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When an old beggar shows up filthy and injured on the doorstep of the Augustana Pathfinder Lodge in Andoran and demands to be recognized as Andoran's one true Emperor, Venture-Captain Wallace is inclined to chase him off. But when the old beggar reveals a wayfinder and tells a tale of demons and portals to another world beneath the streets of Augustana, Wallace summons you from Absalom to investigate. Will you make it through sewers, swarms, and sanctuaries to uncover the truth or will the dangers of the Augustana underworld consume you forever?

Now recruiting for The Prince of Augustana at Subtier 1-2. This is a relatively fast and straightforward scenario from the 3.5 days of PFS, updated of course to Pathfinder.

The first six players who complete the check-in sheet below will be accepted.

Pathfinder Society Number:
This Chronicle #:
Starting XP:
Initial Prestige:
Initial Fame:
Starting Gold:

Dark Archive

Player: Lil"Eschie
Character:Evelyn Kellbor
Pathfinder Society Number:133884-11
This Chronicle #:
Starting XP:1
Initial Prestige:2
Initial Fame:2
Starting Gold:578
Faction:Dark Archive

Grand Lodge

Player: GeraintElberion
Character: Seldiir Elberion
Pathfinder Society Number: 3812-6
This Chronicle #: 6
Starting XP: 5
Initial Prestige: 8 (2 spent on wand of CLW )
Initial Fame: 10
Starting Gold: 28
Faction: Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge

Player: Mahuffma
Character:Bahram Al-Urgug
Pathfinder Society Number:340520-3
This Chronicle #: 6?
Starting XP:2
Initial Prestige: 3
Initial Fame: 3
Starting Gold: 516
Faction: Grand Lodge

Okay, Evelyn, Seldiir, and Bahram are in. If you want to head over to Gameplay and do some introductions and role-playing as you wait outside the Augustana lodge for the others to arrive, please feel free.

Evelyn, will this be Chronicle # 2 for the character?

Three spots left.

Grand Lodge

Oh, I think that I understand Chronicle # now. This will be my third mission that I have been on, making this chronical #4 I believe.

Grand Lodge

Player: excoman
Character: Onu the Furious
Pathfinder Society Number: 275948-13
This Chronicle #:1 (i think? Onu hasn't played in a game before)
Starting XP: 0
Initial Prestige:0
Initial Fame: 0
Starting Gold: 36 G, 9 S
Faction: Grand Lodge

Seldiir Elberion wrote:

Character: Seldiir Elberion

We were in a game together, Seldiir and another of my characters. Nice to see you again.

The Exchange

Player: Watery Soup
Character: Lai Tsuan
Pathfinder Society Number: 2358909-4
This Chronicle #: 2
Starting XP: 1
Initial Prestige: 2
Initial Fame: 28 (Fame is per player, not per character, correct?)
Starting Gold: 19
Faction: Exchange

Grand Lodge

Player: TColMaster
Character: Shagar Batul
Pathfinder Society Number: 329026-5
This Chronicle #: 4
Starting XP: 3
Initial Prestige: 4
Initial Fame: 6
Starting Gold: 1062
Faction: Grand Lodge

The Exchange

On further research, I think Fame is by character. I have 2 Fame.

Grand Lodge

If there is still room, Ling is available, or use him as a backup.

Player: miteke
Character: Ling Chang
Pathfinder Society Number: 141936-16
This Chronicle #: 5
tarting XP: 4
Initial Prestige: 6
Initial Fame: 8
Starting Gold: 1,161.88
Faction: Silver Grand Lodge

Onu, Lai, and Shagar are in. Please head over to Gameplay for introductions. I'll start the briefing tomorrow. Ling, you'll be the alternate if there's a problem.

For those of you with questions about "This Chronicle #" in the check-in sheet, that's where you list what # the Chronicle you'll get for this adventure will be. You can figure that out by getting all of your other Chronicles for your character, making they're all in order, and seeing the numbers on the top-right. Lai, Fame is indeed per character not per player. You should be able to see your total on your most recent Chronicle for the character.

General advice: Keep your Chronicles for each PC together in numbered order, and make sure the numbers flow logically from one to the next.

Recruitment is now closed, thanks everyone!

The Exchange

Thank you.

A point of order: my character's given name is Tsuan. Lai is her family name - in Lung-Wa culture, the family name is the first name, and the given name is the last name.

Dark Archive

yep, it is my second adventure, so chronicle #2

Grand Lodge

Day Job Craft Alchemy: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (8) + 9 = 17

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