PFS1 Quest: "The Urge to Evolve"

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Short, non-reportable quest from The Kobold Quarterly (rewards are boons only).

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"The Urge to Evolve" is a short PFS1 Quest that originally appeared in an issue of The Kobold Quarterly. In real-time, it would take about an hour to play. Unlike most Quests, "The Urge to Evolve" is not reportable because it offers no XP, PP, or GP. There is a Chronicle sheet that offers boons upon successful completion. Because it's not reportable, no conditions have to be cleared and no consumables need be tracked. (Official guidance on these points are found in the GM Discussion thread). Although I've played a lot of PFS via PbP (and have two GM stars from tabletop games), this is my first time GMing in the format so I thought I would start with something pretty straightforward.

This is a Tier 3-7 adventure with the usual maximum of six players. If you would like to play, please fill out the check-in sheet information below:

Pathfinder Society Number:
This Chronicle #:
Starting XP:
Initial Prestige:
Initial Fame:
Starting Gold:

Grand Lodge

i'm in..will choose my toon afte the rest fill in what is needed...

Dark Archive

Player: Mark M
Character: Magt Jaeger
Pathfinder Society Number: 30504-6
This Chronicle #: 19
Starting XP: 18
Initial Prestige: 26
Initial Fame: 37
Starting Gold: 48.25
Faction: Dark Archive

If we end up low tier, I have others that I could bring.

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Anyone else interested? We need one more sign-up. This is a good opportunity to test out a fun character concept with essentially no risk.

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I'd like to make this table fire.

Unfortunately, I don't have any characters currently available within the 3-7 range, though I should have a level 6 or 7; available after the weekend. Otherwise, I could play a oregen.

Silver Crusade

If there's still room:

Player: Picciui
Character: Hrarsk Hghaftig
Pathfinder Society Number: #222040-2
This Chronicle #: 5
Starting XP: 8
Initial Prestige: 12
Initial Fame: 10
Starting Gold: 2713 gp
Faction: Silver Crusade

Silver Crusade

Correction: Initial fame is 12.

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Ok, great! We'll wait until Monday (so Lysle will have a PC) and then get started.

Dark Archive

Hrarsk, do you want the risk/reward of playing up? Or would you rather different characters to play down? I have a level 3 or 4 that I could bring instead.

Silver Crusade

This is my highest level PFS character, so I can't bring a higher level character. I don't mind what characters everyone else brings, but I think that my level forces us into a lower subtier anyway. Sorry.

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The boons you receive don't depend on what sub-tier you play at, so there's no real drawback to doing lower tier (since there's no gp or other rewards).

Grand Lodge

I have a lvl 6 toon i can bring...or one of a bunch of 2-3,s... just need to know what subtier we are playing

I've put some introductory posts in Gameplay, and you can now feel free to do descriptions and introductions of your characters.

It's of course up to you which PCs you want to play, and I'll calculate APL once everyone is in.

Dark Archive

I will bring a lower level guy. I will look up and post the stats and stuff after work.

I'll throw my hat in; what does the party need?

snapzilla22 wrote:
I'll throw my hat in; what does the party need?

Something quickly--the briefing is underway and I'd like to get this adventure moving :) Please fill out the check-in sheet here and introduce your character in Gameplay. I'm closing off recruitment from this point on.

Player: Stan A
Character: Narciso
Pathfinder Society Number: 120088-13
This Chronicle #: 9
Starting XP: 10
Initial Prestige: 14
Initial Fame: 16
Starting Gold: 3584
Faction: Sovereign Court

The Exchange

Player: Lysle
Character: Jovan Stonebriar
Pathfinder Society Number: 90900-3
This Chronicle #: 8
Starting XP: 12
Initial Prestige: 18
Initial Fame: 20
Starting Gold: 5878 gp
Faction: Exchange

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