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Goblin Attack!
The new cathedral consecration ceremony gets interrupted by a surprise goblin attack!
Combat Map
Nice 3D map of sandpoint

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JohnnyBlack wrote:

@RHMG Animator: Excellent! Please let me know when is ready.

@Morgan the Menacing: It worries me a little what he is not going to return to Magnimar in quite some time, and will never finish the internship, as he is going to be very busy saving the world and all... Also, the "let's go to Sandpoint" sounds a little... vague... let's think in something good... maybe sent from Goblinworks? Does Goblinworks use glass items?

lol, nice, a 4th wall break and PFO reference.

speaking as a goblin squad member....

Sorry, will have the backstory up soon... busy few days!

Backstory with the couple edits up in the profile

Hello! I would like to submit Zomeraand for consideration.

Hopefully, I dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's with regard to character creation.

Please let me know if I need to make any adjustments.

@Livia Taviskin: no problem, you still got a couple of days

@Seamus Lightfoot: Complete and on the running!

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Welcome! Let's see... Loved the name, a good change to the "normal" ones. "Scholar and Know-it-all", nice! :D About his beliefs... what god does he follow? Am I seeing a "combat wizard"? I thought I was the only one doing that!

JohnnyBlack wrote:

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Welcome! Let's see... Loved the name, a good change to the "normal" ones. "Scholar and Know-it-all", nice! :D About his beliefs... what god does he follow? Am I seeing a "combat wizard"? I thought I was the only one doing that!

Sorry, I forgot to put Nethys and Irori as the gods he venerates. He's not so much a combat wizard as a "stay alive" wizard. He has a mixture of spells for different circumstances: some for helping him in his research,some for keeping his skin in one piece, some for fending off cut-purses and city toughs, and others for killing nasty things before they kill him! ;-)

Here's my entry to the recruitment, and human fighter planning on going into duelist. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for the consideration.

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Then I am the only one that does "combat wizards". They tend to die quickly and in a gruesome way. Your character is submitted and on the running.

@Anton Chauvelle: A city boy going into the wilds of the lost coast. If selected, please roleplay that. He has spent most of his life at Absalom, and now he is going into the wildlands. He would find a lot of new stuff there. Submitted and on the running.

@JohnnyBlack - I fully intend to. That's why he has a bedroll and calls it good. xD

JohnnyBlack wrote:

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Then I am the only one that does "combat wizards". They tend to die quickly and in a gruesome way. Your character is submitted and on the running.

Thanks! Combat Wizard or no, it's still very possible young Master Z will die quickly and in a gruesome way. I guess we'll see! (if he makes the party, that is)

Are background skills in use?
As I'd like to be using them to give skills the character would of learned growing up and getting a job.

@Anton Chauvelle: Anyway, if he needs something, he can always go to the store for it... What? No stores? :D

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Let's hope for the best, including him being selected.

@RHMG Animator: No, but is a good idea. Bring it up again if your character gets selected.

Here's Spazm0deus' updated witch.
Backstory's in the profile. If you want me to change the ending, I'll do so, though you mention we can solo our way to Sandpoint in your OP.

All the character questions are answered, I hope, in the background.

Me...I've been on these board for 5-6 years. Started back in the old days with 1st ed AD&D.

@Mara: A nice backstory. I believe you are missing your favored class bonus. Check Shivi's stats, I am not sure everything is ok. About the ending, the plan is for the characters to go from Magnimar to Sandpoint on foot. Can you change it to find the ship cargo and passengers disembarking to continue to Sandpoint on foot, and she goes along with them? What god does she follow?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@Anton Ionescu: I think your Init is +8. AC 19/18. Flat-Footed 17/16. Varisian is his mother's tongue, so feel free to get another one. Sounds weird, but there is another Anton submitted...

@Gyorgy Elberion: Now that I check, Varisian Tattoo is not a valid trait. And you are missing the Campaign Trait anyway. Can you change it? How does he know so many languages? I think the list should be Common (Chelish), Varisian (Mother's) and Elven (Int). Stealth I think is -2. I think you are missing your Favored Class Bonus. A recommendation... Knowledge (Nobility) will have very few uses in the Campaign.

@Seamus Lightfoot: I think you are missing your Favored Class Bonus.

@Anton Chauvelle: As Varisian is your mother's language, feel free to pick another language. I also think you should have one more gold coin. Sounds weird, but there is another Anton submitted...

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Shouldn't you have 32 more gold coins? And Will ST +3.

