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Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

Opening Discussion thread to move campaign refinement/character generation out of recruitment forums.

I'm reading over character creation but some helping hands would be nice. A small child makes it difficult to do all the reading.

Been a while, going to review the rules this evening...

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

So like I said, I want to use modified character creation rules-- I don't like the "template" system.

So you should choose a race- this will give you a number of attribute dice, and minimums and maximums for your attributes.

Then you assign 6 more dice past that.

Then 7 skill dice.

Character Creation:

Racial Attribute Dice - 12D or less races base
6D additional attribute dice
7D skill dice (as normal)
-- races with more than 12D in base attribute dice have to "pay" for them either from their 6D additional attribute dice, or by taking on flaws to make up for the difference
*some set amount of credits

So, humans are this--


Attribute Dice: 12D
Move: 10/12

So for a human character you would assign 18 total dice (12 +6) with a minimum of 2D in Dexterity and a Maximum of 4D in Dexterity (ect)

But some aliens have different spread:


Attribute Dice: 11D
Special Abilities:
Good Swimmers: Nautolans, being amphibious, gain a permanent
+1D bonus to all swimming skill rolls.
Low-light Vision: A Nautolan can see twice as far as a normal human
in poor lighting conditions. The gamemaster should allow Nautolan characters to make the appropriate Perception-based skill
checks at a lower difficulty than normal human characters.
Pheromone Detection: Nautolans possess tendrils which act as their
major sensory organs, and they barely function outside of water.
The tendrils are so sensitive that they can sense odors and
pheromones, which can allow an observant Nautolan some idea
of a target’s emotional state. Because of this, Nautolans gain a
+1D bonus to all skills rolls involving interpersonal relations (ie,
bargain, command, con, intimidation, investigation, or persuasion) when in water. When outside of water, this bonus is reduced
to a mere +1 pip.
Story Factors:
Language: The Nautolan language is only fully pronounceable when
the speaker is under water.
Move: 10/12 (swimming and walking)
Size: 1.8-2 meters

So, A Nautalan you would only get 17 dice (11+6), but have the other special abilities, and they need a minimum of 1d+1 dex to a maximum of 4 Dex.

You get the "+1" by dice splitting.

Dice Splitting:
You can split a dice into either three +1s or a +1 and a +2. There is no +3- after +2 the next advancement is to a dice

I will create my Jedi padawan tonight. I have to read to learn more about the system.

EDIT: I found the Miraluka for West End Games - it's on the Tales of the Jedi Companion, pages 101-102.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Minimum/Maximums:
Special Abilities:
Force sight: The Miraluka rely on their ability to perceive their surroundings by sensing the slight Force vibrations emanated from all objects. In any location where the Force is in some way cloaked, the Miraluka are effectively blind.
Move: 10
Size: 1.6-1.8 meters tall

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

If you have questions as you go, ask!

Force Skills/Powers work a little different-- you have three force skills, which do NOT tie to any attribute- Control, Sense, and Alter.

You can invest in them the same as any skill though with your 7D of skills, and for each dice you have you get to know one force power associated with that skill.

Where can one find the ruleset for this game? Is their a SRD, or do I have to acquire docs through.... other means?

As far as a characters go, once I can get my hands on the rules I'll read up on PC Droids, but I'm also considering playing a Marquess, the son of one of the former Dukes of Hijantis

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

I guess for official we are going to be using the fanmade 2014 version "REUP" which is available on the fanmade resource page here:

Downloads It's the one labelled "REUP" we are using- about a third of the way down the page there.

It's basically the same as the 2nd Edition of the game, just compiled- so if you have access to other source books through other means (I own most of the originals physically), we can pull from any source and there shouldn't be many if any conflicts/compatibility issues.

Edit: Archlich- looks good! So as a 12D race, you'll have 18 total dice to assign between the 6 attributes hitting those minimums and maximums.

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So is anyone planning on being a Wookie? I ask because I had been planning in another game of Star Wars to be an "Odd Couple" of a Trandoshan and a Wookie working together despite their races' dislike of one another.

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

So, I'm tracking so far:

The Archlich-- Miraluka Padawan
Branding Opportunity- ??
KingHotTrash- Trandoshan?
TheLobsterMaster- ??
Stefani- Droid
Spazmodeus- ??

