Flaxseed GM school 2020

Game Master Redelia

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Venture Lieutenant, Play by Post (online), Hostess of Cottonseed Lodge (playtest)

Hello, everyone, and welcome. This gameplay thread will be shared among all students and mentors. If I've invited you to check in, please post here to introduce yourself.

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Venture Lieutenant, Play by Post (online), Hostess of Cottonseed Lodge (playtest)

To follow my own instructions:

Hi, I'm Redelia. I'll be your teacher for the classroom portion of GM school, as well as mentor at one of the tables. I've been playing Pathfinder for over 5 years, and Starfinder since its release. I'm a stay at home mom, trained as a mathematician. I'm excited to be able to share my love of GMing, and interest in GMing as an art form that can be carefully honed, with all of you.

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Good day,

I'm Gum B, also known as BBlackwood or BB on Discord. I'm a mentor for this event, will be hanging out here and on Discord's Roll for Combat server, and I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences.

I've been playing since 2016, and GMing almost as long. I'm a PhD neuroscientist, and since science moves me around a lot, I've been running and playing a lot of Play by Post in the last few years (since OutPost 1) as this platform has really begun to shine. I'm interested in the psychology of playing and managing games, and the creativity and other skills that RPGs can bring out in anyone.

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Hello everyone,
I am Katrina. I am newer to organized play and Play-by-Post than some others but I am enthusiastic and happy to help out and mentor when I can.

As my profile indicates:
I am an Aussie bint living in the USA. "I'm an alien and I have a card to prove it."

I have enjoyed RPGs since the mid-70s with many long breaks and real-life adventures between then and now.

I first enjoyed Organized Play in August 2017.
My first GM experience for OP was in March 2018.
My first PbP started in May 2018.

I am happy to have found a great community to interact and game with.

I play and GM all three systems in Organized Play.

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Hi all. I'm Douglas from Scotland and have been playing and running RPGs for more than a couple of decades now. Over that stretch I have run LARPs, campaigns and one shots across a hefty number of different systems.

For PFS I have been involved for about 5 years now, starting as a player finding a way to play instead of always Gm, through to resident GM as part of the team to being the Venture Captain for Scotland for the past two years.

I can be found lurking around the many discords out there and running games on the Roll for Combat discord. Hoping that helping out as mentor with one of these will help bring more people together and provide a fun time for all (without the usual worries of GM-ing in a new way for the first time).

I am currently running two games on the discord for Play-Dis-con 2020 and find myself happy with 1-3 games GM PBP at a time (along with playing in 2-5 games)

Venture-Agent, Play-by-Post Org Play PbP Intro, SFS 2-00, PFS2 1-01

My understanding is that Redelia is currently offline due to health issues so GM School will be delayed.

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