So far this is what I got:

Anton Chauvelle - Human Fighter - Cayden Cailean
Anton Ionescu - Human Figher - Shelyn
Gyorgy Elberion - Human Bard - Desna
Seamus Lightfoot - Halfling Paladin - Shelyn
The Magician, Zomeraand - Human Wizard - Nethys Irori

Almost ready
Livia Taviskin - Human Cleric - Shelyn
Luke Redwood - Human Fighter - ???
M'ara - Human Witch - ???
Morgan the Menacing - Elf Wizard - Nethys

DizzyP - Inquisitor - Shelyn
Hrothdane - Human Oracle - ???
hustonj - Human Barbarian - ???
RHMG Animator - Sorcerer - ???
The.Squirrel.Ninja - Elf Druid - ???


Last day for submissions is the 27th, so you still have time!

@JohnnyBlackYes! Apologies!

I took the alternate racial favored bonus so 1/2 Lay on Hands HP bonus. It’s in the profile now

JohnnyBlack wrote:
@Mara: A nice backstory. I believe you are missing your favored class bonus. Check Shivi's stats, I am not sure everything is ok. About the ending, the plan is for the characters to go from Magnimar to Sandpoint on foot. Can you change it to find the ship cargo and passengers disembarking to continue to Sandpoint on foot, and she goes along with them? What god does she follow?


Background updated.
Shivi , that was all kinds of wrong must have been some special rules applied in the previous game :)
She'll nominally worship Desna.
Favoured class bonus went into +1 skill point.

Actually a thought occurred to me. My initial idea way back was for M'ara to not know what her patron was a mystery that could be revealed as she advanced in power. Not sure if that's a thing you'd be interested in... assuming she's accepted of course :)

JohnnyBlack wrote:

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Shouldn't you have 32 more gold coins? And Will ST +3.

Oops. I fixed that. Thanks!

@JohnnyBlack - forgot about the free outfit. I've updated my gp total.

As far as the language, I hadn't imagined his mother to be Varisian, since he's from Absalom. I think that's the other Anton, who's from Sandpoint. Varisian is the language I picked for the starting point of Int bonus because it was something my character has picked up since leaving Absalom.

Also, I noticed there was another Anton submitted just after I submitted my entry xD

So I read this topic last night and it caught my interest. Still working on the character, but short of equipment and languages I am all done. Please consider me for the campaign.

I noticed there has not been an overly large number of healer submissions. I might be mistaken. I thought it might be fun to try playing the good witch.

I encourage others who have submitted characters to read her information. I would like to collaborate going into the campaign if selected.

edit: Languages done.

And I (formally) withdraw. Just got picked up for another game.

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I had a question. Are we allowed a feat that appears in the first players RotRL players guide and was later reprinted in Inner Sea World Guide. In particular, I'm talking about the Varissian Tattoo feat.

@Seamus Lightfoot: Excellent, thanks.

@M'ara: Explain to me that "patron" idea... Sounds interesting. M'ara is submitted and considered.

@The Magician, Zomeraand: Excellent, thanks.

@Anton Chauvelle: Yes, I got confused. Then Varisian is your extra language.

@Delin Chiri: Welcome. I got to say I loved the backstory, full of possible plot points. Normally I would fuss about the 8 CHA, but you weaved it so much in the character I can't say anything about it. :P About the travel from Magnimar to Sandpoint, will she travel with her extended varisian family or finally alone? What does she think of the Sczarni? Were her extended family Sczarni, even partially? Indifferent? Against them? Do you have any ideas where she came from? Why the runes in her baby blanket? Or should I go from there?

@hustonj: Congratulations! My loss. hope we can play together some other time.

@Slayde77: Better late than never. I would prefer not, but if you make a great character you will make me accept it.

RHMG's Submission

I'm still working on the background....

Unfortunately, I’ll have to back out. I just got accepted to another RotR PBP game. Have fun everyone this seemed like it was going to be a good game!

Sorry, I really wanted to be able to make a submission, but I can't see any way to make the character background work and still fit with the timelines without doing a complete rewrite. Good luck to all who made submissions.

JohnnyBlack wrote:

@Anton Ionescu: I think your Init is +8. AC 19/18. Flat-Footed 17/16. Varisian is his mother's tongue, so feel free to get another one. Sounds weird, but there is another Anton submitted...

Gotcha, updated. Thanks a lot. I went with Elven because I feel like he is the kind of guy to learn that to impress Elf women. As for the name, I'm not wed to "Anton," and could easily change it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Personally, I think it would be entertaining for two characters to have the same first name. That way, the rest of the party would have to come up with nicknames to distinguish them. Or, they could be inextricably paired because of it. "Let's have 'The Antons' take the lead into the tunnel", for instance.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

@Etna Venus Van Ash: Nice. Let me know when ready.

