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Welcome back Vedrir! I hope that you enjoyed your vacation.

@Nomyra, I haven't had the chance to look at the sheet recently and I don't recall exactly how much we have on there. I would imagine the weapons and the like wouldn't bring much of a return, but from memory we had a few other treasures/gems that should bring a reasonable amount. I'm okay with selling anything that we don't need.

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Oh yeah, vacations were great. Good to be back. WIth regards to lvl up I am considering if taking Field Dressing as a theorem would be useful for the team:

https://thehiddentruth.info/player/class/biohacker/theorem?page=FieldDressi ng

@Puzle what do you think? As I know you can restore stamina as well.

There are other options for theorem, I am happy to hear your thoughts.

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FYI, we have a local con this weekend, and I'm on the hook for organizing PFS there. I may be a little slow this week, and a little slower still over the weekend. I should still be able to post occasionally, but feel free to bot Kit as needed.

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Sorry about the delay in replying Vedrir. If you like the Field Dressing as a theorem then by all means go for it!

In terms of my plan for Puzzle, Inspiring Boost is on the wishlist, but not at the top - I'm looking at more tactical options given his analytical background. So don't worry about stepping on my toes! :)

Btw those expertise options I was referring to are Clever Feint (just picked up), Clever Attack, Improved Get 'Em, then maybe Inspiring Boost or another tactical option, depending on how things pan out.

Sorry everyone. Life has been a little busy the past couple of days. I'll try catch up and post asap.

No worries Supersuperlative, thanks for letting us know.

Ok I lvl up Vedrir to lvl 2. I looked again at the theorem and decided to not go with FieldDressing. It would allow me to restore 3 Stamina points to an adjacent creature which is a bit low. At lvl 4 it gets to 1d6+3. But given that you can do it only once for each PC I don't think we would benefit from it :(

I decided to go with: Treat Condition that allows me to heal sickened, staggered or shaken condition.

Which is situational but could have a greater impact, if we got affected in a fight.

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Hey Kate, listening to the latest Know Direction Beyond and they are saying very nice things about you! :)

Also, currently playing (almost finished) the scenario with the morlamaws ;)

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No post tonight

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Thanks, supersuperlative, I'll have to listen to it!

Nomyra wrote:
Thanks, supersuperlative, I'll have to listen to it!

No problem. Make sure you do! :)

@GM Flash - I'd erred on the side of caution in terms of the amount dialogue, given we were still in initiative. I wasn't sure on use of social skills within the 6 second round.

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Another night not posting.

I've been really busy lately, this the inconsistency with daily posting. Also, I have a trip coming up that'll have me with very limited time/internet access (phone only) from Saturday evening until Friday (6ish days). I know we're just getting going on Part 2, but after my next post or two (tomorrow ish) there will be a temporary pause before we pick back up again next weekend.

Thanks for letting us know AFlashInTIme. Safe travels!

Thanks for the update. All good.

Happy travels!

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Thank you for letting us know. And have a good trip.

Everyone doing okay? It's been pretty quiet around here of late.

I hope you're all well!

Likewise. I am doing fine just have a mantrailing workshops with my dog this weekend. However I am waiting for us to move forward

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I'm still here. A bit more busy with work during the weekdays (or at least a bit less access to computer during work days) then I've been used to for the past few years but mostly just waiting to see what happened after we decided to move forward with caution.

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Hey folks.

Apologies for not being more communicative. This last week was really busy for me, but in the type of way where each day I thought I'd have more time the next day to get caught up. Long story short, that clearly didn't happen, and here we are.

In the future I'll err on the side of overcommunication instead of "oh I'll be caught up tomorrow, no need to post that I can't post tonight".

Appreciate everybody's patience! Next post up very soon.

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No worries, it happens over a long campaign!

No problem! I'm sure we've all been there before - I known I have!

Will post in gameplaybas soon as able.


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I think we should try to calm everyone down...but right now I have no clue what to say other then "calm down" ...and I know that in some cases that just tends to tick people of more..so unless I happen to roll stellar on my diplomacy I'm not sure how to handle this.

Hey everyone. Sorry about tardiness - life has been a little hectic this week.

Will post as soon as I am able. Please move on without me, if needed.

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Hey folks,

Planning on getting back to posting tomorrow. With COVID-19 really starting to make waves in the US, my parents (who live nearby) decided to take advantage of everything shutting down by spending both days visiting or having us visit. I've been trying to balance maximum social distancing with letting so far healthy grandparents see their so far healthy grandchild when nobody's interacted with anybody else since Friday. Anyway, this cut into my ability to do lots of things, including update! I expect to have better luck tomorrow. Appreciate your patience with my sporadic posting lately.

No worries AFlashInTime, this is crazy times. When I walk the dogs it's like a ghost town now. Stay healthy all!

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Enjoy their company while you can before everyone is quarantined at their own homes.

So far it's not that bad here but we've been getting increasing measurements to contain the spread of the corona virus so who knows where it might end.


Dennis and I are in the Bay Area so we just got a shelter in place order today. It's so wild.

GMAFlashinTime wrote:
The normal entryway is from the south/bottom of the map, but you can approach and try to sneak in through the vehicle port through the north/top. I believe the windows are available from the street.

Ok I added some arrows on the map. Two green arrows indicate doors to the building (as long as I read the map well)

The red arrows mark windows (again, assuming that my understanding of the map is ok).

Blue arrow points at the car parking gate.

Given how the entrances are located I believe we should be approaching from North/top of the map. Then we would have to pass the gate with guards to get to the entrance close to the southern side of the map.

If we would go from the south, the guards would have to stand next to doors for that to have any sense.

