Children of Gaia, PbP

Game Master Tarren Dei

The year is 2085. Things got bad, but they're getting better. The Regional Authorities are hammering North America back into some semblance of civilization. The Regional Authority Intelligence Network is the hammer.

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Yeah dont' try changing or filling out stuff.. I literally just lost my big formatted pretty statblock for this gal.

Disheartening for sure.

Yep, didn't realize how important avatars were to PBP until they were gone.

But editing the profile worked fine.

Yeah, it works now.
I think all my edits are in and should show up now.
I wrote it all up in a google doc this time, so I had a backup if it Errored again.
Also has links to said google doc and mythweavers in my profile for secondary resources.

Also changed from Zella to Zellgato. (guy) Also last min switched my 18 int to 16, to get 16 dex. I had built it like we were playing a normal game, level up and such. A more even spread will serve me better in a One Shot style.

Well, I'm ready and have my notes and the first encounter intro written. I'm looking forward to this. Six is a lot, but it can work. Our characters certainly seem different enough.

People sometimes choose to withdraw for different reasons, and, if that happens, I'd prefer to be told. I can give your character a great death or a sensible reason for exiting the storyline.

Do you need more time to prepare? Can we add avatars yet?

Avatars are broken since january, and still no fix in sight.

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Ya, I wish they would fix it already, but I can't complain too much since the forums are free.

Scarab Sages

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I'm ready. All I need now is to alias up, which is fairly simple.

EDIT: Oh wait, starting credits/gear?

I'm not the GM, But. Assuming standard.
I believe level 3 is 4,000 credits?

Scarab Sages

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While it is a reasonable assumption, this is a unique setting and I can see a possibility for fluctuation in either direction.

Zellgato Zelgadis wrote:

I'm not the GM, But. Assuming standard.

I believe level 3 is 4,000 credits?

It is a unique setting, but there's a lot of investment in rebuilding civilization right now so there's money for this. Keep in mind, you'll be going places where people are desperate and dislocated and where theft would normally be expected and flashy gear would be a target. Normally.

Starting Wealth of 4,000 credits.

Ready to go.

Not terribly worried about thieves. Almost everything is worn (armour) or hidden in secret armour compartments (weapons/ammo etc). THough they could steal my backpack and tent.
Don't exactly look flushed myself. Except for a flaregun I guess.

Well, I hope this works and that everyone has fun. I've started the gameplay thread and I'll start a discussion thread.

I added Gristlethorn to the list of PCs; he can join in at any time in the gameplay thread.

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