called the Sikh weapon class. At 5th level, he gains a +1 to all attack and damage rolls with these weapons. At 9th level and every 4 levels thereafter, he gains a further +1 bonus to hit and damage rolls with them.
Sikh Weapons: punching dagger*, tri-bladed katar, chakram, kukri*, scimitar*, and the urumi.

*These weapons have Indian equivalents. A punching dagger is often called a katar. A very similar weapon to the scimitar called the talwar is used in India. Kukri are used to fill in for a kirpan knife. A kirpan has spiritual value to the Sikhs.

A sikh warrior may use the Weapon Finesse feat with all weapons of sikh weapon category. A Sikh warrior using a chakram suffers no penalty to attack rolls and has no chance of cutting themselves.

Weapon Master (Ex): A Sikh warrior must select a weapon from the Sikh weapon category for his weapon master class feature.

The Sikh Code: A Sikh warrior must be of good alignment and loses all class features except proficiencies if he ever willingly commits an evil act. In addition, he has a strict code he must be live by. For example, a sikh cannot cut his hair or partake in alcohol. He does not obsess over material things or believe in something blindly. He can never live the life of a hermit or outsider and he must never brag of his achievements. Once fallen, he may not progress any further in levels as this class. He regains his abilities and advancement potential if he atones for his violations (see atonement), as appropriate.

See my Sikh as a member of the Punjab Irregular Force perhaps (who were recruited to serve under British command after the Second Anglo-Sikh War) and potentially a recipient of the Indian Order of Merit (a medal for gallantry). Depending on the background of the other pitches, but he would seem to fit perfectly in with Robert Henry's Angus character in terms of a mutual background. Likely he's travelled back with the man who he owes a life debt to or some such.

Anyway interested to see if you sanction the archetype and you like the notion of the concept :)

Holding Alias for Black Dow's Sikh Warrior (pending approval :)

@Kazmanaught: As someone who loves traits (especially for providing mechanics to a PC background) - would the Additional Traits feat be permissible? Wouldn't plan to take it in conjunction with a Drawback, so would just be to gain 4 traits.

Firearm level? (Advanced, early, etc)

Thanks GM! Were you referring to the alchemist's archetype, the cavalier's, or both?

Anyway - I'm working on the brawler concept I mentioned above. I have in mind something like a butler; think Alfred Pennyworth. I'm thinking about the hinyasi archetype to have him fight with his cane, tray, teapots, anything improvised on his disposal.

In my mind, he's a war veteran of sorts that works directly for the royal family, and was tasked to accompany the Wardens on the mission due to his skills, but also to be their eyes and ears on what's going on on the field.

EDIT: if any PC ends up being actually noble or something of the sorts, it would be cool if my character was sent "officially" as their butler, but in truth (like I said) to be eyes and ears of the royalty.

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I have nothing against the archetype, I just have to wonder what it gets that Swashbuckler doesn't? I'd prefer to stay away from 3pp, but if you have your heart absolutely set on it, then by all means apply with it! Extra traits is fine, and I don't mind taking it with a drawback for 5 traits.

Firearm level: Due to industrialization, prices are as guns everywhere, but proficiencies are as commonplace guns. As government employees, you'll be allowed to have guns, but remember that the average citizen both wouldn't have access to the mass produced revolvers, and wouldn't have the proficiency.

Mr. Gunnar's Firearms Emporium:

One of the previous players in this setting opened a small firearm shop. If you want a masterwork, or even enchanted weapon, you'd have to commission one, and he is widely considered to be one of the best gunsmiths in England. Price is 25% of base + masterwork/enchantment cost due to the difficulty private citizens have acquiring the parts needed. Owning one of his guns is a sign to others in the know that you are truly a connoisseur of fine weaponcrafting.

Kazmanaught wrote:
I have nothing against the archetype, I just have to wonder what it gets that Swashbuckler doesn't? I'd prefer to stay away from 3pp, but if you have your heart absolutely set on it, then by all means apply with it! Extra traits is fine, and I don't mind taking it with a drawback for 5 traits.

No worries - I'll keep away from the 3PP. Swashbuckler was never a class I've warmed to, so I'll steer clear there also. Likely keep him a Fighter but go Skirmisher archetype and add the righteous flavour through traits etc.

