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Pirate GM wrote:

Come-on folks.... it's been over 30 hours since my last question and I only have a response from one player.

Indeed, will need posts or check in’s a couple times a day from players as we only have roughly 2.5 weeks left until these games need to be completed and reported in. Hexploration can take a little longer and it looks like some players haven’t posted in several days.

Let’s pull through strong to the finish line! :)

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Hey Chef, it's been about a week and half and prior to the last combat since you posted. Are you still with us?

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Chrionicle Sheet

As a reminder players are now responsible for their own down time.

Free free to make rolls here if desired.

Congrats for making it though! Primary, secondary and bonus success conditions completes as well as all 10 TBs acquired.

As always any issues with the sheets please let me know and I'm happy to fix.

I've also hit the buttons to start the reporting process. Baring anything weird I'll close the campaign over the weekend.

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Thanks for running - mightily appreciated.

we got there in the end!

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