For myself, for later when someone else rotates in to GM an arc I will play the part of a Gamorrean Force Adept/melee specialist whose only force power will be beast speech (to represent a natural affinity for beasts).

I am considering a Trandoshan Bounty Hunter or a Human Scoundrel/Pilot type. The Han Solo off-brand.

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I'm considering a lot of angles (too many). What I'm considering in a rough order of what I would like to play and make work:

1, a droid designed to pass itself off as human (either thru synth skin or holograph projectors or both) with bizarre ulterior motives

2, a Bettybot (Bail Organa's sexy lady droids) with illegal protocols installed

3, a New Mandalorian pacifist (that's Satine's crowd) that just wants to live at peace and focus on art like back before the war but the Empire is scouring her people off the face of the galaxy,

4, an aging Republic clone that regrets his role as a soldier and just wants to leave it behind but can't

5, an Umbaran or Ratataki cyborg focused on sniping and social skills

6, a concept I would be stealing from one of my old players: Lando but as a Mon Calamari (or other aesthetically unappealing race), a suave, sexy fishman, a gambler and a pilot.

Right now I'm trying to build these and establish basic backstories and motivations, see which ones stick.

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

So, I'm going to go ahead and build my Gamorrean character to give everyone an example of character creation so they can follow along if they want:


Attribute Dice: 11D
Special Abilities:
Voice Box: Due to their unusual voice apparatus, Gamorreans are
unable to pronounce Basic, although they can understand it perfectly well.
Stamina: Gamorreans have great stamina — whenever asked to make
a stamina check, if they fail the first check, they may immediately
make a second check to succeed.
Skill Bonus: At the time the character is created only, the character gets 2D for every 1D placed in the melee weapons, brawling and
thrown weapons skills.
Story Factors:
Droid Hate: Most Gamorreans hate droids and other mechanical
beings. During each scene in which a Gamorrean player character
needlessly demolishes a droid (provided the gamemaster and other players consider the scene amusing), the character should
receive an extra Character Point.
Reputation: Gamorreans are widely regarded as primitive, brutal and
mindless. Gamorreans who attempt to show intelligent thought
and manners will often be disregarded and ridiculed by fellow
Slavery: Most Gamorreans who left Gamorr did so by being sold into
slavery by their clans.
Move: 7/10
Size: 1.3-1.8 meters tall

So, the first step is attribute-- I have 11 dice for Gamorrean, plus 6, for 17 total.

DEXTERITY (2D/4D) 4D -dex is what "to hit" usually goes off, so I want high dex
STRENGTH (3D/5D) 5D - STR is what melee damage goes off, and resisting damage, so for a "brute" character I want this max
TECHNICAL (1D/1D+2) 1D+1

Gamorrean maximums actually make it pretty hard not to sit near the max on many of those for a player character.

We have 7D to spend on skills, which you can only put to 1D or 2D.

First, I need to spend 1D on the special Force Skill "Sense"- but I won't invest in the other two Force skills.

Next- since I want to make use of my Gamorrean Bonus, I'm going to invest in Melee (2D for 4D), Brawl (1D for 2D), and Thrown Weapons (2D for 2D).

That leaves me with just 1D left- which I am going to use to get three specializations- I will take the "Beast Speech" specialization for the Sense Force skill (to give me 2 dice to activate it), I'm going to take the "spear" specialization for both the melee skill and the thrown skill.

Obviously this character concept calls for Force Sensitive, "yes" and since I put 1D in the "Sense" force skill, I get to choose one Sense Force Power- which is Beast Speech.

Since I'm Force Sensitive I will start with 2 Force Points, and everyone starts with 5 Character points.

So that gives me:

Gamorrean character:

Brawl 2D
Melee Combat (spear) 4D
Thrown Weapons (spear) 4D

Special Skills: Sense (Beast Speech) 1D

Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 2
Character Points: 5

There's still plenty of skills I wish I could get here, that can be developed as the game goes along- Blaster, Dodge, Brawling Parry, Melee Parry, and of course, Beast Riding and Force Skills.

This is long but I'm hype.

So because the 2e droid rules are so obtuse and not great, I'd like to permission to build a droid with the WRP 3e rules (droid rules starting page 133). This is what I had asked to do in Recruitment, but I remembered the rulebooks wrong.

