Age of Ashes - A Grand Tour of the Inner Sea

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Loot Sheet

Hero of Breachill - 5% Discount
Friend of the Ekujae
Hero of Kintargo
Honorary Citizen of Kovlar - Free training with a Guild for 10 years
Favored by the Pactmasters of Katapesh

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Sovereign Court

A carpet and several bookshelves are located in one corner of this cavern, while a number of tables with scientific implements stand in another. A pewter replica of a large city rests on the table, surrounded by a handful of pewter figurines of dragons. A garden grows in another corner of the room, maintained by sunlight pouring into the cavern from an opening in the ceiling above. A broad tunnel leads out of the cavern.

This large, open area appears to serve as a bedchamber for a dragon.

As small, but bountiful, garden.

An elderly dire wolf appears to be sleeping peacefully upon this stone.

This workshop contains a fully-functional alchemy lab, as well as numerous other crafting tools.

This chamber is packed with bookcases, overloaded with books.

This model city appears to be an idealised representation of the town of Breachill, expanded to contain over a hundred thousand citizens.

A replica of Mengkare is tinkering with the model, arguing with a ghostly and terrifying version of himself.

"I will be a hero like the ones in my stories!"

"You have done nothing but cause harm, treating sentients like cattle."

"It is for the greater good - if Dahak isn't stopped, untold millions will suffer..."

"What about the lives *you* will destroy, and have manipulated over the centuries?"

"I have helped to uplift the humans, helping them to be the best that they could possibly be!"

"Where was their choice in that? You are nothing but an evil tyrant willing to commit atrocities to fulfil his noble goal."

"It will all be worth it in the end, and everyone will recognize the good I have done!"

"They will only remember the Evil, and not the Good..."

It becomes clear to Jean-Pierre that this is a representation of Mengkare's true feelings, showing that he was aware of all of the evil he was committing in the name of defeating the manifestation of Dahak.

As he listens, it also becomes clear that the Evil is slowly winning the argument...

...but it might be possible to interject, and sway the outcome of the debate.

Diplomacy, Intimidation, Religion, or Society.

Male Half-Elf Ranger/Sorceror 20 (SP 310/310) (HP 310/310) (RP 17/17) (AC 44) (Fort +33, Ref +36, Will +34)(Perception +36 (+2 Init))

Jean-Pierre does his best to be an invisible voice of reason...

"It is only to late to change, when all is said and done. The greatest atrocity has not been committed; the Invocation was never used in its original form. Redemption is always possible, as long as life remains..."

Religion: 1d20 + 31 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 31 + 3 = 48.

Sovereign Court

The 'Good' Mengkare brightens.

"Yes! Where there is life, there is hope..."

He and his self-doubt then fade away, as do the other contents of the cavern.

As they do so, the released energy infuses Jean-Pierre.

You gain a free ability boost.

When Jean-Pierre exists this node, the facsimile of Alseta's Ring warps, twists, and shakes... and all five gates shimmer with fiery energy.

Instinctively, Jean-Pierre realises that he can exit the landing safely, but the next time he returns, he will be transported to the *actual* prison of Dahak's avatar.

Cue the Raid Boss fight!

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