@Seamus Lightfoot: My loss. Congratulations, I hope we game together some other time.

@Slayde77: Sorry to hear that. Maybe some other time.

@Anton Ionescu: What would we do without the elf girls? Change it if you want, but see Zomeraand's point, I thought the same thing.

@The Magician, Zomeraand: I thought the same thing: "The first thing we will need to do is choose the nicknames for the Antons." I was also thinking of all the comedy the campaign can have with the naming confusion. "- We came to arrest that Anton warrior fellow!" "- But it's not me!" "- Nice try, Anton! Come along!" :D

As a public school teacher who often has multiple of a name in one class, I approve of this.

Sudden flurry of activity, and here I thought I was watching this like a hawk. Rereading things I realize I got a little too involved in making this character and didn't catch that you wanted to hear a bit about the player!

That said, I started playing tabletop in my mid twenties and started a few PBP campaigns on another forum shortly before turning thirty. I got back into real time games with a few discord groups in the last two years, but due to time constraints and frustration with people dropping/being flaky I find it hard to commit to more than a PBP campaign.

I have a fondness for builds I feel are original and classes that are seen as under powered. I'd rather play a barbarian pirate who is both intimidating and charming than one optimized to cleave. I try to take some minor detail about myself and make a fully fleshed character out of it.

I can change the charisma if you'd prefer. I just went with the stat set so she could have a little more wisdom than charisma since wisdom factors into her heal/scribe skills. The fact it fits her character is happy coincidence.

I don't imagine her foster mother or tutor would end their travels with their caravan just to coddle her. It would likely be simpler to play her as headed there with another caravan on her own. I wouldn't want to have my backstory forced on other players from the jump.

Sczarni are problematic. She wouldn't want to get involved with them, but at the same time would likely heal/aid any Varisian if they didn't commit a terrible crime. Her foster mother and tutor (I didn't specify that in backstory, though I did name him.) would likely be more belligerent about it while acting the same way. Rotten troublemakers this and scoundrels that... while helping them.

My intention with the blanket was to tie her in some way to the ruins that dot the landscape and the lost texts of the land. There is no plan for it beyond that. She has a mother, a father figure (Albeit a diminutive one.), and has no desire to find what caused her to be abandoned as she was. With that said, what she will find going forward is a mystery.

edit: I am fond of pulling from literature when it comes to names. Either using different versions of the name, or just using a neutral descriptor such as thing one and thing two. Did you know dingus is a neutral descriptor?

Hi, I got picked in the other game, so I'm withdrawing my.... interest? Hope I didn't waste your time.

I finished her equipment! Who knew writing materials were so cumbersome/expensive! Luckily Witches are cheap to shop for.

The 27th, huh?

I didn’t apply to this game before because I was already in the other RotRL recruitment that several people dropped out because of, but I wasn’t selected. If it’s not too late I think I’d like to start over on a different character and try my luck here?

@Anton Ionescu: Excellent!

@Delin Chiri: Thanks, but no need to change Delin's charisma, unless you want to. She goes on her own then. Loved her take on the Sczarni. Dingus is a neutral descriptor? I didn't knew. Submitted and on the running.

@Anthorg: No problem, I hope we can play together some other time.

@Giant Halfling: No problem on my part, hurry up, and let's hope the third one is the charm.

So, maybe this has been answered and I just missed it but I’m a little bit confused about what sources we’re drawing from. The initial post says CRB, APG, and the player’s guide only, but then it also says you don’t like gunslingers and eastern classes would need a great story, and none of those are from the three listed sources. Are we allowed to use archetypes and/or feats from Ultimate Combat (where gunslingers, ninja, and samurai are found)? Could we make a magus or use other options from Ultimate Magic since they sort of go together?

Yes, the primary meaning of dingus is a thing or object. Much like saying a widget. Sometimes used when you can't remember what it's called. Sometimes use to describe someone you don't want to be insulting to, or who makes you laugh with foolish behavior or silly actions. Sometimes used to describe someone doing something stupid if amusing.

The first impression most have is in the most unfavorable light.

@Giant Halfling: My bad, I somehow forgot that Gunslingers, Ninjas, and Samurai were not in the Advanced Players Guide. I would prefer we limit ourselves, at least this time, on the Core, Advanced Player's Guide and Rise of the Runlelords Player's Guide only.

