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B10 Hillcross Roundup

B9 Fishing in Anthusis
B5 Witch’s Winter Holiday
B8 The Tireless Path
B4 Cat's Cradle
B7 Cleanup Duty

B1 Whitefang Wyrm
B3 Shadows And Scarecrows

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We gathered a team of 5 brilliant individuals with which we will roll through 5 bounties in PF2.

Each individual will be expected to GM one of the bounties the remaining 4 will play it.

To keep everyone on the same page: Bounties are:
1. All of them are repeatable
2. All bounties are level 1 only. (so no level 2+ chars).
3. They are meant to be shorter. Quests were supposed to last 60 minutes but frequently took 60-90 minutes. Or in some cases...120 minutes. Bounties generally should take between 30-60 minutes. This is more ideal for an introduction to pf2/society/gm'ing or to fill those "demo" slots at conventions.

We are expecting to start around 12th of April So that gives us some time for us to decide which bounties we want to play and to create PC's (if one needs to create lvl 1 PC).

Ok, we need to discuss at least 2 matters:
1. Are we playing all bounties on one thread (this?) or do we create a thread per bounty (I have no opinion on the matter)
2. Which bounties do we want to play? and who gets to GM which one?
3. In what order do we want to play them.

If people have no strong opinion about which one they want to GM and in what order we can randomize that.

I can basically roll some dices and assign people to bounties and give them orders.

On top of that, we need to select 5 bounties out of a pool of 8 of them. Unless we simplify it and say that every GM decides which one they want to run.

The only one that I played was bounty 2 in a team of 6, and I highly recommend you not to do it with a bunch of randomers (I had a dhampir cleric with harm spells, a fighter without armor as he was saving for a plate mail, and a barbarian with 16 AC (15 when raging)) - none of the games ever get me that nervous :D

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1. No preference. I'm good if we keep things in one thread or separate threads.
2. No preference. I am in a group that is playing all of them, and I have not GM'ed any yet. Either way it will be a new PC I put together. If we had a group of 5 or more PC's I would have strong objections to B2, but at 4 PC's it should be somewhat better due to how the scaling works.
3. No preference!

If my no preference becomes a burden I can roll dice to be more opinionated :D

With regards to currently signed up people we have:

- Watery Soup
- Redeux
- MuaveAvengr
- Farol

And two pending GM Crunch and/or Ilmakis, they both expressed interest. But GM Crunch was first, I am waiting for him to confirm and we have a team.

I actually didn't know they were Level 1 only! I planned to make a new character, anyway, but that's good to know.

I have not played any Bounties, nor GMed any of them. As a result, I don't have a preference for which ones we run, which one I GM, or what order we run them. If people are choosing, I'm happy to have a rolloff with redeux as to who gets to choose last.

I have little preference as to whether we play in the same thread or different threads. I prefer threads not get too long (meaning 1,000+ posts, because the search function isn't working) but if the Bounties are going to be short it won't be a problem.

I do have some IRL hurdles, though, and I'm the reason for the April 12 start date. I just started a #2-14 game so starting immediately would be pretty hard; and then I'm going on vacation next week. I'll have internet access, but I won't be able to set up slides or anything. Basically, I can do everything except for start a PbP game until the 12th.

Ok. In that case, let us try and stick with one game thread. If we find that it is becoming too long we can swap to something else.

I think it means that I would have to set up the campaign links and all that. But I should be responsive in doing that. On top of that if someone wishes they can reuse my presentation, or keep adding to it. Bounty usually will be 2 images and a map. Or I will simply update to a new presentation every game.

With Watery Soup wishing to not GM as a first, we will wait for the remaining two folks to show up and ask for preference (or roll a dice).

Hey! No preference to keeping this in one thread or multiple. Haven't played any of the bounties nor GM'd them, so I'm fine with taking a random one.

Have a hobgoblin I could play, but will probably finish building my kobold barbarian and play them. Fine with starting anytime.

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Same here. I would also prefer not GMing now.

I will create a new character for this.

Okay, so, to be clear (as I just found this out so if very confusing to me), Bounties are Sanctioned Adventures, played in Campaign Mode?

1. We will get a 1 XP Chronicle with 4 GP ...

2. ... which can be applied to any Level 1 character? Or any character?