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Kazmanaught wrote:
Firearm level: Due to industrialization, prices are as guns everywhere, but proficiencies are as commonplace guns. As government employees, you'll be allowed to have guns, but remember that the average citizen both wouldn't have access to the mass produced revolvers, and wouldn't have the proficiency.

So are historically accurate guns like the Lefaucheux Revolver and the Henry rifle available? Or are we working on a lower technology and only cap and ball revolvers and muzzle-loading rifles purchasable?

I've got the background for my Scottish officer done, but type and quality of weapons available will affect which class/key stat. I go with. So just working out details now instead of later.

Though with Black Dow in the group, doing a Scottish accent is a little intimidating :)

I'm not really a gun expert, but cartridge based weapons exist (so advanced firearms, but not modern) so the revolver and rifle would be weapons of choice.

Kazmanaught wrote:
I'm not really a gun expert, but cartridge based weapons exist (so advanced firearms, but not modern) so the revolver and rifle would be weapons of choice.

Cool, Like I said it would just adjust what class and key stat I used. I know enough about firearms history, but what's 'historical' is different than 'the setting' and the 'rules.'

So, I thought I'd ask :)

I'll keep working on Angus, leaning towards dexterity and finesse weapons along with the revolver.

Interesting! I briefly had a character in a similar game, so I may rework him to fit with this premise.

Waives at GM Coyote Simeon.

Hey Simeon, it's been a while!

Errr.. I'm thinking on a Vivisectionist Alchemist who is based on the protagonist industrialist from the video game A Machine for Pigs. He works with the wardens for funding and connections so he can achieve his dream of The Machine.

It all depends on what you think is a pig.

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Would the Vampire Hunter class be at all appropriate? It's pseudo 1st party. And hey it also has up to 4th level casting built it, fancy that!

Now since this would primarily be in Feywilds it sounds, I don't know how much utility a guy built around undead might be. But I still think their kit has some other fun things, and I could build a pretty good gun-using character off that chassis.

I am thinking of a Japanese ninja vmc sorcerer arcane with a familiar boon companioned using retrained 1st level feat and improved familiar at 3rd for an elemental.

Can this be done?

GM, would you allow a class ability that grants firearm proficiency to grant something like Gun Training instead?

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Vampire Hunter's spells come off of the inquisitor list. I can think of a pretty easy fix to that, which is to shunt it over to the bard list instead. I personally wouldn't want to play it in a fey campaign, but you do you!

Edelsmirge, three big things: One is the fact that to pick up an elemental as a familiar, you have to be 5th level. Secondly, proof of other planes beyond the Feywild is theoretical. Magical beast or fey familiars are a-ok, elementals or other outsiders are pretty uncommon, with eidolons being the exception. Third, Japanese? I don't hate it, I'd just need a backstory reason on why the English would send a foreigner to do their work for them. India was a colony, Scottland's history with England is long and colored, and I really like the flavor of the Vatican insisting on sending someone to work alongside the Anglicans, I'm just wondering how a Japanese national would get selected for this mission!

Simeon, that seems fair, any class that grants gunsmithing gets gun training, especially as we're currently in between commonplace guns rules, and guns everywhere rules. If your chosen class doesn't have gunsmithing already, and would really absolutely suck without guntraining, talk to me, and I'll take a look at it.

Ah right sorry I was looking at the wrong level. Would you go for Sylvan wildblood line for animal companion, and I suppose I could go pretending to be from China

GM, just doubling check on your thoughts about my “butler” idea above :) another possibility would be to go for an iron caster of sorts, but it truly just appears well around levels 6 or 7 :)

I'd been looking at the trophy hunter ranger, also taking the either trapper or skirmisher to get rid of the spellcasting.

It's not totally useless without gun training, but it's got no real way of improving it's damage at later levels. It can use combat style feats to get gunslinger abilities or grit feats, so maybe gun training could be one of those?

Edelsmirge: Go for it! I look forward to seeing what you make.

Lapyd: I quite like the idea; are you planning on taking the shikigami style feat chain? I played an Iron Caster before, and it was highly effective, but certainly less flavorful!

Simeon: Seems reasonable, grabbing it at 6th doesn't seem particularly unbalanced to me anyway.

I have to wonder, who will be the one to be the diplomat! So far we've got warriors, religious dignitaries, butlers, the mad alchemist or two, but no "real" casters or faces! It'll be an interesting party for certain!