@Delin Chiri: Got it!

Cool, thanks for clarifying. It's been an interesting challenge trying to sort through the options in just those 2 books, but I've done rough drafts of three different characters now and the one I'm most excited to play is Liam Stoutspear.

Liam is a human of mostly Ulfen descent who grew up in a small settlement in the plains between Sandpoint and Nybor. He's a ranger who worships Erastil (devoutly enough that he might end up dipping some levels in inquisitor at some point) and enjoys helping people. Mechanically, he'll be scout who can contribute in melee or ranged combat.

It's getting pretty late where I am, so I'm going to go to bed but I think I should have everything ready to post in the next 12 or so hours.

JohnnyBlack wrote:

@M'ara: Explain to me that "patron" idea... Sounds interesting. M'ara is submitted and considered.

If I remember correctly, at the time I couldn't settle on a patron before the start of the campaign, and the GM and I mutually decided on a slow-reveal of my witches' patron's nature.

I thought it was a cool idea, instead of looking at the patron list and seeing exactly what was to come by way of extra spells, it would be revealed more as an ingame event, as the mystery of the patron was revealed over time. I also agreed to forgo the 1st level ability granted until the first extra spell was revealed at level 2.

Unfortunately, that game died early on so the idea was never attempted.

Okay... I think everything you asked for regarding the character should be included in one of the spoilers below. Some of it might not be explicit enough, though, so please feel free to ask questions if you'd like more clarity. I'm home sick today so I'll likely be checking the thread pretty often.

As for me, I've been roleplaying for more years than I care to admit (because I'm getting old), and I started playing Pathfinder while it was in Beta testing. A few years ago I was very active on these forums but life got really hectic and I had to step away. Things have calmed down and I'm looking forward to slipping back into a game. I typically try to post once a day during the week and once over the weekend, although I also make an effort not to get too far ahead if someone else is falling behind (and to post faster when appropriate, like if we're in combat).

Lief Stoutspear
Deity: Erastil
Alignment: Neutral Good

Racial Abilities:
Bonus Feat
Heart of the Wilderness- +1/2 character level to survival checks, +5 to stabilize

Class Abilities:
Ranger 1
Wild Empathy: influence animals as diplomacy skill; bonus = ranger level +Cha mod.
Track: +1/2 level to survival checks to find or follow tracks (minimum +1)
Favored Enemy: bonus to hit/damage, bluff, knowledge, perception, sense motive, and survival
- Humanoid [goblinoid] +2

Traits, Feats, and Skills:

friends and family [campaign]
armor expert [combat]

1- point blank shot
Human- power attack

Skills (6 +0 Int):
Climb +6 (1 rank +3 class +2 Str)
Handle Animal +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Cha)
Ride +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Dex)
Stealth +7 (1 rank +3 class +3 Dex)
Survival +6 (1 rank +3 class +2 Wis)
Swim +6 (1 rank +3 class +2 Str)

Languages: Common, Ulfen

studded leather, explorer’s outfit, wooden holy symbol [Erastil]
greataxe, shortsword; longbow, quiver of arrows [20]
alchemist’s fire, holy water
masterwork backpack: bundle of arrows [20] x2, torch x5, grappling hook, hemp rope [50’], iron spike, flint and steel, bedroll, blanket, waterskin
belt pouch: 33 gold, 3 silver

guard dog (Ingrid)

Combat Stats:

Str 14 Dex 16 Con 14
Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 10

HP: 13 (1d10 +2 Con +1 FCB)
AC: 16 (touch 13, flat-footed 13); CMD: 16

Fort +4; Ref +5; Will +2

Longbow +4, 1d8; 20/x3; 100’ (+5, 1d8+1 within 30’)
Greataxe +3, 1d12+3; 20/x3 (pa +2, 1d12+6)
Shortsword +3, 1d6+2; 19-20/x2

Lief was born in a small agrarian settlement in the wide Varisian plain north of the Yondabakari River, between Sandpoint and Nybor. Generations earlier, his Ulfen ancestors had left their homes, north of Kalsgard in the Land of the Linnorm Kings, and migrated south after hearing of this warmer, more fertile land. They have, thus far, found the rumors to be true and the community, with Erastil’s blessing, has flourished over the years. Although they trade, and occasionally inter-marry, with Varisian caravans and Shoanti nomads, the settlement has mostly maintained its Ulfen character.

