GM Erich's The Flesh Collector (7-8) for Gameday IX (Inactive)

Game Master Thereus, Silver Crusader

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 7th to 11th level characters. Written by Martin Long.

Grand Lodge

Lottery for available spots

Grand Lodge

A priceless manuscript has gone missing from the Pathfinder lodge in Almas, and the Pathfinder Society has traced its current whereabouts to a remote monastery off the coast of southwestern Nex. Arriving at the Monastery of the Unremitting Tide, your group faces the suspicious scholars who study there, and in the process risk enraging an ancient spirit and uncovering a long-lost secret that, more than possibly costing them the stolen manuscript, could cost them their very lives.

Please provide just your Character Name, Class, Level, and Race in your submission for the lottery. If there is a great deal of interest, I may limit the lottery to a particular subtier (7-9) or (9-11).

Grand Lodge

Pai Kromnite PFS.

Wizard (Illusionist 10).

Level 10.


Liberty's Edge

Ajax Arrowhawk

Ranger, lvl 10


I would like to join with Shardra the pregen level 7.

Name: noral
Character Name: Shardra
PFS #: 314670-21
Faction: Silver Crusade
Class: Shaman 7
Track: Normal

Liberty's Edge

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When are you going to do the lottery? Not knowing kind of hamstrings us if we there are other open tables and we don't find out until they are are filled up.

Liberty's Edge

"The Amazing" Julian Leroux Vanzetti.

Emberkin Aasimar.

9th-level apostate Razmiran Priest Sorcerer.

Grand Lodge

@Ajax In case we need one, the lottery will take place on Monday the 17th.

Liberty's Edge

Okay thanks.

Grand Lodge

No lottery needed. Everyone has a spot if they want. It looks like it will be low-tier as it stands. APL=9

Head over to the Discussion tab and give me your:

Player Name
Character Name
PFS Number

...if you haven't already.

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