3. Character creation does or does not follow PFS rules? Specifically, can we create characters with rare/uncommon options without AcP purchases, or only with AcP purchases, or not at all?

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Frankly, the wording was and still is a mess.

1. You get 1 XP and 4GP. No downtime

2. the level 1 PFS character you played

3. Must be a legal PFS character (so any uncommon/rare options need to have access via AcP or otherwise).

In short, treat it just like a quest, but you get 4GP and no downtime to keep things simple.

And with that said, yes, the guide lists Bounties as a sanctioned adventure. The next paragraph lists sanctioned adventures as campaign mode. It would reason then that normal campaign mode would apply....BUT there has been a blog that clarified bounties need to be actual PFS characters and all that. It was said the guide would be updated. It hasn't yet, and I'll poke the guide team once again to get this updated

OPM wrote:
Bounties - These adventures are not part of the Pathfinder Society line of scenarios/quests, but they are produced by the Organized Play team. Thus we are able to auto-sanction them at time of production instead of issuing sanctioning documents. It is our intention that Bounties run at Society events are for PFS legal characters. GMs running Bounties outside of Society credit can choose to run in PFS mode or Campaign mode. We’ll get this language updated in the Guide shortly.


The only reason I can find that so easily is because I continue to ask for this to be updated in the guide

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As far as who GM's first - I don't really mind where in the rotation I fit in (first/last/otherwise). If we're starting the 12th then I should be wrapped up with my current scenario or pretty darn close.

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GM redeux wrote:
In short, treat it just like a quest, but you get 4GP and no downtime to keep things simple.

LOL I guess I'm preaching to the choir, but anything more complex than that 1-sentence explanation seems like an unforced error.

Ok, We have everyone here. I saw that MuaveAvengr and Ilmakis did not dot in the gameplay so I hope that they will track this thread in some other way so far. If people are indifferent then the proposed order is as follows:

1. Farol
2. Redeux
3. Watery Soup
4. MuaveAvengr
5. Ilmakis

Every GM has the right to pick whatever bounty they like (as people seem to be mostly indifferent), with the only rule that bounties may not repeat themself (to allow for people to play the same PC through all 4).

From what I read through the bounties description I like the most the following four:
1. Bounty 8 - The Tireless path - I have a soft spot for escorting a caravan, it reminds me of plaguestone
2. Bounty 7 - Cleanup Deuty - I can't say why? ;)
3. Bounty 4 - Cat's Craddle - written by HMM - I would like to tell her that I played it if I ever again end up at table with her
4. Bounty 3 - Simply sounds climatic

I am considering running either Bounty 1 or Bounty 3.

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I don't mind GMing either of the other two

I'm good with that plan. I'll probably choose the first one numerically that nobody before me has run.

Dotted in!

Yeah, will run any of the bounties.

So starting next week I will prepare the bounty and at the same time, I will clarify the concept of my PC and try to put him on the sheet.

For now, I am leaning towards an old Orcish warrior, that failed to die a glorious death. He will discover his new path while doing the bounties. I am leaning towards making him a druid, but we will see.

With regards to bounty. THat will be my first attempt at GM pf2 game. I am currently running 2 tables of SFS, and I am enjoying it. Besides asking you for regular feedback I will give you specific things to look for while I will be GM'ing. I will post them when we will be closer to the start date.

Ok, I've set up the slides at the top of the campaign. All in all, I will run bounty 3: Shadows and Scarecrows.

Please take a look at the presentation and make sure that you have access and can edit it. On Slide 2 there is a place for your avatar, perception, and initiative modifier (slide structure 'inspired' by WaterySoup).

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Great, I can edit it!

Putting together my character. tentatively looking at a fetchling swashbuckler and B3 will be the perfect debut!

Still debating on what character to build. Thinking of doing Kobold barbarian -> Dragon Discipline. Will work on character creation this weekend.

Does anyone have a favorite online character sheet? Been wanting to make all mine digital.

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I prefer one of these two options:
PbP Template
Charon's PF2 Character sheet

I know you're already familiar with the PbP one, but i'm just copying and pasting

Alternatively here is a List of character sheets

Awesome, thank you! Will definitely use Charon's. Looks fantastic.

Charakter sheet? I am using the PbP template stored in txt files. The only benefit is that it is digital. Beside it is error-prone and updating to new level is a pain in the (you know where).

I will try Charon's character sheet. Thanks, Redeux!