Lief’s father, Sigurd, is one of the village Elders, being the firstborn son of a firstborn son back to the original settlers. Lief, however, is the third of four brothers. His oldest brother, Ulfgar, is married with two sons of his own and has mostly taken over the running of the family’s lands. His second brother, Kjell, is newly married and lives and works in the settlement as a tanner and leatherworker. His youngest brother, Erik, still lives at home. Lief also has three sisters. The oldest, Astrid, and youngest, Olga, are both married and living on farms in the settlement; his middle sister, Sigrid, married a Varisian merchant and now lives in the big city of Magnimar.

Lief had a pleasant childhood. His father is a kind man and his mother, Helga, is patient and affectionate. Living near the center of the settlement, they were never directly affected by the goblin attacks that would periodically trouble families on the outskirts. Helga had served as an acolyte at the settlement’s modest temple of Erastil before marrying Sigurd and was very careful to make sure that her children knew the appropriate prayers and rituals for his worship, and were grateful for his protection and provision. When Liam reached adolescence he began to spend a great deal of time with his uncle, Eilif, a respected hunter and a leader among the settlement’s militia. Eilif taught him to fight, to track prey, to get along in the wild, and to protect people from the dangerous things that live there, especially the local goblin tribes. He also shared stories from his times away from the settlement and the adventures he had escorting caravans and rooting out a nasty little bands of goblins near other towns and cities.

Sadly, last winter Eilif was struck by a fever that neither he nor the local priest could cure. After his death, Lief determined to have some adventures of his own, and perhaps continue his uncle’s work of safeguarding communities from the threat of goblins. Despite some concerns from his parents, in the spring he took a job escorting a Varisian caravan to Magnimar. They arrived safely and he has spent the last few weeks catching up with Sigrid and meeting his newest nephew, Henric Eilif Nemescu. His time in the crowded city has been somewhat overwhelming though, and when he heard news of a new temple honoring Erastil to open in the smaller town of Sandpoint it seemed like an excellent reason to continue his journey. The fact that Sandpoint, and a goblin-hunter there by the name of Daviren Hosk, had figured so prominently in a number of his uncle’s stories only made the opportunity that much more appealing.

appearance and personality:
Lief stands just over six feet tall with broad shoulders and an athletic build. His blond hair and beard, and bright blue eyes, are obvious indicators of his Ulfen heritage. He wears studded leather armor and carries a longbow and a greataxe, both of which he seems comfortable handling, and a wooden holy symbol of Erastil hangs around his neck. His face is surprisingly weathered for a man of barely twenty years and his natural expression seems rather stern.

Despite that appearance, however, Lief is far from stern. He has his father’s kindness and his mother’s patience. He is quick to come to the aid of others and tends to see mistakes as occasions for learning rather than cause for punishment. He is a friendly man and often initiates conversations with strangers, though he lacks the natural charm often found in people of that disposition. He is usually accompanied by his chestnut-furred hound, Ingrid, and he often speaks to her like they’re having a conversation if there isn’t an interested person for him to speak with.

My background ends with the decision to leave Magnimar, but I made no attempt to define how because I assume there will be some discussion amongst the group about that after selection. If not, I will look for work escorting a caravan to Sandpoint in time for the festival.

edit: oh, and I changed the name slightly- Lief feels more Ulfen

@Giant Halfling: Excellent! Let me know when ready.

@Spazmodeus: Got it, sounds nice. If selected, we need to talk more about it.

I believe he's totally ready. I have an alias ready to go also, if selected.

Didn't saw your post! Glad is ready. Let me check.

I might have ninja'd you if you had the window open for a little while, lol.

I think Enta's backstory is good, as a poor farming family has no real reason of cash to make random trips or have the cash to help their child learn something in a distant city and come back for an event.
It is also a bit like a repeat of the past for her but this time she can do something to get her foot in the door to her dream.

I just noticed a mistake... my handle animal should be +4, not +7; I copied it from another character and forgot to adjust it for my charisma.

@Giant Halfling: Nice way to adapt the "Friends and Family" trait to us starting in Magnimar. Your horse, of course, is in Sandpoint, and you will get it when (if) you get there. Lief is on the running.

@Etna Venus Van Ash: The issue with your background is that we start the adventure at Magnimar, and you will travel (on foot) to Sandpoint. Kurgress? First time I hear of him. I would ask to change it to a more "common" god, but is only a recommendation, if you think is fundamental for your character leave it. It is not going to be something to "disqualify" Etna for. The Metamagic Master trait is not valid, please change it. We are not using Background Skills (yet). The skills seem off. Can you check them?

Cool, now to just wait anxiously to see who gets picked...

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