3e uses the same ruleset, just tweaked and simplified some and adjusted for higher power play, but the "Bare Bones" droid package is intended to be exactly equivalent to a starting PC's power level in 2e and is meant to allow for a more customizable droid PC experience where you don't just play off a template and have 5 1s and 1 5.

Basic concept if yes is the fleshbot I mentioned above.

The whole point behind their creation would be twofold: initially they would have been created to prove that a sufficiently advanced droid is indistinguishable from a human (Rachael in Blade Runner), and eventually they would have been modified to accomplish the opposite of putting illegal programming in a protocol or mouse droid: rather than trust people to overlook or underestimate the droid because it is a droid, it allows basic droid functions into places where droids are not allowed but people are.

Some of their fun droid attachments would include a "multi-function-apparatus," (installed in their hand where they could open up their finger or wrist to reveal a scomplink or welding laser (the third function would probably just be the disguise finger), and the laser would be powered by a blaster power pack they have concealed inside a hollow wrist), a hidden holster in their thigh to keep their blaster always on hand, and a credit reader.

Plans for eventual self improvement would include a holographic skin to disguise themselves as many various humans, and retractable fine motor arms so they could be really creepy and just sprout extra limbs from their chest and shoulders when they're doing computer shit.

But while I can make this and match (and not exceed) the power level of a entry level 2e character, I cannot do so with the vanilla droid rules, so again, I ask permission to at least build the character thru the 3e rules and submit it for review.

If you'd like I can do so alongside another concept of your choice from the six I listed (in case you just hate how Fleshy McFleshbot turns out) and write out backstories for them both and you can select which one makes it in.

Can I get some clarification on character creation? If you choose to be a alien (like the Gammorean example above) does that stand in for your character template, or do you get both? The blank "Gender/Species" tab on the character template leafs me to believe that you can pick a race in top of that, but both the templates and races have predetermined attribute die scores.

Also, I think I'm going to go with the noble idea instead of a droid.

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

My intention was to not use the templates-- they theoretically restrict you for no real reason-- but if you use a template you just have to adjust your attributes to be within the racial minimums and maximums-- or do like I did and just assign your race+6 attribute dice.

@Lobster- I'm confused by the 675 points idea- the goal is to get a droid character of similar power level to the other PCs so the aim is to end up at that 18 attribute dice + 7 skill dice that human starting characters get, so if you think those rules will get you there I don't see any reason we should say now.

Alright, that makes sense now. What is the native species of this planet? Alternatively, what species could be nobles on the planet? Also, are we using advantages and disadvantages. If we were, I would probably just take the noble birth advantage, and possibly a disadvantage.

As far as starting credits/equipment goes, I'd assume he is "Wealthy," but it's up to you. As far as starting equipment goes, does the "Arrogant Noble" template starting equipment work? ( Several changes of clothing in the latest styles, hold-out blaster (3D), one melee weapon of choice, personal landspeeder).

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

I need to check how much credits most templates get and pick a value to just have everyone start with- will take a look at that later tonight.

Yes, we are using advantages and disadvantages.

I was working under the framework that this planet was an old colony in the expansion section, so the "native" race is human- but that doesn't preclude rare other race nobles.

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

Let's say 3,500 credits- its enough to start with most things you should have, but not crazy rich.

So, with the Noble Birth advantage that would be 7,000 credits, is that without starting equipment I assume?

Scarab Sages

Just checking in here. Been elbow deep in turkey and didn't realize we had moved the thread here. Will look at old books and see what I can come up with.

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

Great! Yeah, I cooked 11 dishes for yesterday myself, so I know things can be slow on the holidays- every one has at least checked in over here so far, what I'm tracking is:

The Archlich-- Miraluka Padawan
Branding Opportunity- ??
KingHotTrash- Trandoshan?
TheLobsterMaster- droid/synth bot
Stefani- noble's son
Spazmodeus- ??
Oxnard- (Gamorrean force sensitive beast tamer)

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

How's everyone's character building going?

Any questions, or things you're unclear on?

FYI- I've read up on specializations- and while that 3 for 1 at character creation sounds very appealing, you then have to separately level them up from the skill itself- so I'd say that overall, not necessarily recommended.

