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Tier 3 to 6

I plan to Dm only one scenario at a time, and I picked this one.
Hey look, maps are up, as well as fill in the init, perception, and look at the handouts. When you pick a character and dot in, take a look at slides 1, 2 and 4. Not 3, not yet, 3 is the map.

The map

Grand Lodge

I've been saving this character for this scenario.

Player Name: Dax Thura
Character Name: Tchisk
Race, Theme, Class: Ysoki, Ace Pilot, Technomancer 4
PFS ID: 33973-703
Reputation with factions: Dataphiles 21, Second Seekers (Jadnura) 1 (Luwazi Elsebo) 1
Starting fame: 18
Day Job roll: None
Notes: AKA Eegar the Dark of the Abyss Dragons gladiator team. As Eager, he wears a fake eyepatch and his black robe is lined in white with black skulls.
Boons slotted
* Faction
Dataphiles Champion, Improved
* Ally
Dream Whispers Attention
* Personal
* Social
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Distinguished Ambassador
* Starship
Solar Powered Weapon System
* Slotless
Marked Field Agent
Private Vault (Vanity)
[ ] Star Sugar Heartlove!
Starfinder Insignia
Triunite Technotheurgy
* Special
Journey to the Scoured Stars

We are on the weekened, so signups will be slow, I'll give players till Wednesday to decide if they want to play this.

Player Name Supersuperlative
Character Name Chk'tarlsh
Race, Theme, Class Shirren, Mercenary, Soldier 4
SFS # 274536-701

I still need to finish updating his details following the recent Gameday. I will do so asap and post the other pertinent info then.

If I don't get 4 people by Wednesday, I will move this game over to mythweavers and see if I can get more.

Grand Lodge

Need to check to see if I have credit for this one or not, but if I don't I am expressing interest.


I will join you with Sarangari here.

Grand Lodge

I checked, and I do believe my level 4 Mystic Dream Prophet can play as as well.

Yes Trscroggs, oh and everyone, if you haven't already, go ahead and dot in gameplay and discussion.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

DoubleGold wrote:
Yes Trscroggs, oh and everyone, if you haven't already, go ahead and dot in gameplay and discussion.

Are you still looking for another player? I'd be interested in jumping in, if so. Soldier 4 or 5, need to clarify how a specific boon works to be sure on level.

Go ahead in Laubeso as I'm not at the six player limit yet.

Thanks double Gold. I've dotted in.

Will post later, after work.

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