[D&D 5e] Ironfang Invasion ala Fabian (Inactive)

Game Master Fabian Benavente

Telling the interactive story of a group of freedom fighters and their struggle against the Ironfang Legion in Nirmathas.

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In the war-torn nation of Nirmathas, far from the battlefront, the sleepy little town of Phaendar is rocked by the sudden appearance of an overwhelming foe! The heroes must flee their homes, saving whatever friends and supplies they can, as the monstrous Ironfang Legion and their insidious General Azaersi begin carving out an empire of monsters from the dregs of Nirmathas and Molthune alike. The heroes must guard their band of survivors in the wilderness, challenge a troglodyte tribe for safe haven, and face the brutal bounty hunters dispatched to end their flight to freedom!

I am looking for three to five PCs to star in the Ironfang Invasion AP. The game will be run using D&D 5e Rules.

The PBP will be run a little bit differently than most.

Game format:
Players and GM post on the Discussion tab leaving the Gameplay tab for the archive of the turn recaps where all the information such as OOC information, maps, pictures, health status, etc. is put in a chapter-like post.

Game and turns
The game will be run this way: I will post a turn recap on the Discussion tab (and Gameplay tab for archive purposes) and you will all respond to it on the Discussion tab. I expect you all to write at least one to two paragraphs per turn recap, which I aim to post every day.

I will then post a turn recap with all your responses incorporated and will describe the results, add something to it setting up a new situation where your input is needed, and then wait for your responses again on the Discussion tab. These are for turn recaps; however I check the boards a few times per day and questions or small comments/actions will be posted promptly on the Discussion tab.

I expect the vast part of your responses in character; if it is not then please add OOC in front of any comment, question, etc. (or you may use the ‘ooc comment’ format.)

I strongly encourage you to involve other PCs and NPCs in your posts by ‘tagging’ them (asking them questions, requesting them to do something, etc.); this gets the ‘roleplaying juices’ flowing and makes for a much better game.
Actions 1?, Actions 2?, WHAT?

The turn recap format allows for the roleplaying of different scenes at the same time; I’ll denote this by breaking up the turn recap with ‘Actions 1?’, ‘Actions 2?’, etc. where PC input is desired or required. This playing more than one scene at a time can be done as long as the results of Actions 1? do not affect (or significantly affect) the setup of Actions 2?. For example, the PCs may be discussing what to cook for dinner in ‘Actions 1?’ while also traveling the next day under ‘Actions 2?’

Please see this page for a sample of the game format. There you may see what my intention is with regards to gameplay, use of maps, how combat is handled, etc.
If you have any questions on the game format, please do not hesitate to ask.

Character selection will NOT be first come first serve, and we will take time to develop characters. The game will have action as well as problem solving so a good mix of characters is recommended.

I am looking for "roleplayers" whose posts are NOT a one sentence reply. All players are expected to post AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY so if you can't meet that schedule please do not bother applying to the game.

If this sounds like a game for you, then please post a character with the following sections: a) appearance, b) background, and c) personality. Please make the characters interesting, the strong and silent types just don't cut it in this type of game.

Just so you can start thinking about the crunch part (some people work this way), here are some guidelines: 27-point buy and 1st level. However, please be reminded that PC selection will be based on the ‘fluff’ and not the ‘crunch’. I want players firmly engaged in the AP so please read the Player’s Guide. I have also supplemented the Player’s Guide (added fluff on Nirmathas and Phaendar) and added draft conversions for the campaign traits in this document.

I will accept PC submittals until Friday May 1, 2020.

I’m sure I missed something here so please ask me questions.

Game on!


Count me in with an archery-based Ranger! Will get working on it right away.
Edit: Should we be looking at the Ironfang Player's Guide?

Hello again, Fabian! I'll probably submit something. Let me read the Player's Guide and come up with a concept :-)

This looks really interesting! I've been looking forward to giving this AP a shot.
With the different races in 5e vs Pathfinder, are you looking mostly at the core races?

I'm going to make a wizard who wanted to come out and live a quiet life as a spellmonger in a small town.

I am down for this. I am going to submit a Dwarven Hexblade who made a pact with the soul of her God's signature weapon.

@Mr Nevets: yes, please read the Player's Guide and also the document I linked on the first post. I'm looking for PCs that really 'belong' to the town and/or area.

@Anthorg: great; I look forward to what you put together.

