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Game Master Andrew Torgerud

Please use this template to set up your tagline. It will help a lot in all of us knowing some basic info.

Please put your full character statblock into your character's profile. Easiest way to do this is a Hero Lab export (to BB/forum), but any way that has the full statblock info is correct. See Gunari Maximoff for an example.

Some useful guides for PbP:

Doomed Hero's guide
Painlord's Guide

Other stuff:
Please try and post at least once every 24 hours. If you cannot, please let me know ASAP.

The following PC rolls will always be made by me to keep things moving:

1. Initiative
2. Perception
3. Sense motive
4. Saving throws

Player dice rolls of these types will be ignored, unless specifically requested by me.

I may make the following where appropriate, but you may request to make these yourself (let me know if you prefer to roll these yourself):

1. Knowledge checks
2. Survival checks
3. Individual diplomacy*

If you do not act/post in the 24 hour window after your action is called for, I will either put you into delay, or "bot" you (which means that I will choose your actions). If you are unsure if you can post, put your contingency action in a spoiler like this:

GM When I act next:
I will do blah blah, [dice=attack]1d20+3[/dice] [dice=piercing damage]1d4+2[/dice]
And so on...

Finally, a convention I have adopted (mostly for rolling during combat) in PbP games that I run is as follows:

1. No rolls during combat for any checks that do not specifically require an action unless called for by the GM. Same for free actions that do not influence combat.

2. Always roll for actions in the order in which they occur. When in doubt, roll reactions to GM first, reactions to players next and then your actions. Typically this will mean optional knowledge checks first, then your actions.

3. Please, no rolls in combat that are not part of the combat action. While you might think that they may add to the color of the encounter, they can be perceived as cheating, due to the nature of PbP die rolls. I don't expect that there will be a problem with this, but just stating it to put it on the table. If there is something you want to roll for, just ask the GM -- I can either roll for you, or prompt you to roll.

4. If you have an elaborate description of you combat actions, please include at the end a brief ooc Action summary

For interactions skills, you must interact to even get a skill roll. When you do, then the GM will determine which skill is being used based on what you say or do.