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Raiding and destruction in Sterich. Heros are needed.
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So it begins

A few Campaign rules

Could everyone please put the following on their profile line

Class, level and race. Initiative bonus. Perception bonus and save bonuses. HP, AC and CMD

I will roll initiative for each combat, and list any current effects in play. I will also list players current HP, and damage done to opponents.

When in combat, if you can note what spells are currently affecting you, and your current AC if different to your normal, that would be awesome.

I encourage roleplay and inventive play, but I also expect civility from everyone. Tension between characters is fine, but not open hostility.

I will be setting up a roll20 campaign for the purposes of maps only. If you can send me an email address, via a personal post, and I will send you an invite to the page. Roll20 has a free option, which is all you need, but you will need to subscribe to it. They aren't pushy with adds or things. I will set that up within a day or so.

On occasion, I will roll perception and saves for you, as needed.

This campaign will be quite dangerous, and carefully considered actions will be rewarded. Simple charging in and trusting to the gods will likely result in a short game. Be warned.

If for some reason you cannot post, please let me know. I will bot characters for a little while, but not forever. I understand real life can be very intrusive, and I will take that into account, but ghosting is not appreciated.

I hope we have a long and interesting game ahead

The meeting with the local commander is short, as he says that time is short and the need is great. Adventurers are asked to head to Istivin as quickly as possible. He gives you the Kings token so you will not be stopped by the forces of Sterich or Keoland, and offers horses for the journey.

You leave the Refugee camp at Garethsford, cross the river and begin pushing west. The lands are quiet, with only a few moving through the area to the Javan reiver, and safety. There are still villages occupied here, but it is a nervous place. The local militia is on guard and you are watched carefully It is forty leagues (one hundred and twenty miles) from the banks of the Javan to the capital of Sterich, and the roads are basic. No raiders seemed to have pushed into this area, but as you pass people fleeing east, they tell you of giants, gnolls, goblinoids and orcs on the attack.

As you approach Istivin, you feel like you are walking into an approaching storm. An electric tingle causes the hairs to rise of the backs of your necks, and the very air tastes sharp and acrid. A sense of unease grips you, and you think someone is watching you.

You push on, and cross a rise and can now see what has happened to Istivin from several miles away. You gaze in shock. The rumours of dark magic seems to be true. Where the towers of the Earl’s citadel should rise, there is instead a large, ebony sphere as if a god had taken the city and left in its place a huge black pearl. As the characters approach, they see that the hemisphere cuts through the city around the citadel like a knife, and buildings are literally cut in two by the perimeter of the black bubble.

About a half-mile from the city, you encounter a Keolandish patrol. The leader of this group says that the area is under the King’s protection and no one is permitted without the express consent of the King’s Agent. Further, any adventurers seeking to aid in repelling the evil that has befallen the area should report to the King’s Agent.

You are given directions to the base of the King’s Agent, and his name, Lashton. Following the directions, you find him is a palatial manor, outside Istivin. You are ushered into Lashton’s
chambers, which is filled with ornate pieces of art and other objects “rescued” from the city. The Agent is here with two other men, and he is bellowing something about an error in one of the books he is reading.

He looks at you as you are issued in. He is wearing a noble's outfit and has the badge of a mage of the King’s court.

Well, who the hells are you lot?

The guard who escorted you in says These are adventurers who have answered the king's call, your excellency.

Lashton looks you up and down. He doesn’t seem impressed.

Hmph. I guess standards have dropped. Well, if you are to take the King’s quest, you must understand that you obey my orders for the duration, and also those of the local military commanders. Though, of course, I supersede them. My authority comes from the King himself, as signified by his seal he has granted me.

He seats abruptly in a chair. Behind him, you see one of the other men, dressed as a priest of Pelor quietly sighs, and gently shakes his head. The second man is dressed in non-descript robes.

Lashton continues

Well, who are you? What are your skills, so I may know how to apply you to best effect?

Roll knowledge nobility if you want information on Lashton. DC 30 (he is pretty obscure)

DC 30 know nobility:
Lashton is minor nobility, from the south, and is ambitious to prove himself to the King. He is a rather potent wizard, having obtained a masters rank (higher than 9th level) He’s also known as a bit of a prat. It is odd the king trusts him on this, and that could explain the Priest of Pelor

Dwarf Oracle 7 AC20, HP46/(62FL), F3,R4,W7; Init.+1; Perc.+2; 20' CMD20 Buffs: Armor of Bones, Shield of Faith, Haste, False Life has expired

Mazrak will look at the horse, "Horses. Hmmph!" He will then work hard to climb aboard the creature. But the Dwarf Oracle gets used to it and decides after a while that this is better than walking.

When brought before Lashton, "I am Mazrak from a Dwarven clan under the Juten. I have slain several Ogres." He points to the bleached Ogre skulls on his back. "I believed they were led by giants. But after seeing Istivin..." He hesitates to gather his words, "it looks like there may be a bigger problem."

The Dwarf Oracle pauses, "As to skills, I can fight. I am good with a bow. And I can provide some healing and other things when needed."

Finally he looks at the finely dressed man and simply says in his low matter-of-fact tone, "I am here to help."

Wounds (0) NL (3) HP (70) AC30 (27/24/19, +3 DB) Saves (16/16/10 +2 DB, +2 vs Fire) Divine Bond (1/1) Initiative (+7) Panache (6/6) LoH 2d6 (9/9) Fire/Cold/Acid/Electricity Resist (7)

Eldric looked at the man who shared his habit with some relief. It was proof to him that, while the commander was boorish, they were truly on the side of the light. He stepped forward, and brushed his robes as he did so as if to remove dirt from them or to straighten them out.