Scarab Sages

BTW, I came across THIS WEBSITE while I was looking around the web. It has pretty much every WEG SW publication available for free online. I don't normally condone pirated material, but since it's all out of print and so much of the WEG stuff is hard to get as a hard copy, I thought I'd mention it.

Scarab Sages

I'm leaning now toward a young kid that's good with technology, possibly an ex-slave who somehow was able to escape from his captors, possibly the Hutts. Do we have an idea for a place/time yet?

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

Campaign Seed:
The tenth Empire Day has just passed, commemorating the Founding of the Galactic Empire, and the ceremonies on Hijantis were as rousing success. Officially, at least, that is. But all is not quiet in Sector 887, despite the assurances which the newly installed Moff Barris Tay'doon has been sending to his superiors , insisting he doesn't need any assistance to deal with the situation on Hijantis.

But after an explosion rocked the official celebrations in the Capital, killing a commander of the local Imperial Garrison, Moff Tay'doon issued an edict reminding the Imperial Citizens of Hijantis that their aristocracy had been disolved years ago, that the King, now an honored guest of the Moff aboard his flagship Rememberance, is merely another Galactic Citizen, and that there simply are no Princes, Dukes, Barons, or Counts in Hijantis.

Moff Tay'doon went further, destroying the only spaceport on Hijantis, and interdicting the orbit to ensure that no outside aid gets in, and no one gets out of Hijantis. Three months later, and the rebellion is simply simmering beneath the surface of the Hijantis streets, when you receive a mysterious message inviting a man, woman, creature, or droid of your own particular talents to a meeting in the Slepwig Salloon on the outskirts of the Capital . . .

This puts us at 9 years Before the Battle of Yavin, starting on a new planet/sector in the "expansion" region of the galaxy.

Scarab Sages

Thanks, Oxnard. Would you mind starting the IC thread so that we can "dot" ourselves and add the game to our campaign tab, please?

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

Gameplay thread

Update on characters we are expecting:

The Archlich-- Miraluka Padawan
Branding Opportunity- tech wiz kid
KingHotTrash- Trandoshan bounty hunter or scoundrel pilot type
TheLobsterMaster- droid/synth bot
Stefani- noble's son
Spazmodeus- ??
Oxnard- (Gamorrean force sensitive beast tamer)

I'm chugging along, school just started back up so I've been busy with getting back into that. I just choose specializations to differentiate things from a character standpoint and add some variety.

Goblinblood Jade Regent King's Land Seeker's Folly Dwarves

Yeah- just so you are tracking with specializations that raising the skill does not also raise the specialization, it has to be raised separately.

Will anyone have a problem being ready to start gameplay on this coming Sunday?

Been busy, but should have something ready for Sunday...

Yeah, I'll probably finish most of it this Saturday but I'll be ready by Sunday.

Star Wars Slides Gamorrean Force Sensitive Beast Rider

So I will be doing even my GMing for this game from this profile- my "Oxnard Kettlebeck" profile is too clogged since I GM most of my games from that profile.

So I have good news and bad news...

Good news is I have a better job with better pay and just overall better stuff all around! The bad news is the hours are the middle of the day. I already know I'm going to have to likely cut some games out here just to stay sane so it wouldn't be fair of me to take a spot for this and just duck out immediately.

If this game is still going on in the future when I have a chance to take on more gaming goodness, I'll send a message and see how it goes.

Good luck folks! Have fun!

Star Wars Slides Gamorrean Force Sensitive Beast Rider

Ok- thanks for letting us know KingHotTrash- congrats on the job!

I'll PM the person we had on backup to bring them in.

Hello all...I have been following along and got the invite, so I will fill the same role the other player who dropped would have with a bounty hunter/pilot and will gen up a character by the end of Saturday. Looking forward to where this takes us...

Star Wars Slides Gamorrean Force Sensitive Beast Rider

Checking in how everyone's character creation is going-- still looking good for a Sunday start?

Any questions?

Make sure to dot or stealth dot into the gameplay thread with your profile so we can start seeing the characters we are working with.


Hey hi, Lobster here, I had phone and internet problems starting the same day and just got my phone back late last night; I'll post my in progress build soon, sorry y'all, Sunday works, but I won't be able to make a new profile or edit an existing one while on my phone, so I'll be using this alias

Scarab Sages

Por Kandino wrote:

Checking in how everyone's character creation is going-- still looking good for a Sunday start?