Yes, very much going the Shikigami style! I like investing in combat maneuvers too, so going for things like combat expertise, improved feint and improved disarm (meshes well with snakebite striker). I think it’s a fun and thematic one to play, and it can be effective mechanically too, though of course not as well as some of the most powerful classes. As you pointed, however, not a spellcaster, and definitely not a good diplomat :)

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Kazmanaught wrote:
I have to wonder, who will be the one to be the diplomat! So far we've got warriors, religious dignitaries, butlers, the mad alchemist or two, but no "real" casters or faces! It'll be an interesting party for certain!

Well, you'll, more than likely, not see me playing a caster. I've learned to never to say never but it's clearly unlikely. But I was planning on Angus being a face. And with his military experience and upbringing, it wouldn't be impossible for him to be the diplomat.

Still making crunchy decisions, his last build was a fighter but I'm leaning towards unchained rogue to pick up the skills and 'Finesse training'

Kazmanaught Would you mind if I 'reskin' a Scottish basket-hilt backsword, as a Dueling sword? They were carried by Scottish officers up through WW1

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Perfectly fine Robert, I reskinned a few of the Dwarven/Elven weapons, so a dueling sword is perfectly acceptable.

Some kind of magusketeer adapting to the rifle seems in setting. Hrm.

Lionel (my working name for my character) is also a bit of a face.

So having a tweak and rethink on Ranveer, will go vanilla Fighter as I want to keep the Bravery Class feature (Sikh soldiers are renowned for their selfless courage and I want to take some Bravery Feats to expand on that).

However to give him the soldier flavour reckon a 1-2 level dip into Rogue (Sapper archetype) will fit just nicely. Sikh sappers has the nom du guerre as "pioneers", and it'll give the group some Disable Device skill should that come up (should I be lucky enough to be picked).

@Robert Henry: If you fancy linking Angus and Ranveer's military history would be totally up for that chief. Also regards Angus' build - know Kaz suggested Swashbuckler for me as an alternative for the Sikh Warrior 3PP, would that not fit in with your vision of Angus? Picaroon archetype would work well methinks.

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@Black Dow, since VMC is in place, you might want to consider VMC rogue instead :)

Cheers Lapyd - forgot about the VMC... that might work even better :)

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This is RH's Rogue Scottish nobleman's son Angus Elphinstone. I need to finish sorting languages, purchasing items, setting HP, picking a free teamwork feat and altering his back story slightly to get him to the "Wardens of the Wyrd".

I took the human Alternate race trait 'heart of Fey. "Clan Elphinstone" is a real Scottish clan; I assume the name came from the idea that there is standing stone where elves/fey enter our world. I'm thinking that somewhere back hundreds of years ago Angus has a fey progenitor and his bloodline is manifesting now that the 'gates' are opening again. Kazmanaught let me know it that's not ok.

Black Dow wrote:
@Robert Henry: If you fancy linking Angus and Ranveer's military history would be totally up for that chief. Also regards Angus' build - know Kaz suggested Swashbuckler for me as an alternative for the Sikh Warrior 3PP, would that not fit in with your vision of Angus? Picaroon archetype would work well methinks.

I really like the idea of linking backstories. Take a look at Angus' 'backstory' I copied it directly from the last game he was in specifically the battle of the Thar desert.

He returns to England to convalesce. I assume he will be contacted by the "Wardens of the Wyrd" at the Social Club he's staying at. Then join the adventure from there. We've got two easy options, either Ranveer Singh (also a survivor) returns to England with Angus. Or when Angus is asked about any "Good men" for the "Task at hand" he sends for Ranveer Singh.

I spent a lot of time looking at full BAB/vs Un Rogue. I didn't find a full BAB that I felt let him do both weapons better using Dex and I liked the extra skill points to show he was an 'educated man.' I was closest going with Slayer, but really wanted the 'Finesse training'

I looked long and hard at swashbuckler/Picaroon. I love the idea of fighting with sword and pistol in hand. But the 'dueling sword' and any basket-hilt broadswords, double-edge or single-edged are slashing weapons. The picaroon specifies a piercing weapon and for other deeds like Precise strike "To use this deed, a swashbuckler cannot attack with a weapon in her other hand or use a shield other than a buckler". you can't have a pistol in your off hand. And besides, I'm very familiar with the rogue, and not very familiar with the swashbuckler. If Rogue becomes untenable, I may multi-class.