@Popliteal: the lore/fluff is Golarion so if it fits in Golarion then it will fit in the game. I think almost every race in Golarion has 5e equivalent but if not then we will make one. It goes without saying that the stranger the race the better the backstory needs to be.

@Vrog Skyreaver: great; I look forward to what you put together.


Game on!

Nice to see you still doing this format! I played in one of your games for a few posts once, it was fun. I met Shari there and we have been playing a solo game ever since (with the character she made for your Mummy Mask game)!


Okay, so I'm going to take the Kraggodon Castaway trait. Here's what I was thinking for the 5e conversion: gain 1 language from the list ( Common, Hallit, Varisian, or Undercommon) and allow a character to rise back up on a 19 or 20 (maybe capped to like con mod times/day).

Here is Vrog's alias (I'm closing the loop by recycling).

I have her backstory on the alias, and I'll add her stats as I work through them.

Vrog: love Katra’s backstory. Would you mind if I submitted a character to be one of her brothers? So if we both get picked there would be a shared background.

If so, I’d like to put forward a UE Deep Stalker Dwarven Ranger, who is a devotee of Trudd. One of Katra’s brothers, who joined her as a caravan guard and has likewise been stranded.

And Grumbaki’s alias

@GM Mowque: good to see you're still around. Yeah, Shari is a 'decent' player (inside joke), and I'm glad you're both still gaming.

@Vrog: I like Katra. Just a couple of minor tweaks to her backstory (like she's not in Phaendar to raise and army or anything like that), and she would fit right in.

@Grumbaki: I like shared backstories, but the PCs will be selected on their own merits. I would like to see some 'fluff' on your PC.


Game on!

Roger that. Will just wait to hear from Vrog before writing

All right. I have an Elven Eldritch Knight in my mind. I'll start on her soon.

Dotting! I have been wanting to play an Ironfang game ever since the one I was in crumbled way too early.

Your PbP method seems really interesting Fabian. May I ask why this format?

Albion, The Eye wrote:

Dotting! I have been wanting to play an Ironfang game ever since the one I was in crumbled way too early.

Your PbP method seems really interesting Fabian. May I ask why this format?

I think the game format promotes roleplaying. The game recaps allow for more than one scene to occur at the same time so you can take your time and RP/banter back and forth the 'little things' that make your PCs who they are while the game continues to move along.

It's also a great way to keep everything in order (pics, maps, PC/NPC status with regards to health/abilities/consumables).

A couple of guys that played in my last game have expressed interest on this thread as well so maybe they can answer that from a player perspective.

However, the best way is to take a look at some turns and see if you like what you read.


Game on!

This is Popliteal's Alias.

Here's Fallon's background. I'll update later with his appearance, personality and character sheet.

I'm thinking the world weary trait will be the best fit for him.

Oooooo this looks like fun. DOTING.

Is creation limited to 27 pt buy or standard array? Or can we roll.

I will definitely take a further look into it Fabian - I can already see it makes for quite a nice reading. Thanks for the added explanation.

I am gonna take a second pass at the Player's guide and your own doc also - I am feeling an Evangelist Dwarven Cleric for some reason though ;)

(Mechanical question - do you use Background skills? 2+Int Skills on Clerics makes me want to cry....)

I may or may not pick a gnome but if I did. Is there a gnome Subrace option that feels more Golarion. Gnomes here are more closely aligned with the Fey and have the bonus to CHA. Where as 5e gnomes do not get a bonus to CHA.

Down with Molthune!

Ooooph, just realized the game will be D&D 5ed... As much as I would like to try it, I know close to zero about the rules.

So I guess I will bow out of this one... Sadly.

@Anthorg: elven eldritch knight sounds very appropriate. Keep in mind that this is a wilderness adventure so heavy armor will be frowned upon.

@Fallon Del'Roy: looks good; I look forward to the rest of him.

@Albion, The Eye: Yes, this game will be run using 5e rules. Sorry to see you go. Good luck.

@Gnomezrule: No, no rolling for stats, either 27 pt buy or standard array. You may substitute the +2 INT for a +2 CHA in your gnome; I don't think that will change things too much. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for the minor illusion cantrip.


Game on!

@Gazul: I'm fine with a shared background.

@Fabian: I based her backstory on the player's guide to IF, which mentions that Multhune has ensieged Kraggodan, but I am happy to make changed to fit your game. Is there a particular reason you'd like me to be in Phandar?

