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Stepping into the Dawn of Flame Adventure Path

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Got busy this evening but should be able to post tomorrow. Thanks

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No problem, thanks for letting us know though.

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Can I kindly request that we remove downed opponents from the map? I had missed the fact that the protean was down (completely my bad for misreading your post) and spent the last two rounds firing at the thing in the doorway rather than coming in and firing at the magma elemental. With my rolls it didn't matter one way or another, but I know I would find it helpful if downed enemies could come off the map or have an red X through them or something, some way to visually indicate that they are down.

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I can absolutely make that change for enemies that are down.

Also, something that came up during the last fight, would anybody have an issue for me auto-rolling "recall knowledge" checks to ID creatures for your characters when you see them? I'd imagine this check would happen "in-character" when you see something as a reflex, not something that after 6 or 12 seconds you'd go "oh wait, have I seen this before?"

I'm also planning on auto-rolling (essentially visual-only) perception checks when you enter a new room as an initial glance-around the room. This would potentially miss things in the room that you could only find by actively searching it (opening drawers, etc) but could see creatures hiding in shadows, etc.

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Auto knowledge checks when we see something makes sense to me. There's still Vedrir's take 20 on knowledge checks to identify though, which I think is a move action?
I tend to forget to ask for a knowledge check sometimes until I half way through the combat remember that knowledge would be kinda handy ;)

I did have the plan to outfit our AI with knowledge chips and then asking her what we're facing so that would be a separate check later.

I'm fine with the auto rolling on perception checks as well, but then you'd need to roll every room..otherwise I think there's a chance that you roll that we (well..I at least ) might start to meta think there must be something here, and then might start to reason even if we had thought to search that now we can't anymore because we know we might find something. Actually, rolling behind a spoiler block makes sense. Even if the spoiler block is empty I can forgo looking cause...well spoiler block.

Yeah I am fine with that

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I can roll for every room to keep it consistent. And you'd be looking around every room you enter unless there was some specific reason you wouldn't be.

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However you want to run knowledge checks and perception checks is fine with me.

I'm a mean GM and make folks wait until their turn, not because they wouldn't recognize it before then but because they wouldn't be able to share or act on their knowledge until they have reacted to the situation (AKA their first turn). I know plenty of GMs that don't do that, though, and I don't think it's any more 'right' then what you've proposed. Auto-rolling makes a lot of sense in a long PbP campaign (especially in Starfinder, with fast information technology).

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Would keeping knowledge check results in spoilers tagged for an individual help? Ex:



In theory Wyrd etc. shouldn't be reading it, and Kit can then relay it on his turn.

I'm fine with autorolling and use of spoilers as suggested, if it helps keep things flowing.

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Since you've been giving knowledge behind individual spoilers already I actually already assumed that would be the case

CG male space goblin mechanic (exocortex) 2 | SP 14/14, HP 14/14, RP 4/4 | EAC 14, KAC 15 | F+4, R+6, W+0 | Speed 35 ft., Init +3 | Perc +5 (Darkvision), SM +0 | Rifle battery: 20/20, spare: 20/20, 20/20, 20/20 | Current conditions:

Spoilers are good. I don't object to openly telling us either, if that's how you prefer to do it. Like I said, I don't claim my way is 'right', it's just how I do it.

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To those who celebrate Thanksgiving Day. All the best!

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In the near future I'm planning to make a Google Sheets doc to keep track of equipment you find, where you found it, who has it/is it used, etc. This is really the first room that has actual useful equipment beyond things that you can sell for credits.

I'd been thinking of doing the very same thing myself. Also a shareable doc with notes, npcs, etc.

If you set one up, would it help if one of us (happy to volunteer) maintain it? Just thinking of ways to share the load.

Thoughts, everyone?

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Sounds like a good idea, especially for an pbp group.

In person you can sometimes just shout at someone who's keeping track what we have stored in cash/equipment but having a list we can just look at is very useful.