If what I write above is correct we could try to check the northern windows if we can enter from that side.

Thanks, Farol. I'd been mid-post since yesterday, so hadn't seen the update here until after posting.

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I saw Farol's post yesterday and then thought I'll respond to it a bit later...and then a bit later became an entire day.

If what the GM wrote about the fence being newly erected could mean it's possibly not put together that well...we might be able to find a weak spot and sneak in that way through the SE corner? I think there are more windows there (I've put an orange arrow next to those).

If those sorta torch like things on the corners are camera's we just need to obscure 2 of those for a while and we should have a decent shot to get in relatively unnoticed.

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This feels like we're in one of those decision points that can take forever in PBP while we brainstorm ideas. Does someone have one clear proposal for how we get in?

I'm fine with the 'talk our way in' option, if nobody has some cool alternative in mind for their pc to try?

Will post something to that effect later today, if nobody has any objections?

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No, unless we get a clear clue on what might work one option is as good as another right now as far as I can tell.

If we go with talking Wyrd will cast charming veneer on everyone for a +1 circumstance bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks for the next 10 minutes so we have a slightly better shot at it through

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I should clarify that Kit doesn't have any ability to remotely hack the cameras, other than to shoot them.

And when Puzzle will want to talk Vedrir will once again stab his with his booster to give him +2 bonus for skill rolls (lasts 3 rounds).

"You might feel a small pinch." ;)

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Good news on two fronts: first, everything's starting to settle into to a new "normal" for now, so barring weird changes I should be able to post with more regularity. Second, we've successfully navigated a "what does everybody do?" situation that PbP seems terrible at resolving. Now that people are on the map with a clear objective, there should be something for everybody to do again.

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Hi everyone!
Sorry about my reduced presence the past few days - major crunch at work as we make preparations to work remotely.

Will try and post later today.

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No problem, I had the same issue. It's very disrupting to your day-to-day routine. I'd expected to have more time behind my computer for things like posting on the Paizo site but some how it's less. I'm still not sure how that happened.

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Yeah, I'm home all the time now, but I haven't quite figured out my PBP routine.

Hey folks, I work remotely on a regular basis (full time for the past couple of years) so I have no problem with my PBP, the issue is that my PC is not a speaking guy :( So I can't take this social encounter on me.

So, how's the start of Outpost been treating everyone so far?

I saw a few familiar names on the sign up sheet playing and running games ;) Unfortunately they were the scenarios I'd already played or a different tier.

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I play a couple of SFS and PFSv2 games and I am enjoying it so far. Couple of teams were able to interact with each other a lot which I always enjoy.

One of the tables is Grehunde's Gorget written by one called Kate Baker ;) I heard she is a great tank and even better author. I will write my opinion after my game is over but I am very excited to play it.

On top of that, I was able to sign up for two Revvy's tables (SFS: one special and Corporate Interest). Overall great experience so far.

How about you?

Awesome! I had a limited range of options due to having played most scenarios being offered, or out of tier, but managed to secure two SFS games, both of which happen to be GMed by GM Valen, which I didn't realise until later.

I got a 3-4 Special (my first time playing a special, so it has been a great so far!) and another lvl 1 scenario.

And I picked up a game a few weeks back against my better judgement, but it was perfect for one of my pc's.

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I'm only running 2 games (both of them have Farol in them ;) and not playing in any during this gameday.

The only scenario's I hadn't played yet are being run on discord and I found out at the previous gameday that I'm not enjoying a game run on there as I do on here. Gm-ing was oke-ish all though I kept on messing up the formatting and the dice bot, but while playing one as a PC I lost some of the story. Not sure if I'm just used to games on the Paizo site or if it's something else. I also had some troubles with Mythweavers and other platforms when games we're offered there.

Female N korasha lashunta wild warden soldier (armor storm) 2 | SP 14/14 HP 18/18 | RP 5/5 | EAC 15; KAC 18 | Fort +3; Ref +2; Will +2 | Init: +2 | Perc:-1, SM: -1 | Speed 25ft | Active conditions: none.

I'm playing a few games, including both specials, and I'm GMing two author slots! All on the Paizo forums for me, too.

CG male space goblin mechanic (exocortex) 2 | SP 14/14, HP 14/14, RP 4/4 | EAC 14, KAC 15 | F+4, R+6, W+0 | Speed 35 ft., Init +3 | Perc +5 (Darkvision), SM +0 | Rifle battery: 20/20, spare: 20/20, 20/20, 20/20 | Current conditions:

It's been pretty hectic for me. I'm the overseer GM for the Pathfinder special, which took a fair bit of time and effort to launch on Sunday night. I'm also GMing a table of the Starfinder special, though thankfully I've GMed that one before, so know it pretty well. I'm GMing a table of the quest I wrote, A Curious Claim, as well. I'm only playing in one game, since I'm doing so much GMing.

Revvy, I've had the same experience in the handful of Discord games I've played in. I have a hard time tracking everything in that format, for some reason.

Wow, everyone's so busy! That sounds so awesome, though.

Thanks for sharing all that - I feel humbled to be sharing this game with all of you!

Also, remember to take care of yourselves amidst all this gaming goodness!

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Outpost has been fun! I'm not running any games this time (work was crazy before COVID and now... I dunno, I'm enjoying playing instead of juggling running 2-3 games plus you all :P ), but I am playing in the SFS special (I procrastinated so I only got in a 1-2, oh well) and am trying Play by Discord for the first time. It's interesting!

Anybody else want to say anything in Game Play before we move on? I see most people posted in the Discussion but didn't chime in in-character!

Sorry was a bit pressed for time earlier. Didn't want to rush and IC post, where as the chat is much easier to fire off.

Posted now!

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