From what I see (in a game run by Watery Soup) he has issues with internet connection on his vacation. This means that we might begin 1-2 days later to give him time to organize his PC. We might spend this time RP'ing.

I will be ready to begin on the 12th.

I will be playing a brand new kayal ranger (Anschluss), the basic build is up, but I still need to commit the AcP purchases (ancestry boon and the spiked chain boon).

If that character doesn't work with the party composition, I also have a Baba Yaga witch (Potipher Perkins) I can bring, but the build is really weak (even by my standards) at 1st level and I've been trying to get her to 2nd level with GM credits so she at least has Life Boost before she heads out into the wild.

Radiant Oath

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  • Coincidently I had bought my kayal and spiked chain boons already! Here's my PC - Zenith (they/them)
  • For the slides I put Zenith up front. If anyone is feeling more tanky then feel free to adjust.
  • Re: character sheets. Yeah, I like Charons since I tend to play a blend of Vtt and PbP games. So it makes easier updating between levels. PbP Tagline is still good though for GM's sanity.

  • Cool, spiked chain! I love it.

    I will begin the gameplay tomorrow. Sorry but this weekend is crazy.

    Ilmakis will you be ready with your PC?

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    I think that I will play an Oracle of Bones, I also have a Viking Bard in mind.

    Both are ready to play

    Sorry redeux, I didn't see your message before about bringing a kayal swashbuckler. Or that MauveAvenger was bringing a melee fighter as well.

    I'll make Anschluss a bard and rebuild before he gets to 2nd.

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    Oh, no need to apologize, play the build you want to play! Anschluss looked fun! I didn't mean to suggest you shouldn't make your kayal ranger. Most bounties are single encounter so it matters less about the overall party balance from the traditional role perspective. Like any other PFS game-- bring who you think will be fun!

    In my mind, Anschluss has vacillated between a bard, shadow sorcerer, rogue, and ranger. Really, only his backstory is set in stone. :D

    I'm going to go ahead and stick with ranger, only because it's late and I don't have time to rebuild right now. I went ahead and committed the AcP so ... yeah, two spiked chain-wielding kayals it is.

    Horizon Hunters

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    Chaotic Good? You one of those Desna-loving traitors or something?

    Horizon Hunters

    Jraal | Male LG Small Kobold Barbarian 2 | HP 10/32 +3 raging | AC 19 18 raging | F +7 R +6 W +6; +2 vs emotion when raging | Perc +6 | Default Exploration (scouting) | Speed 25ft | Active Conditions: N/a!

    And here is Jraal, the LG kobold barbarian of Apsu! Barbarians can be lawful in this edition, right?

    Linked my character sheet, but will update my profile tomorrow sometime.

    Ok, the opening post has been made. Please fill out the details on the 2nd slide of the presentation.

    As this is my first PF2 game please speak up whenever something is off, as well if you have a piece of feedback feel free to raise it.

    Please have a look at the following:
    - Please consider if my posts are to short, to long. I tend to go into extremes, something getting into the zone writing and leaving a huge blocks of text for the players :(
    - As PBP is less chatty, I find it important as a GM to be explicit about what a player can do if there are set rules in place. To give you an example in one of the games my PC fell into the river, the gm did not say things like: how strong is the current, how hard it is to climb up the banks etc. It is nothing horrible. But I want to be conscious about providing the details that the players might need.
    - If you find the descriptions to not be detailed enough, please let me know.

    Looking at the PC's I find that this scenario might be 'interesting'.

    @All - personally I find beginnings the most awkward in Bounties. In Society agents work together as this is their job, I tried to find a reason how you would get familiar with each other and why would you head to a 'demon hunt' with a bunch of strangers. I decided to leave you locked somewhere and let the economic reason come into play ;)

    @Redeux - sorry that with the first post I messed up your character wish to not stay in one place more than once. A great start, great start indeed!

    Horizon Hunters

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    I have an extra Hero Point from a glyph. I'm giving it to Zenith because he's up front.

    Radiant Oath

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    Thank you!

    @all Speaking of. I have 3glyphs, so everyone could start with two hero points. Sounds excessive but at least some of these bounties can be pretty harsh

    @GM Farol - No worries! Cosmic Caravan is pretty weird which is part of why I wanted to explore it a bit. I'm sure if I spent more time on my post I could've come up with a clever solution such as alternating sleeping at the inn and stargazing by the bridge each night ;D

    @Zenith - cool I will give everyone 2 hero points (in the presentation).