Katra Ironfist wrote:
@Fabian: I based her backstory on the player's guide to IF, which mentions that Multhune has ensieged Kraggodan, but I am happy to make changed to fit your game. Is there a particular reason you'd like me to be in Phandar?

No, the part about Molthune besieging Kraggodan is OK. The part that we need to change is the part that you are in Phaendar trying to raise an army. Phaendar is a small town of only 400 people, counting the outlying farms so no army here.

However, you could be caravan guard for caravans that travel from Korvosa (Varisia) to Tamram and normally make a stop at Phaendar. You like Phaendar and made it your defacto home when you're not on caravan duty.


That works!

Fallon has been updated.

There are a few details that I would need to work out with you if you choose me for the group.

The main two are his race (I picture him as either a human or half-elf. I'll keep him as a human unless you have an elf as a good fit for his father), and the object he gets from his inheritor background.

Here is his D&D Beyond page Beyond page, if you prefer the normal character sheet, I can get you one too.

I'm working on a Firbolg Warlock of the Archfey, with the "Far Traveller" background, but not sure if that translates into Golarion. Let me know either way, and I can rethink things.

Thinking of the "Gentle Giant" type character who is curious about everything in this new land... and finds Mead one of the most fantastic things about it. Perhaps he made a bargain with the Archfey from wherever he originates, which brought him here.


Gazul sat in a small tavern, in a small town, in a small part of Golarion. It was not where he wanted to be. Most of the caravan guards had already left, but his sister had stayed behind, and thus so did he. She was, afterall, blessed by Trudd. Unlike him, she had a great destiny. She had a purpose? Him? He wanted to protect hearth and clan. And if she insisted on staying here, then so would he. Because chances were she’d charge off into danger at the first opportunity, and that meant she’d need him to watch her back. Though he was certain that she’d never admit it.

Truth be told he liked Phaendar, as it was their de facto home while on the trade route. Unlike most dwarves he *enjoyed* being outside. He liked the peace and quiet of both the deep roads as well as the forest. The feel of freedom was intoxicating, and there was nothing better than being on the open road. It was why he enjoyed his duties of being a caravan guard so much.

But at the moment, all he wanted was to be back home. To be in Kraggodan. His city was under siege and he felt helpless. The bastards of Molthune threatened his homeland, and he yearned for the opportunity of putting his axe into their heads. But he had been outside the city when the siege began and knew that throwing his life away wouldn’t help anyone.

So he bided his time, and drank, and thought up futile plans of how to raise an army, or discover a secret entrance so he could join the defense. But mostly he drank. Because in Phaendar, what else was there to do? It wasn’t like anything exciting ever happened to the town...

Appearance and Personality:

Gazul is a follower of Torag, though his beliefs differ from that of most dwarves. He sees the entire world as being Torag’s forge, with all of nature being the creation of his God. Gazul is usually slow and precise, both in action and thought. He will usually opt for a planned route, a scouted path, and a plan for battle. Not that this always happens, for despite his approach, he isn’t exactly the smartest of dwarfs. His idea of a battle plan still usually comes down to standing side by side with kin and beating the enemy until they are dead. Given that the majority of his experience comes from fending off human and hobgoblin bandits, this hasn’t been much of a problem.

Given his profession, Gazul takes a practical approach of his dress and appearance. His hair remains tied back to keep it out of his way, and he wears simple and durable traveling clothes. Everything from the color of his cloak to his refusal to buy new boots (broken in ones are better) speaks to his role as being a dwarf on the move. Leave the fancy gold and mithril ornaments to the nobles and the ‘heroes.’ He’d rather not be seen in the dark.

And there we go! A Dwarven Ranger, and a counterpart to Katra. Still haven’t fully finished his crunch (maul or axe and shield? Not sure, but leaning towards mail) but I’m close.

@Fallon Del'Roy: your application is complete. Human or half-elf both would fit so that's really up to you and your backstory.

@Scranford: I had to google what a firbolg was so that's not good. :) I'm not sure these exist in Golarion. A character tied to fey would be very fitting for this campaign; would you consider a more 'common' race?
Also be aware that a warlock has already been proposed and if both warlocks were to be selected, I would have them be different so as to not step on anyone's toes.

