DMD's Against the Aeon Throne PbP

Game Master dickie


Primary Mission: Locate and assist Cedona.
Secondary: Deliver supplies to, and receive payment from, Administrator Kesi.

Medium explorer

Speed 8; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1

AC 13; TL 12

HP 55; DT n/a; CT 11

Shields Basic 20 (forward 5, port 5, starboard 5, aft 5)

Attack (Forward) micromissile battery (2d6, 20 hexes, array, limited fire 5)

Attack (Turret) gyrolaser (1d8, 5 hexes, broad arc)

Power Core(s) Pulse Gray (100 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems budget medium-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 2 armor, mk 1 defences, mk 1 mononode computer (tier 1); Expansion Bays cargo hold (4)
Modifiers +1 to any one check per round, +1 Piloting
Build Points cost 55, max 55 Power Core Units non-essential 101, essential 91, max 100

HP: 54/55
Crits: Power Core - glitching

Madelon’s Landing:

LN AbadarCorp Colony
Population 108 (65% human, 14% lashunta, 21% other)
Government autocracy (Madelon Kesi)
Qualities devout, technologically average
Maximum Item Level 4th

Aibretta's junk shop is a handy safe house for now.
Storeroom holds basic supplies for the colony and prior to Azlanti occupation was a general store.
Hobgar Trap is currently overflowing with the noisy pests.
Moisture Collectors are locked down by the occupying force.
Azlanti HQ is an angular, blocky building (orange rectangle on Roll20 map).
Stsble is a garage at the south side of town.

Level: 2
Price: 1850
Type:Large land vehicle (5 ft. wide, 10 ft. long, 3 ft. high)
Speed: 20 ft., full 200 ft., 22 mph (hover)
EAC: 13; KAC: 15; Cover: partial cover
HP: 28 (14); Hardness: 5
Attack (Collision) 5d4 B (DC 11)
Modifiers: -1 Piloting, -2 attack (-4 at full speed)
System: complicated starter, planetary comm unit;
Passengers: 2

Due to being heavily used over the past several months and hobgar tampering, starting one of Madelon's Landing’s hovertrikes is a complicated ordeal, even with its ignition components restored. Starting a hovertrike requires a full action rather than a move action.

[dice=Aleon Init]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Len Init]1d20 + 2[/dice]
[dice=Lyle Init]1d20 + 4[/dice]
[Dice=Meat Init]1d20 + 3[/dice]
[dice=Tori Init]1d20 + 5[/dice]

[dice=Neco Init]1d20 + 1[/dice]
[dice=Palladia Init]1d20 + 3[/dice]