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B10 Hillcross Roundup

B9 Fishing in Anthusis
B5 Witch’s Winter Holiday
B8 The Tireless Path
B4 Cat's Cradle
B7 Cleanup Duty

B1 Whitefang Wyrm
B3 Shadows And Scarecrows

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Verdant Wheel

N (he/him) Dwarf Oracle 7 | HP 87/87 | AC 25 | F+11 R+14 W+16 | Perc+12 | Stealth+3 | 25ft | Hero 1 | Active Conditions:

Count me in! I need to get 2 games before that for Hopper to be 1 scenario shy from lvl 7. Worst case scenario I will GM some 3-6 scenarios.

Assuming that playing 2-16 (my first level 5-8 scenario) doesn't turn me off from playing high tier scenarios :D

Watching redeux GM has been both a treat and a scare. So many conditions to track!

I can barely figure out my own characters, haha.

Fun fact: I just realized my character has Continual Recovery. I've been making these complex timetables so that my character only healed characters who could afford the 1 hour cooldowns, and I just straight up forgot I had the feat.

Radiant Oath

CG nonbinary (they/them) Kayal Swashbuckler 7 (gymnast) | HP 99/99 | AC 26 | F+13 R+17 (Evasion) W+11 | Perc+11: Darkvision + Lifesense (imprecise 10ft) | Stealth+13 | Athletics DC 28 | 25ft (Panache: 35ft) | Hero 1*/3 | Focus 1/1 | Active Conditions: --
No worries Red, if you post another recruitment on the boards I will find my way there ;) I was so sad to not have PC to play the metaplot series of games :( Actually ... I still am :(

Sounds good! and alas, I was saddened too! It was mostly a crazy idea that enough people showed interest in LOL.

Watching redeux GM has been both a treat and a scare. So many conditions to track!

You've inspired me to show my secrets....I offer you my (non-spoiler) my gm screen/pbp formatter

I typed up some basic instructions on the first tab....To be honest, I never pictured sharing this and I'm sure the instructions could be better and the general formatting/etc of the entire spreadsheet could also be better. But it's what has been working for me.

The very high level of things is that it acts as GM screen for me, gives me a single place to track stuff like HP, conditions, GM secrets, and then it carries over the appropriate information into a PbP post format, and then recently I threw together player-facing summary that I add into my slides (slide after my current map). It felt necessary to add the player-facing summary due to the amount of conditions we were needing to track which made the PbP updates a bit unwieldy

If you think this is the best thing ever and should be shared wider then feel free to take it, make it your own, and share your or my version. If you think it is garbage or just not for you then that's fine too. I won't be offended. It was a personal project and something i threw together many months ago when I took over another GM's game and found myself needing to learn everyone's characters mid-go.

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Ha, I knew that Redeux is not a person just a sheet macro! :P

Jokes asides that sheet was something that I wanted to create. As tracking fights on a low level even requires some tracking. For now I am just copying and paste it between the posts, but things get lost, and it is messy.

Thanks for sharing that!

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Btw. If someone missed it, I saw more and more people use the DougH sheet to generate the secret rolls for players: Macro sheet ;)

It looks like a nice way to ask folks for modifiers and then just copy and paste all sections of rolls.

Ok closing it. as promissed. Stay safe!

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