Gods and Monsters and Heroes

Game Master Daxter

This is the story of a time long ago, a time of myth and legend. The gods used to be petty and cruel plaguing mankind with suffering. However, that time has long passed. The gods themselves have grown out of their petty squabbles and feuds and have realized that they were wasting their gifts. The gods are far closer to politicians than the lords they were in the time of old but no less powerful. In fact the gods themselves now live on Earth in the Hall of Olympieion. The building is less of a temple and more like a government building. The campaign takes place on ancient earth and will mostly center around the country of Greece and its neighboring countries.



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Thanks for the selection mighty GM. Cyrene waits for the messages of the gods!

As do I! Thank you!

Congrats you two.

GM, Thanks for your consideration.

Alrighty, taking this recruitment out of Tartarus itself. I am looking for a beefy melee of some sort to fill back up though if I see another good applicant I will pick up another PC as well. If you have any questions about the current plot, please PM me.

Character Creation Rules:
System: Pathfinder 2(Though I reserve the right to houserule stuff)
Free Archetype rules used.
Level: 10(they are currently 9)

Dotting in! Read the initial write up and am very intrested!

Honestly, I'm quite new to PF", so I don't know if a level 10 game is appropiate, but... I love an ancient times game like this one! I'll come up with something even if it is for getting used to make characters that level.

Somehow I missed that this is transitioning to 2E so I may take a bit longer in submitting cause like Jereru I am also new to the system, but I should have something together by the end of the weekend. Right now I am thinking a Champion of Hephaestus!

EDIT: Is it okay if we take uncommon/rare features? if so any limit on number?

The first one I saw that I want to take is Everstand Stance which makes fighting with just a shield more viable.

Uncommon/Rare just means you need to check with me before you take them on a case by case basis. It helps prevent the pc who takes every obscure feat/spell and then unleashes them on the campaign. That being said, Everstand Stance is fine. Hmmm.. Hephaestus is a god I admittedly haven't done much with...

DM Amazing Red wrote:
Uncommon/Rare just means you need to check with me before you take them on a case by case basis. It helps prevent the pc who takes every obscure feat/spell and then unleashes them on the campaign. That being said, Everstand Stance is fine. Hmmm.. Hephaestus is a god I admittedly haven't done much with...

Is it a problem that you haven't done much with him? if so I can work up on another concept. Just figured a dwarven paladin of Hephaestus who only uses weapons and armor he made himself would be a fun idea! also could we get new domain lists for the gods now that its shifted to 2e?

No, I just haven't thought to. Yes, I should have something up for tonight as far as domains go.

Perfect! thank you, also in terms of gear are we just using the lump sum 2300? Also if I have crafting can I pay full price for items but flavor wise say I made them myself assuming I have the capability to?

Yes to both.

Cool! I also know too much about Greek myth so this is right up my alley lmao. I'm thinking I might apply with a Corinthian nobleman; a thaumaturge with the champion dedication, most likely devoted to Apollo and driven by his own oracular visions of calamity.

Here is my submission! formatting is a bit weird it it may have some errors as I'm not as familiar with the system. Thanks for the help putting it together and the opportunity!

Also, I know that Bástya's belief that these gods are different is somewhat misplaced but she's new and green tailed so that will be learned in game if that works!

And obviously if any of the backstory doesn't work let me know and I can adjust it!

Bástya Thunderforge

Champion 10 (Paladin)
LG Male Anvil Dwarf
Senses: Perception (Wis) (T) +13 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +1 Wis)
Hero Points: X/3


AC (T) 31 (10 +10 Level, +4 Expert, +7 Armor)
HP 154 (100 +40 Con, +10 Dwarf, +4 Belt of Good Health)

Resistances: Slashing 3, Fire 2

Fort (E) +21/23 (+10 Level, +6 Master, +4 Con, +1 Item)
Ref (T) +19/21 (+10 Level, +4 Expert, +4 Mighty Bulwark, +1 Item)
Will (E) +16/18 (+10 Level, +4 Expert, +1 Wis, +1 Item)

Divine Grace (Reaction) Trigger You attempt a save against a spell,
before you roll. You call upon your deity’s grace, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to the save.

Shield of Reckoning (Reaction) Trigger A foe’s attack against an ally matches the trigger for both your Shield Block reaction and your champion’s reaction.
When you shield your ally against an attack, you call upon your power to protect your ally further. You use the Shield Block reaction to prevent damage to an ally and also use your champion’s reaction against the foe that attacked your ally.

Shield Block (Reaction) Trigger While you have your shield raised, you would take damage from a physical attack.
You snap your shield in place to ward off a blow. Your shield prevents you from taking an amount of damage up to the shield’s Hardness. You and the shield each take any remaining damage, possibly breaking or destroying the shield.

