Hmm's SFS 3-99: Perils of the Past [Outpost V] (Inactive)

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Preparation Rewards:

The group does an amazing job of clearing away rubble! Appreciative of your assistance, Radaszam gives you tips on using leverage against an enemy.

Hard Once during the adventure, when rolling a combat maneuver check, a Strength based skill check, or a Strength-based attack roll, each PC can choose to roll the check twice and take the higher result.


While working on the communications equipment, you gain valuable experience tinkering with machinery.

Hard Once during the adventure, each PC gains a +2 bonus to an Engineering check, a Sleight of Hand check, or a Reflex save against an analog trap or hazard.


You gain some insight into the site's layout and recognize some patterns in its construction.

Hard Once during the adventure, each PC can roll twice and take the better result on a Survival or Perception check.


You hear rumors from the locals about the dangers of the ruins.

Average The PCs hear several tales of people going into the ruins and not returning, or of people returning after months or even years had passed thinking they'd only been gone a few moments. Ghosts and spirits in peculiar clothing are also said to inhabit the ruins. Some of the locals take an interest in the PCs' investigations and gift them each a brown nanite hypopen that must be used during this adventure. A PC can use a brown nanite hypopen as a standard action on themselves or a willing or unconscious living creature to grant the benefits of lesser remove condition (Starfinder Armory 106).

RALLY THE RANKS REWARD You inspire your fellow Starfinders, and the experience buoys your own sprits.

Hard Once during the adventure, each PC can roll twice and take the higher on a Charisma-based skill check.


The supply teams are grateful for your assistance and grant them each a vial of magically-infused broth that heals the body and steels the mind.

Average Once during the adventure, a PC can consume this broth to gain the effects of a mk 3 serum of healing and a +1 bonus to Will saves for a number of minutes equal to their character level.

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