Not sure how connected the books are in this adventure path but I remember adventures where the old rusty key from book one was used 2-3 book later and by that time we're most likely have forgotten all about that random key from weeks/months/years ago

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Finally home (I'd been traveling all week) so I should have time to but together some of those google sheets this weekend. No promises with holiday activities but I'm hoping for some time. And, I'd be more than happy to let one of the players maintain the sheets! Any/all volunteers are welcome as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for everyone's patience.

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Good job on Gm-ing. I didn't even notice anything requiring my patience ;)

Also I'd like to say I'm enjoying the game a lot. Lots of rp in the posts everyone are making. The combats so far have been challenging and we just found our first loot - yeah.

I think we'll have to retreat to our ship soon to recover, but we'll see how it goes.

Fire Starters Loot

So I never actually said what were in the two other lockers Kit opened. Oops. They contained:

-Azimuth laser pistol
-Autotarget rifle
-Light reaction cannon
-Black basic iridishell armor with the appearance of cooled magma

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"Good news, everyone!"

I've added a loot spreadsheet to the GMAFlashinTime profile. You can also find it Here

Check it out! Please mark your characters down by the items you're carrying that you've picked up. I'll see about going in later and updating item credit amounts; right now that doesn't seem especially important.

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Oh, Nomyra would totally take the iridishell armor.

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Everybody with the link should have the ability to edit the spreadsheet; we can totally say Nomyra took (and put on?) the armor in the last room.

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I marked 1 battery as claimed by me, I will leave the grenade for Wyrd.

I also hadn't noticed you'd been out of action. Good job!

Thanks for putting the sheet together. I've quickly updated what I could remember. Not sure about the grenades as I hadn't realised they'd all been claimed when I posted. Happy to miss out this time round,though. I'll look more closely later when I'm at a computer.

Enjoying all the RP so far too. I too think a momentary retreat mat be in order soon, but let's see what happens.

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Kit will take that laser pistol as a backup weapon if no one else wants it. If someone else wants it that's fine too.

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A busier evening. Posting tomorrow

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No problem. I appreciate you letting us know.

All good. Have a restful night.

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We have two party members that have agreed to continue forward (Kit and Vedrir) but there are lots of doors and nobody has suggested a specific course of action. Would everybody be okay if I randomly picked a door out of the available options? I assume since (I'd have to double check but I think) everybody has posted but nobody has offered a definitive "let's go here" option, largely the party does not have a specific direction (other than continuing on the ship) that they would like to explore first.

Not trying to take away player agency for deciding your characters' next steps, but also not wanting to spend 1-3 more days waiting for somebody to suggest "door #3" in character if nobody really has a preference.

Let me know if this will work for the group going forward or if you have another suggestion for how you would prefer to handle these situations!

Go for it GM. Maybe that would motivate us to select a tour guide that would pick the doors for us. Vedrir does not care really as long as we explore it whole.

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I think we just need to make quicker/better decisions to keep things moving. Personally I'm a bit hesitant to make decisions for the entire group by myself, but yeah..if nobody makes a choice it can take a long time to get anywhere.

The (my?) original plan was to head upwards/north assuming that's what the cockpit is located and there might be a computer with a captain's log we can access.
I agree with Vedrir, no preference as long as we go everywhere

[edit] I just saw we moved towards another door [edit] Going for the door with Angry Abs is fine as well ;)

My preference would be more toward something that makes sense from a narrative perspective, rather than a random selection.

That said, I don't have too much of a problem with it being randomly determined shoukd there be no clear consensus amongst the players.

As it currently stands, I am in favour of exploring our potential "contacts" on board in Abs and the "traitor", given our original intent of checking on what happened and if everyone is safe. At least until we have further evidence beyond a fickle sprite, an elemental and a possibly cursed azer that a peaceful approach isn't an option. :)

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I'm pretty much fine with whatever keeps the game moving, especially for stuff like "which door do we open next."