Any questions?

Make sure to dot or stealth dot into the gameplay thread with your profile so we can start seeing the characters we are working with.

I should be able to finish the character by then.

Should be good, still got some work to do tomorrow though.

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Sl'P St'Reme:

Sl'P St'Reme
Species: Duros
Blaster 1D
Dodge 2D
KNOWLEDGE (1D+1/2D+2) 2D
Sensors 2D
Space Transports 2D
Starfighter Piloting 2D
Starship Gunnery 2D
Starship Shields 2D

Special Skills Control (Concentrate) 1D
Starship Intuition: Duros are, by their nature, extremely skilled star ship pilots and navigators. When a Duros character
is generated, 1D (no more) may be placed in the following skills, for which the character receives 2D of ability:
archaic starship piloting, astrogation, capital ship gunnery, capital ship shields, sensors, space transports,
starfighter piloting, starship gunnery, and starship shields. This bonus also applies to any specializations. If the
character wishes to have more than 2D in the skill listed, then the skill costs are normal from there on.
Delusions of Grandeur

Force Sensitive: Yes
Movement: 10/12
Character Points: 5
Force Points: 2
Credits: 800
Heavy Blaster Pistol with Standard Scope and Concealed Holster (900)
4 Spare Blaster Power Packs (100)
Utility Belt (500)
Blast Helmet (200)
Combat Jumpsuit (1000)

Sorry it took so long, busy week. To top it off, I broke a tooth tonight which has been quite distracting. GM, Please let me know if I messed something up, I will fix in a jif. I took a stab at the character point starting total from the example character above cause I did not see an entry in character gen. Also, did I understand correctly, this updated rule set uses target number instead of successes? Maybe I am just tired...


Rough Sheet:

Milady, Synthdroid

--Blaster 3D
----Blaster Pistol 1D
----Welding Laser 1D
--Dodge 3D
--Languages 1D
----Huttese 1D
----Binary 1D
--Computer 3D
--Droid P 3D
----Me 1D
--Droid R 3D
----Me 1D
--Security 3D

Race Features:
Human range photoreceptors
Multispectrum perfected human vocabulator: flawless synthesis of human voice, capable of playing back any number of sounds, including creating an auditory narrative
Life Preservation Override (always on)
Highly modified AA-1 Verbo-brain (Perfected Human Emulation)
Human Bio-fibers
Clone vat-grown skin
Humanoid Body
Locked Storage: A region of the Droid, internally,where their Activation/Deactivation switch is typically relocated
Restraint Nullification Module: Nullifies Restraining devices and all software (even hardwired programming added later). +1D to Security Rolls (skill not granted)
Internal Storage, 2 kg, sensor shielding difficulty +40

2D Physical
2D Energy
2D Ion
(Consider Armor on Droids to be Static Protection. 6 Points per D. A Droid suffering a Wound result =Degrades their armor by 1D per wound level (not Stun) in that location to standard resistance Dice. It still acts as traditional armor, but loses its static resistance until repaired.)

Disadvantages: Delusions of Grandeur (+1D), Manic Depression (+3D), Mild Phobia: Deep Water (+1D), Serious Phobia: Lightning (+2D)



BACKUP MEMORY: Able to retain all memory even after a memory wipe. The technician performing the memory wipe will believe they are successful(even though this is not the case).(-1D)

LONGEVITY: Can operate for up to 3 days without a recharge. However, replenishment will follow standard rules on each 24 hour segment of power to be replenished (-1D)

HEURISTIC EVOLUTION: Grants Droids the ability to use skill they do not possess. Consider any skills they don’t have, but want to acquire to cost double for the purposes of Initial Cost to purchase (10points for normal skill / 20 points for advanced skill),afterward the skill advances as normal. A droid attempting an unskilled roll suffers no penalty(normal) & a 10 (advanced) point penalty to attempt it. (A Heuristic Processor performs the same function) .Note: Droids with either this advantage or the Hardware will become sentient if not memory wiped over an extended period of time. Approximate time is GM discretion, however, 15 game sessions is the norm (half of 30 for droids without this ability) (-3D)

Multifunction Apparatus: 80 credits
Welding Laser: 1200 credits
Hidden Holster: 500 credits
Credit Reader: 50 credits
Scomp-Link: 800 credits
2 Blaster Power Packs: 50 credits
Heavy Blaster Pistol: 750 credits
Standard Toolkit: 650 credits

3580, 80 over, would like to ditch Plasma Welder (if the welding laser could serve the same purpose, 50 credits) and Welding Goggles (she wouldn't need them I imagine, 35 credits) from the toolkit to leave me with 5 credits left

Otherwise, I'll drop from a heavy pistol to a normal one.