As a side note, if Kazmanaught wants to hand wave both the piercing weapon rule, and the 'empty hand' rule. I'd re-look at it. But I wasn't going to ask, and I'm satisfied with Angus as is

Hey GM,

Sounds like a very interesting game. One question I wanted to ask about though...

I know you said no occults aside from kineticists, but would you consider a mesmerist? Functionally they're bards, just... not as friendly, and the victorian age was absolutely one of spiritualism and interest in the occult.

If it would help I'd be fine playing them as an arcane caster rather than an occult one if that would make the difference. I know that would make them a lot like bards but I do love the stare and basically everything about them far more than I like bards so I felt like I had to ask.

If not then my apologies for being cheeky and I'll look into something else.

Lapyd here with my butler! Still working on the background and sheet, but wanted to post the profile here already as a placeholder. I'm thinking on making him Belgian or French instead of British, so I can make him a mix of Poirot and Alfred Pennyworth; full of pet peeves, some cheeky arrogance of sorts and etiquette, but a warm and loyal friend inside. Not sure if anyone around is building a background of royalty, otherwise I'd just link him to NPCs :)

Currently in a basement waiting for the tornado warning to pass, so seems as good a time as any to respond to some questions!

Poor Picaroon. I've looked at it so many times... and it never gets better. I don't mind giving a dueling sword the swashbuckler finesse feature, that's fine. I'm unsure about giving it precise strike, but... let's be fair, that's not going to break anything. Go for it, but only if you really want to.

Mesmerist: Slap on the bard spell-list, and you've got yourself a deal. Basically makes it an archetype anyway, so go for it as well!

Do we get the class skill bonus of +3 to background skills?

If they are otherwise class skills yes.

Do we want to try to agree on combat feats we should all have to synergize better?

Phillip here. Here is Icabhod Tilneros. Only first level right now. I'll keep leveling him.

Phillip Gastone wrote:
Do we want to try to agree on combat feats we should all have to synergize better?

If the gm wants to give out some flavor of the elephant in the room package to turn stuff like power attack into generic options everyone with +1 bab gets and we agree to take feats at level 1 that are more story focused and less combative as a result (stuff like the story feats or breadth of experience, although the latter obviously is for elves) that makes sense to me to add more gothic character depth but maybe I’m misunderstanding your proposal?

“Gm Questions”:

May our characters be nobility or would you rather we not have blood ties binding us to House Hanover or one of it’s branches? (Thinking about how cadet branches often got their start from some second/third child’s valorous conduct, loyalty, and ambition ie perfect warden material). Kicking around a younger daughter of some house out to prove herself, but don’t want to develop it if being related to nobility isn’t kosher.

Is Warder (by DSP) a reasonable fit for Wardening? I’m looking at it as a martial paladin to remove spellcasting and replace with maneuvers which are generally less strong but still have the “school of combat” feel to them.

Kazmanaught wrote:
Mesmerist: Slap on the bard spell-list, and you've got yourself a deal. Basically makes it an archetype anyway, so go for it as well!

Cool. In that case I'll put together a female mesmerist - Lady Guinevere Howard, or something similar. Her father will be the 'Mad Duke' Merlin, and she'll be quite the upper class lady.

Could work well with Armand at least. :) She wouldn't be royalty itself, but definitely the uppest of the upper crust, a good friend of some of the princesses and something of an honorary daughter/niece to Her Majesty.

Hopefully that will mesh well with some of the other ideas proposed so far!

Also, quick question to make sure I've understood properly...
@GM Is the 23 point buy a 20 point buy and then +1 point for each level we've gained. (As though every level was level 4) Meaning that I could buy a 16 and then by level 2 have pushed it to 18? Or is it just a 23 point buy at the start?

I'm afraid that I'm going to hold off on going whole hog and approving elephant in the room. What I think Icabhod/Phillip was going for was the bonus teamwork feat that you all get at 1st level, which is basically useless unless someone else also has the same feat.

Lesser nobility is fine, nothing above a count please. If you want to be nobility, please do try and help me with some of the legwork, and give me some details about your family. I can backfill in the secrets, treachery, and backstabbing that would be appropriate if not provided, but some grounds to go off of would be great.

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