He was of average height, was completely bald, and was lean. While not weak by any stretch of the word, he was no half-orc warrior or howling barbarian. In fact, the only thing that would set him apart from any of his brother monks was the scales which began on his forearms and covered his fists.

”Lord, I am Eldric, and have been given the name ‘Lightbringer.’ I am but a servant of Pelor.” As he said this he held his right hand up, causing it to be engulfed by flames. ”And I have come to spread Pelor’s holy light into dark places. I am trained in fisticuffs, which as you can see, is of a more lethal variety than normal. But my lord has graced me with some minor healing abilities as well. Nowhere near as much as Ser Mazrak, but enough to aid his work when needed.” With that he bowed politely so that another could speak.

Human Ranger (Skirmisher) 6 / Barbarian 1 | Init: +2 | Per: +11 | Fort: +11, Reflex: +8, Will: +6 | HP: 83 (of 83) | AC: 20, FF AC: 18, Touch AC: 12 | CMD: 20 | Conditions: None | Animal Companion: 'Whisper' - Large Wolf (7 HD) | Init: +2 | Per: +6 | Fort: +9, Reflex: +7 (Evasion), Will: +3 | HP: 57 (of 57) | AC: 19, FF AC: 17, Touch AC: 11 | CMD: 24 (28 vs Trip) | Conditions: None

Horek rides easily and during the journey to Istvin his allies meet the plainsman's close friend. About an hour outside of the village, Horek turns to his comrades and speaks. "It is time that you all meet Whisper. She has been my companion for many years and we fight well together. Where I go, so does she." Whistling loudly, the signal is answered in a few moments when an enormous grey wolf comes loping out of the nearby trees! It is obvious that the animal had been following her companion closely, but staying out of immediate view. Horek greets Whisper warmly, introducing her to each of his companions and making certain that the wolf has their scent. "Now she will fight for each of you as well, as strongly and as fiercely as I will." And with that, another is added to the company that rides to Istvin, in answer to the King's summons.

Approaching Istvin and after gazing at the ebon hemisphere for a long moment, Horek again sends Whisper out to hunt and forage until he returns. The plainsman knows that many townsfolk cannot understand the presence of such a large animal to be a good sign instead of ill. After entering the city and making the acquaintance of Lashton, he decides that his precaution was likely for the best. The haughty nobleman sets his teeth on edge, but Horek is careful to keep his voice neutral when he speaks. "My axe and bow are at the King's disposal, my lord. I have served as a scout in the service of several mercenary bands and I am skilled at surviving and spotting hidden dangers in the wilds. I am especially familiar with mountain travel, and I know much of the giants that are the enemy of these lands. I would fight them to the very end of my life, if you accept my blade."

M Elf Wiz Init +3/ HP 55/55 // AC: 24 16/T:15/FF:13 - Percep: +9/ F 7/R 7/W 7 (+2 v. ench) /CMB 3 - CMD 16 , Mage Armor, Shield, Mirror Image

k. nobility: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (12) + 12 = 24

Never heard of this guy. He seems to feel like he's important, though. Better just humor him.

Seltyn presents himself with a curteous bow.

Greetings from the elven peoples of Celene, my lord. I am Seltyn Sevenleaf, a wizard of some experience in combatting giants and the like. My magic can be used to aid my allies in eradicating the threat they pose, and I offer you my services.

Male M Human Ftr2/Inv5, Init +3, HP 60/48, AC 19/13/17, CMD 22, P +14(+16 v/traps), F +6, R +7(+8 v/traps), W +5(+7 v/ill,disb), Buffs: False Life

Knowledge (nobles): 1d20 + 4 + 1d6 ⇒ (20) + 4 + (2) = 26

Sigh, well it was a long shot anyway.

Jeeves is a tall, well-muscled human male in his late thirties who wears well-kept traveling clothes of good manufacture. He carries a guisarme in his left hand that he uses like a walking stick, and has a longbow slung over his back.

Jeeves bows low before responding to the wizard. "Greetings, Lord Lashton. My name is Jeeves and I was formerly in the employ of Duke Haemish of Keoland until his untimely demise at the Battle of Seven Hills nigh a year ago. I have since been honored to serve the crown of Keoland in matters of advisement and protection."

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Half-Elf, Summoner (Unchained, Soulbound) 7, +9 Init, +15/+19 Perc (After slash is next to Eidolon), F +5, R +6, W +6, 57 HP, 20/22 AC, 19 CMD

Before leaving the refugee camp Elnaril takes a minute to summon Parvo, his dragon agathion eidolon. "This is Parvo, he is my companion and my main fighting strength. I hope we will all get along well."

Elnaril rides almost as easily as the plainsman and Parvo easily keeps up with the horses, sometime running and sometime taking short hopping flights into the sky. As the group approaches Istivin Parvo calms down and walks calmly and carefully behind Elnaril's horse.

When introduced to the King's man Elnaril bows and greets him in native and well spoken Keolandish.

"I greet you Lord Lashton. My name is Elnaril Ilikas. I am a user of the arcane and a summoner by birth. My magic is used to strengthen others and this is Parvo my soulbound summon, he is my most direct combat force."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (4) + 14 = 18

Elnaril is very polite and exudes likeability. He is of average height with a lean frame and dark coloration of hair and eyes.

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