I have the build math in a document on my computer, when I get internet hooked up I can share the math if you need.

Male Human

Rough Character Sheet:
----------===:Braxen Graldosse:===----------
Type Noble’s Son
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5’10”
Weight 147
Physical Description Olive skin, medium length wavy brown hair, well dressed and on the skinny side. High cheekbones, brown eyes and a widow's peak.
Dexterity - 3d
Blaster Pistol - 4d
Search - 4d
Persuasion - 4d
Sabacc - 4d
Knowledge - 3d
Bureaucracy - 3d
Value - 3d
Strength - 2d
Mechanical - 3d+1
Swoop Operation - 4d+1
Sensors - 4d+1
Technical - 4d+2
Swoop Repair - 5d+2
---===:Other Info:===---
Force Sensitive Nope
Force Points 1
Move 10
Advantages Noble Birth
Disadvantages Poor Memory

Star Wars Slides Gamorrean Force Sensitive Beast Rider

So one thing I realized when I posted my earlier example-- at character creation when you invest in the skills it does ADD those values on top of the attribute starting point-- this matter because when you advance skills later you do have to pay from that higher value.

So (for instance)- Thedmstrikes- your dex section should read:

Sl'P St'Reme
Species: Duros
Blaster 5D
Dodge 6D

It made more sense to me while creating the character to do it the other way, but please as we go transpose them to the correct format-- this will also show your total dice.

Few other notes--

@Thedmstrikes-- I'm counting you are one attribute die short for a Duros, but over by one skill point-- remember Control is a skill not an attribute.

@Braxen-- I assume your Perception is 3D?

Por Kandino wrote:

@Thedmstrikes-- I'm counting you are one attribute die short for a Duros, but over by one skill point-- remember Control is a skill not an attribute.

Sorry, I was a little tired when I finished and forgot to note I had left the skills at their purchase value to show where the points went. For the Force skill, I had read on page 24 that giving a starting character a force skill it comes from your attribute dice. Later I read that for each starting die (and then each pip it is raised after) you can select a force power from the list under the associated skill. If we are using an alternate rule, I will trade back my Tech die for a Dodge die happily.

I know what I forgot to ask now, can we work out a way for this character to start with a ship? Unless that is not going to work with your introduction...I can then work up an intro for the character and place it in gameplay.

Star Wars Slides Gamorrean Force Sensitive Beast Rider

Hrm- sure enough, I misses that paragraph before- you were correct.

Yes- you should select a Force power for the appropriate skill list.

As far as a ship- at the start the spaceport and all ships were destroyed and there's currently a blockade, so for the initial story it's better to not start with an owned ship-- but don't worry, you will absolutely get the chance to acquire one.

:) All good, let me get started on that intro...

Here there, was a busy week.

Landed on a smuggler type...who from our initial GM said, could have had a ship...but now would not...harsh!! :)

I'll try to get a character together this afternoon...

Sl'P St'Reme is in gameplay, please let me know if you want the byline to contain any specific information and I can update.

Male Human

Dice rolls for modification/repair of used swoop bike:

Base 5d+2 , +1d for advanced swoop repair tool kit. After first repairs, add an additional +7 for item familiarity.

Speed repair vs. Difficulty 15: 5d6 + 2 + 1d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 5, 3, 6) + 2 + (2) = 23

Maneuver repair vs. Difficulty 15: 5d6 + 2 + 1d6 + 7 ⇒ (6, 2, 6, 2, 3) + 2 + (5) + 7 = 33

Speed modification +10 vs. Difficulty 20: 5d6 + 2 + 1d6 + 7 ⇒ (6, 3, 2, 5, 2) + 2 + (6) + 7 = 33

Passed all with flying colors, my bike is ready to go.

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