@Gazul Ironfist: thank you for those. I now understand a little bit more about your PC. You are OK with the posting guidelines? That is, posting something substantial every day? I'm saying because you are playing in a lot of games and I don't know how you keep them all separate. :)

Yup, I’m good with that. Sadly, not all of them are that active. But one of my games just passed the 2 year mark and another is now over 3 years old. :)

Used to be a gamer. Between work and family, this is my outlet.

Okay, my Eldritch Knight is ready. I bring forth Sarya Vanitahr, Elven Warrior (Dex based, so don't worry about heavy armor).

About Sarya:

Sarya Vanitahr looks like a hardened elf woman. She doesn't smile often and wears her long blonde hair braided. Her dark green eyes show compassion, but a scar on her left cheek causes some people to say she is scary. She carries a beautifully crafted long bow strapped to her back and an Elven Thinblade on her left hip, a short sword on her right hip and two handaxes whose handles are sticking out her right flank.

Sarya was born in Kyonin in a minor noble family. The Vanitahr are a proud clan of warriors and battle wizards. They receive praise and privilege for it, but they are silently scorned in the elven courts for their lack of social tact. Happily, Sarya was never aware of such jokes.

As a young elf, she quickly excelled even among members of her own family and she joined her first mission as a cadet before her training was over. Trying to please different members of her family, she was a good academic student, as well as a capable fighter. It wasn't long after her training ended that she received her first officer post.

Sarya and her small squad were assigned to travel west to Nirmathas to scout the Molthune border and provide aid if needed. That was a simple assignment, and the scouting job was being very well executed. However, one day Sarya, whose ego was inflated from the constant praise of her mentors in Kyonin, overestimated her forces and attacked a kobold camp. There were few elven survivers and those few returned to Kyonin with broken bodies and broken hearts.

Sarya was dishonorably discharged and she was left with a scar on her beautiful face to remember it. In her dishonor, she decided to go to live by herself in a part of the Fangwood forest. There she grew her character and learned to live humbly and honestly. Over time, the forest became her home and her love. And she learned to defend it. Not infrequently, the elven warrior visited the nearby town of Phaendar to get some supplies and hear of the news. Naturally, she helped protect the town when needed. This routine became a satisfactory life for her.

Sarya is a slow to trust person, but will usually put herself on the line to save others. She doesn't like arguing and avoids raising her voice. She has a deep connection to the forest and prefers to be there than in a city, but knows how to behave in one.


Outlander traits
Occupation: Forester
Personality trait: I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups.
Ideal: It is each person's responsibility to make the most happiness for the whole tribe.
Bond: I will bring terrible wrath down on the evildoers who destroyed my homeland.
Flaw: I am slow to trust members of other races, tribes, and societies.

Basic Info

STR 8, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 16, WIS 10, CHA 10
High Elf
Medium Size
Alignment NG
Fighter lvl 1 (<Specialization at level 3>)
Background: Outlander (Forester)

Proficiency Bonus +2
Init +3; Senses: Perception: +2, Insight +0

AC 14
Max HP 12 (10 1st + 1*2 Con)
Saves: STR* +1; DEX +3; CON* +4; INT +3; WIS +0; CHA +0
Second Wind: Heal 1d10+level (bonus action) 1x/short

Speed 30 ft
Melee Elven Thinblade +5 (1d8+5)
Melee Shortsword +5 (1d6+5)
Ranged Longbow +5 (1d8+3) - Range 150/600
Space 5 ft, Reach 5 ft
Fighting style: Dueling

Spell Attack: +5
Spell DC: 13

Level (Quantity): Known
Cantrip (1): Blade Ward

Skills (bonus):
Acrobatics (+5)
Athletics (+1)
History (+5)
Perception (+2)
Survival (+2)

Weapons: Simple and martial
Armor: All + Shields

Tools: Flute

Languages: Common, Elven, Hallit, Sylvan

Leather Armor
- 20 arrows
Elven Thinblade
Handaxe x2
Explorer's pack
Hunting trap
Bear nail (trophy from a self-defense kill)
Set of traveler's clothes
Belt pouch

Money left: 10

Feature: Wanderer
You have an excellent memory for maps and geography, and you can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features around you. In addition, you can find food and fresh water for yourself and up to five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth.

@ Anthorg: your PC looks good!

PCs completed so far:

Katra Ironfist, female dwarf warlock (hexblade);
Gazul Ironfist, male dwarf ranger (deep stalker?);
Fallon Del'Roy, male human (half-elf?) wizard (arcane tradition?); and
Sarya Vanitahr, female elf fighter (eldritch knight).

