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This is the recruitment thread for my PF2 #1-22 Doom of Cassomir for Play by Post Gameday IX.

The game will be open for early GM signup on August 5th, 2020 and general signup on August 12th, 2020. I plan to take people on a First Come, First Serve basis and will be limiting it to a table of six. The game will not start until September 1st 2020.

I will expect everyone to post in on the Discussion thread between a week and three days before the start of the game. That allows me to know that everyone is ready.

Since sometimes players fail to show, I would not mind having one or two extras signed up. I will be offering seats to them if someone drops or fails to show up.

This is an investigation mission with a reasonable amount of combat mixed in. Some people just don't like being investigated. :)

I've got three options: a human swashbuckler (lvl 1) that's mostly just fun to roleplay; a hobgoblin investigator (lvl 1); or a really, REALLY weird gnome fighter build (lvl 2). Haven't decided what I want to play yet, so I'll avoid a solid choice until I see the rest of the party. Haven't made profiles for them yet because I'm lazy.

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I've also got some options but leaning towards this level 2 alchemist, an elf who was adopted by goblins and learned everything he knows about alchemy at the feet of the great master, Mogmurch himself.

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I'm going to look at bringing a mastermind rogue. She needs to be rebuilt as she was in a game when the APG came out.

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Hey GM, can we dot in to the gameplay thread so that this game shows up in our list, or would you prefer we wait for now?

I am taking it first come, first served.

I am fine with the first six dotting into gameplay.

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”Looni Burni burning bright,
set your ugly pants alight!
Doom at home or doom in bed,
soon enough we all be dead!”

Freshly-instantiated lvl 1 goblin oracle with the flames mystery. And he looooooooooooves doom!

Horizon Hunters

Looking to bring a Level 2 goblin cloistered cleric

That makes five. Room for one more.

It looks like everyone is first or second level.

I'm Dming this, but I'd also like to play this, as a completionist I gotta play all of season 1. All my guys are level 1 or 2.

That makes six.

Anyone applying after this will be a backup in case someone drops or fails to check in when the game starts.

That said, on a different table I had a player drop in order to allow another player who had never gotten credit on the scenario to play it.

Those who have signed up please Dot & Delete a post in gameplay. That will cause this to show up on the listing of your campaigns. You will also want to work on putting together a profile and headers for your character. If you have questions, please post them in discussion.

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I'm afraid I'm going to have to withdraw from this table. GM, could you mark Looni as an inactive character? Best of luck to everyone!


We now have a spot open in the game,

The game is part of PbP Gameday IX.

Horizon Hunters

Asketell would be eager to throw his hat in the ring. He's a level 2 human alchemist who loves a stiff drink and a good laugh but is not afraid to punch a bear right in the face if the situation calls for it.

Alright, we are back up to six!

Go ahead and dot & delete in nameplate, Asketell.

Anyone applying after this will be a backup in case someone drops or fails to check in when the game starts.

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DoubleGold Here is my guy

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