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Vedrir wrote:

"It is not a nice thing to say to a Lady." Says Vedrir, you could not have seen as he came in. Then he turns to Nomyra

"You look amazing Nomyra, but feel free to use the healing serum." Then he turns to Wyrd and gives him the look, He begins to go through the gear found.

I see Wyrd casting the charming veneer spell on Vedrir is paying off ;)

Wait for when Vedrir will say:

"Wyrd, your antlers look especially shiny today." If Vedrir would be a goblin I would totally say something like that :P

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So this guy is basically a spaceship engine dryad? That's kinda cool.

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Basically, or like a power core/fusion power dryad. Based on the lore, hespers were once incredibly rare but have become somewhat commonplace as more civilizations have taken to the stars.

I thought the art was pretty cool, too.

Thanks for sharing the art. I Think the idea of a tech dryad is pretty cool, too!

Fire Starters Loot

Unfortunately we're dipping into another combat here, despite the efforts to avoid it. If you'd like a peek behind the curtain on the Diplomacy math, check out the spoiler below. If you prefer the curtain remain in place, disregard!



Understandably given the circumstances, the party attempted a Diplomacy check to improve the hesper's attitude toward them. The hesper began with an attitude of unfriendly and has (perhaps surprisingly?) a Diplomacy modifier of +12, for a base DC of 22 (DC 10 + Diplomacy modifier or DC 15 + 1 1/2 * CR, whichever is higher). Per the rules under the Diplomacy skill in the CRB, an unfriendly starting condition increased the DC by 5 to DC 27.

The diplomacy rolls were not what the party was looking for. Puzzle got a 17 on their attempt, Wyrd got an 11 on his attempt, neither Nomyra nor Kit aided successfully, and Vedrir did not make an attempt. Due to the hesper's inherent suspicion of you all and its less-than-great mental state, I didn't see anything that the hesper would be willing to listen to that really merited any kind of bonuses (or penalties) to the rolls. The 17 result was 10 less than the DC 27 for the check, meaning that the roll was failed by 5 or more. This result angered the creature further, causing its attitude to worsen from unfriendly to hostile and initiating combat.

CG male space goblin mechanic (exocortex) 2 | SP 14/14, HP 14/14, RP 4/4 | EAC 14, KAC 15 | F+4, R+6, W+0 | Speed 35 ft., Init +3 | Perc +5 (Darkvision), SM +0 | Rifle battery: 20/20, spare: 20/20, 20/20, 20/20 | Current conditions:

Seems reasonable. We didn't exactly blow away our diplomacy attempt.


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Seems fare.

I'm just going to blame everything on a damaged reactor core leaking harmful radiation which is slowly poisoning everyone's mind aboard this ship and driving them paranoid and insane and not on our total lack of people skills ;).

We're trying to be nice and not kill everything, but they keep attacking us.

Thanks for the peek behind the screen.

Despite our attempts, it's seeming increasingly less likely that we will be able to find anyone aboard that is willing to listen. I suppose we have boarded their ship without permission, and all...

Oh,and let's not forget the paranoia inducing radiation leak ;)

We've pretty much wrapped up our Christmas Eve festivities, here.

Just some advanced notice that I will likely be out of action for the next 24-36 hours with Christmas stuff.

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With holiday celebrations it's fine if everybody's posts (including mine) aren't at the normal pace over the next 24-48 hours. Not a "break" exactly, but I'll shoot for back to "normal" on Thursday.

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I had SO wanted Puzzle to respond with "It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."

I had not expected that at all! That was a pretty epic catastrophe. No more returning to our ship for rests! LOL

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Happy New year from the US. Next post from me will not be tonight

Oh yes. Happy New Year, one and all!

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Best wishes for 2020 all. May your gaming be plentiful ;)

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Just wanted to clarify the events witnessed - did we see the Far Portal AND the Station plummet into the carona, or the just the Portal but the Station has now vanished?

I read it over several times but maybe I'm missing something.

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My apologies! The Portal is gone. Station is still there.

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