There are a couple of more people that have expressed interest and/or provided concepts.

If I missed anyone please let me know.


Game on!

Yup, deep stalker. The most Dwarven of Ranger conclaves. :)

Also, a question. Can I trade my Scale Mail (AC14+2 Dex, disadvantage) for a Chain Shirt (AC13+2 Dex). They are the same price, but the latter allows Gazul to make use of his stealth skill.

Hraan Doresk, Half-Orc Cleric of Erastil.
Go to Character Sheet

Background is a work in progress. (Family stuff going on. Will finish tomorrow.)

Dotting, working on a folk hero champion.

@Gazul Ironfist: yes, you may trade your armor.

@Plastic Dragon: looking forward to your PC's fluffy parts.

@Yttras: looking forward to seeing hat you put together.


Game on!

Still working on the backstory, and I was wondering: Do you have some names of important figures in the town that I could use in my backstory? I can make some up if I need to, but I don't want to invent names for people if I don't need to. Specifically, I was looking for the proprietor of the Taproot Inn, and a farming family or two.

Thank you much.

Also just to make sure, you are allowing this, right?

ue ranger

I ask because crunch is done, but it would be horrible to be selected, start and then run into an issue.

'ello. This is Cheshire Silvanshee. Gnomezrule's submission.

I made a Wild Magic Sorcerer and a gnome no less it was awesome.

Looking at the players guide I really wanted to play a local. I loved the near anarchist libertarian vibe of Nirmathas. So I made a slightly insane middle aged 1st level sorcerer with past baggage to overcome with fighting and war.

I reused a character name. But a freedom fighting gnome in a fey touched forest . . . just seemed like Cheshire Silvanshee would be a great name.

I have family listed in the history. I purposely didn't talk about what city he lives in. Because I didn't know if it would be problematic if he was from the town we start in and have to deal with an aging dad. So it could be that he is from Phaendar or he is visiting getting ready to sell some furniture or other wood goods.

By Irgal's Axe Down with Molthune!

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@Yttras: the owner of the Taproot Inn is a young human female named Jet. Feel free to make up faring families.

@Gazul Ironfist: Yes, I am fine with the 'UA' ranger.

@Cheshire Silvanshee: Your PC is complete. Thank you. Your father could be from Phaendar which is where you live or he could be from Tamran which is where you live. Up to you. Phaendar is going to be a little hectic at the start of the adventures so there will be casualties but that could be used for RPing. Either works for me.

PCs completed so far:

Katra Ironfist, female dwarf warlock (hexblade)
Gazul Ironfist, male dwarf ranger (deep stalker)
Fallon Del'Roy, male human (half-elf?) wizard (arcane tradition?)
Sarya Vanitahr, female elf fighter (eldritch knight)
Cheshire Silvanshee, male gnome sorcerer (wild-blooded)

There are a couple of more people that have expressed interest and/or provided concepts.

If I missed anyone please let me know.


Game on!

Fallon will be going school of Abjuration at second level. I'm planning on building him with a focus on utility.

That is what I figured. I will make he and his father from Phaendar because I like RP usefulness. I also imagine that it would put some pressure on Cheshire to get into the action.


I don't want to lose momentum (precious resource in PBPs) and, given that I already have five completed application and at least four more in different stages of preparation, I am going to close this recruitment thread earlier than anticipated.

I'll receive application until Monday 4/27/2020 at 6:00 pm EST.

I'll make PC selection that evening and start the game (or at least start to the selected players) that very night.


Game on!

Alright, will look forward to Monday then to see the results

Here is Popliteal's second submission.

I made this guy because there seemed to be a lack of healers/utility submitted, and as a druid this guy can heal and fill the utility role almost as well as Fallon.

At level 2 he will be going Circle of Dreams.

There aren't a lot of Elf portraits on the forums, but his D&D Beyond page represents his appearance better.

D&D Beyond Page

The expertise in Nature is from the Frontier Healer trait.

I'm happy to play either, and am looking forward to seeing who you choose.

So elf druid or human mage? While either one would be nice, I suppose from a player perspective actual healing would be more useful.

I have not received any updates from the people that were supposedly working on PCs.

I'm assuming the people who already have their PC complete (see Post #40 above) are still interested but please chime in to confirm.

Looking forward to starting!

Game on!


I'm still interested, and happy to play as either of my characters.

Sarya is ready to go!

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