GM Erich's PFS #6-07 Valley of Veiled Flame (5-9) for NostalgiaCon (Inactive)

Game Master Thereus, Silver Crusader

Grand Lodge

6-07 Valley of Veiled Flame (5-9) --- to start January 10th. Taking first six in proper sub-tier.

Content in “Valley of Veiled Flame” also contributes directly to the ongoing storylines of the Liberty’s Edge and Silver Crusade factions.

Will likely finish in about 7-8 weeks (with posts once a day on average).

About my GM style:

My own PbP combat style is to try and respect initiative order in resolving actions rather than just simple posting order (unless the sequence of events would benefit significantly otherwise). I'll roll initiatives at the start and some saves (or opportunity attacks) if I think they will affect my further actions in the turn to keep things moving. If you wish to delay on purpose, let me know, don't just wait on me. I will usually only update the combat narrative when everyone who can go has gone.

Make sure you roll for your actions in the order they occur in your turn. (Requested saves first and please do critical confirmations either immediately after the threatening roll or at the end of your attack sequence. Just be consistent. I will do the first method.)

Make sure you keep your tagline updated with the current value for your Saves, Perception, Initiative, and Armor Classes, considering your spells cast. Treat it as your verbal response if I were to ask you what the value was in a face to face game, because that is how I'll treat it. But don't worry about conditional modifiers like cover or prone, I'll handle that stuff.

I will try to keep track of everyone's ongoing buffs in the combat tracker during combats and will also show you enemy conditions (and heights, if they are flying), so we are all on the same page. Let me know if I missed something.

Feel free to ask about anything in the discussion threads or if you think I've ruled incorrectly or just made a mistake. You likely know your character better than I will. I'll make corrections as necessary, but I think we all know there are still some rules that are up to the GM's discretion. I try to rule by RAW for PFS, and stick to written tactics unless they are obviously illogical as the combat progresses.

Also, let me know if you need to take a short break from the game for any reason.

Please post your:

Player Name
Character Name
PFS# for this character
XP Progression (slow/normal)

Silver Crusade

I have a few PCs in this range, but would like to bring Sleeping Sword.

Player Name supervillan
Character Name Sleeping Sword
PFS# for this character 75577-8
Class monk/cleric
Level 6
Faction Silver Crusade
XP Progression (slow/normal) normal

Grand Lodge

Player Name: Tigercat
Character Name: Indranna Grace
PFS# 41537-18
Class: Wizard(N)
Level: 5
Faction: Grand Lodge
XP Progression: Normal

Liberty's Edge

Player Name: Warah
Character Name: Pai Shecks
PFS# for this character: 289224-1
Class: Kineticist (electricity/water)
Level: 7
Faction: Liberty's Edge
XP Progression (slow/normal): normal

"Maps? And mountains? Oh! I can help with that! I can draw really well, and I can fly! Like, all day if I want to! And I've been sooo booorrrred since my last mission ended. I'm willing to do anything at this point. Well, almost anything. Scrubbing chamberpots still isn't appealing to me, but who knows how much longer I'll last before that changes, you know?"

Grand Lodge

ooh ooh...been waiting for this for this character....will post info in a bit

Sovereign Court

Thank you for offering to run this game GM Erich. This is much appreciated! I am glad to see you running 1E again and thus I would not pass up the opportunity to try to sign up for this!

Based on the current selections I will pick the following character:

Zzorn, Male Human Barbarian 1/Fighter (Siegebreaker) 4/Ulfen Guard 1, Sovereign Court, 4456-12

I have played this in Core already, but not in Standard PFS.

Player Name PDK
Character Name Zzorn
PFS# 4456-12
Class Barbarian 1/Fighter (Siegebreaker) 4/Ulfen Guard 1
Level see above
Faction Sovereign Court
XP Progression (slow/normal) normal

Grand Lodge

Player Name grimdog73
Character Name Therin baldaros
PFS# for this character 125048-03
Class cleric
Level 5
Faction Grand Lodge
XP Progression (slow/normal) normal

Silver Crusade

Player Name Muzouka
Character Name Catushlara Richielieu
PFS# for this character 259896-2002
Class Cleric 5/Evangelist 1
Level 6
Faction Silver Crusade
XP Progression (slow/normal) Normal

Grand Lodge

Looks like we have 6 for the low sub-tier...see you next year!

Sleeping Sword (supervillan) Monk/Cleric 6
Indranna Grace (Tigercat) Wizard 5
Pai Shecks (Warah) Kineticist 7
Zzorn (PDK) Barbarian 1/Fighter 4/Ulfen Guard 1
Therin Baldaros (grimdog73) Cleric 5
Catushlara Richielieu (Muzouka) Cleric 5/Evangelist 1

Feel free to dot and delete in the Gameplay thread

Let me know if your situation changes...

I made it late for this one but I am interested. Let me know if a space opens up!

Silver Crusade

Correction on my class. I am a Cleric 5/Warpriest 1

Grand Lodge

Since we have someone on the waitlist, go ahead and post your character introduction in the Gameplay thread now so I know you are ready to go and we will start the adventures on Monday.

Low Tier...
Sleeping Sword
Indranna Grace
Pai Shecks
Therin Baldaros
Catushlara Richielieu

Also, make sure your character sheet is filled out and up to date.

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