    A GM question. The bounty gives you ability to recall some knowledge about Nidal (the fact about religious situation etc.). How do you handle when there is a player from the region (Anschluss in this example)? I read the information and I can hardly imagine him not knowing the things that are to recall. Do you auto succeed the check and give that person what you believe they should know?

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    I will let him roll and treat his success one higher

    I think it depends on the nature of the information.

    There are some very basic facts that would be appropriate to just give, like knowing most people in Nidal worship Zon-Kuthon. It's impossible for Anschluss not to know that, so even a 5% chance of failing is too much.

    Some are likely, but not necessarily, known, like Desna having a large minority following. I can imagine Anschluss being surprised at that (or having been lied to about it), and maybe the one degree of success higher mechanism may be best.

    Some are as likely to be known outside Nidal as inside, such as the political situation in the Atteran Ranches. Anschluss should roll straight up for those - culturally, the Atteran Ranches is distinct, even though the region is technically within the boundaries of Nidal.

    Whatever you decide is okay. I think we are all experienced enough to stretch a little or hold back a little to maximize fun.


    Edit: just read Gameplay and wanted to clarify I wrote the above before I read your latest post. :P

    Yeah, first I went with Ilmakis approach to raise the effect of the roll. But then I figured that unless you stated that your PC lived in a basement for your whole life I have a hard time imagining not knowing some things. But I guess odd things happen,

    You can be a master in Athletics and still fell off the tree.

    BTW. I struggled to make that Zon-Kuthon place PG-13. Rewrote the posts few times actually.

    Horizon Hunters

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    In game, I would have flavored a crit fail as Anschluss having been lied to as part of his military indoctrination.

    I'd be interested in seeing how the Bounty was written. I think PFS1 #5-23 (Cairn of Shadows) also had some very weird imagery.

    Ok, folks. So that would be it. You've won the fight and got a prize. On the second slide, I've added a table for reporting information so that I can prepare the chronicles and report the game. Please fill it with details. Bounties offer no job roll so no need to roll. You get 1 XP, 1 reputation, and 4 GP.

    I would be glad to hear your feedback.

    Unfortunately, the last fight went super quickly. Which was due to Zenith succeeding on the diplomacy check and you skipping the fight with Kareida.

    Gm Notes, please read after you post your feedback to me:
    From my point of view, in retro, I would have not selected this scenario for GM'ing.

    I found it a bit confusing me. The skill checks in the middle give PC's very little. Only critical successes give you bonuses to certain aspects of the end fight. Regular success gives you point tracks on the field and some other things. The story with the scarecrow was super thin. Kareida was using the outfit to mislead Teflar, but beyond tracks and bounty poster no one has seen it, there are no marks, witnesses, etc.

    The end fight was not better. You come up the hill (instead of Kareida you might have wanted to track Teflar which would result in you switching places on the map). But the description I found a bit misleading, Kareida believes you to be with Teflar so she attacks you (that is fine). Teflar has that written:
    "Teflar is content to look for an opportune moment to strike either Kareida or the PCs as they fight." Both of them could simply attack you, or Teflar could attack Kareida. I went with the interpretation that Teflar would let you to kill yourself and she would go after villagers.

    On top of that, damn this german rejoiner (Anschluss - in german means annexation). I read the scenario and was thinking ok: The bad cleric is chasing good Desna believers and her rouge student. Every 'good' PC will have their moral compass in the right direction. On here we are with a bounty hunter from army in Nidal. I tried to probe what is your personal approach on religion and herectis and such (in the one of the first posts) but got no responses from y'all => so I rolled with the game.

    Either way, thank you for sticking up with me. I thank you all for daily posts, I enjoyed this experience a lot! See you at next game

    Farol jumps off the ring and high fives redeux - You're up! Good luck!

    Ok, guys. I got carried away and filled the details on the slide for you. If you wonder how did that happen if you did not provide the PFS number on your character profile?

    Educated guess, cyberstalking, and few other tricks, that apparently I mustered through the years.

    Please check the data, and let me know if they are correct, I checked the data using reporting sheet and they seem correct.

    Radiant Oath

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    Zenith's info looks good.


    Feedback-- Overall I think you did great and I had fun. This isn't an easy bounty to run with certain characters and I think you handled that well. Posting was consistent which is nice. I enjoyed some of the extra bits that you added with the flavor text that isn't strictly in the scenario. And divine lancing one of the villagers for detect alignment was absolutely cruel and equally genius. As far as things to improve-- I'm drawing a blank there :)


    I do think some of these bounty skill checks are a bit odd for reasons you indicated. They seem to be meant to be done in rapid succession and wouldn't take too long face-to-face. It's a little different with PbP and I think the choices would be to either add in some narrative as you did, or just present multiple ones at once. Narrative seems more fun since the bounties tend to go really quick already.

    And yeah the first time I played this I brought my cleric of zon kuthon into the scenario. I thought bringing him would be fun and oh boy. I had to talk to my party OOC because there was no way my Ln cleric was going to attack Teflar . In fact, he attacked Karieda and tried to save Teflar though failed in doing so. This was also the bounty that pushed him up to lvl 2 so after that the party spared his life so he could suffer knowing he'd always be alone, and then they left him on the side of the road holding Teflar


    Didn't seem anyone else had a preference in what to run so next up is B1 Whitefang Wyrm. My slides are done and all but I run my Abom Vault campaign tomorrow so might not be until Sunday that I can get us going.

    Horizon Hunters

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    I've never played nor GMed a Bounty before, and I ... uh ... didn't even read the title of B3 (so I didn't realize it was Nidal-themed). Apologies if Anschluss ended up creating storyline difficulties. I've always wanted them to drift from pro-Zon-Kuthon to more neutral/anti over time, but this was a good scenario for them to have a change of heart.


    Mechanically, GMing was great. There were a lot of characters and proper names in the scenario (not your fault), and even when I noticed Teflar on the last slide, the name didn't immediately ring a bell and I had to search the thread for "Teflar".


    Sunday start is fine for me. I'm not planning on buying anything or altering Anschluss, but if there's something we need to bring (it's cold-themed?) or if people think Anschluss's ancestry/class/personality needs changing, I'm open to suggestions.

    VL, Online VTT| Map: -- | -- | ◆ ◇ ↺ |

    There won't be anything you need to bring/buy. But you'll get a short intro and have time to buy something should you need.

    Ok folks, Chronicles are here! The game is not reported yet. I will do it on Monday, hopefully when everyone has checked that the data is ok.

    Thanks for the nice words, so far ;) This scenario made it hard for me to keep it PG-13, Teflar wanted to kill villagers and Kareida. I wanted to make that clear by attacking the villager. I looked at the spells and the lance seemed like an interesting approach.

    Yeah, I was torn between dropping the skill checks in one post (as they are roughly presented in the scenario) or making them into social interactions (but then it would take 1 more week). I settled on having an interaction with Teflar as she seemed too important to just make her a skill check. As the bad girl of the story, I wanted her to have a voice, leave a mark of some sort.

    With the rest, I made it 'PBP 1 day' per check. To not take too much time.

    With regards to Sunday, yeah I am fine with starting then. I have a player concept ready, and a version of him in sheet.

    Horizon Hunters

    open | "Sunshine" | LN male (he/him) liminal kayal (Nidalese) ranger (precision) 5 | ◆◇↺ | AC 23 (24) | HP 72/72 | P+9, F+11, R+13, W+9 | Explore: Avoid Notice | DV, 30' | Focus: 2/2 | Hero: 1/3 | Active Conditions: self-flagellating

    My Chronicle looks fine. To be clear, 4.0 gp (rather than 3.5 gp) is expected, correct?

    VL, Online VTT| Map: -- | -- | ◆ ◇ ↺ |

    Correct, you get 4.0gp instead of 3.5gp+downtime to keep things simple

    Horizon Hunters

    Jraal | Male LG Small Kobold Barbarian 2 | HP 10/32 +3 raging | AC 19 18 raging | F +7 R +6 W +6; +2 vs emotion when raging | Perc +6 | Default Exploration (scouting) | Speed 25ft | Active Conditions: N/a!

    Chronicle looks good! Thank you for running this. Was my first experience with a bounty too.

    Planning on changing Jraal from a silver kobold to bronze, but other than that, really enjoy playing him. Going to go all in on the dragon theme.

    Are we going to continue on this thread or make a new one?

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