Retributive Strike (Reaction) Trigger An enemy damages your ally, and both are within 15 feet of you.
You protect your ally and strike your foe. The ally gains resistance to all damage against the triggering damage equal to 2 + your level (12). If the foe is within reach, make a melee Strike against it.
You surround evil targets in a punishing halo. If you hit with your Retributive Strike, the target takes persistent good damage equal to your Charisma modifier. (2)
Soft-Landing (Reaction) Activate envision; Frequency once per day; Trigger You begin to fall
You gain the effects of feather fall for 1 minute or until you stop falling, whichever comes first.


Speed 20 ft. (Base 20 ft)
Class DC (Str) (E) 29 (10 +10 Level, +4 Expert, +5 Str)
Spell DC (Cha) (E) 26 (10 +10 Level, +4 Expert, +2 Cha)
Divine Spell Attack Roll (Cha) (E) +16 (+10 Level, +4 Expert, +2 Cha)

+1 Striking Shield Boss +20 (2d6+7/2d8+7 B) (+10 Level, +4 Expert, +5 Str, +1 Potency) (Attached to Shield, Magical)
+1 Striking Composite Longbow +15 (2d8+4) (+10 Level, +4 Expert, +0 Dex, +1 Potency) (Deadly d10, Propulsive, Volley 30 ft, Magical)

Everstand Strike 1 Action, Press Requirement You are wielding a Shield in two hands.
Your follow-up blow leaves you an opening to set your shield. Make a Strike with the wielded shield. If the Strike hits and deals damage, you also Raise your Shield.


Str 20 (+5)
Dex 10 (+0)
Con 18 (+4)
Int 18 (+4)
Wis 12 (+1)
Cha 14 (+2)


Athletics (Str) (M) +21 (+10 Level, +6 Master, +5 Str)
Crafting (Int) (M) +21/23 (+10 Level, +6 Master, +4 Int, +1 Item, +2 feat)
Diplomacy (Cha) (T) +14 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +2 Cha)
Lore - Guild (Int) (T) +16 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +4 Int)
Lore - Smithing (Int) (M) +20 (+10 Level, +6 Trained, +4 Int)
Medicine (Wis) (T) +13 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +1 Wis)
Nature (Wis) (T) +13 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +1 Wis)
Occultism (Int) (T) +16 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +4 Int)
Religion (Wis) (T) +13 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +1 Wis)
Society (Int) (T) +16 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +4 Int)
Stealth (Dex) (T) +12 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +0 Dex)
Survival (Wis) (T) +13 (+10 Level, +2 Trained, +1 Wis)


Anvil Dwarf (Ancestry 1) You are a descendant of a famed crafter and have your own amazing talent. Other dwarves might consider this a blessing from your ancestors or from the Forgefather himself, depending on where you grew up. You become trained in Crafting (or another skill if you were already trained in Crafting) and gain the Specialty Crafting skill feat, but you can pick two different specialties instead of one.

Unburdened Iron (Ancestry 1) You've learned techniques first devised by your ancestors during their ancient wars, allowing you to comfortably wear massive suits of armor. Ignore the reduction to your Speed from any armor you wear.
In addition, any time you're taking a penalty to your Speed from some other reason (such as from the encumbered condition or from a spell), deduct 5 feet from the penalty. For example, the encumbered condition normally gives a –10-foot penalty to Speed, but it gives you only a –5-foot penalty. If your Speed is taking multiple penalties, pick only one penalty to reduce.

Specialty Crafting (Woodworking, Blacksmithing) (Background 1) Your training focused on Crafting one particular kind of item. Select one of the specialties listed below; you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Crafting checks to Craft items of that type. If you are a master in Crafting, this bonus increases to +2. If it’s unclear whether the specialty applies, the GM decides. Some specialties might apply only partially. For example, if you were making a Morningstar and had specialty in woodworking, the GM might give you half your bonus because the item requires both blacksmithing and woodworking.

Everstand Stance (Champion 1) You brace your shield with both hands, enhancing its potential for both offense and defense. When in this stance, you wield the shield with both hands. When wielding a shield this way, increase the weapon damage die of the shield’s boss or spikes by one step, and increase the shield’s Hardness by 2 when using the Shield Block reaction.

Scrounger Dedication (Archetype 2) You can Craft items even without appropriate tools or a workshop, though you take a –2 item penalty to your Crafting check. Additionally, you don't need a physical formula book to remember all of your formulas; you pay the same cost as normal to learn them, but you memorize them all.
You can Craft temporary items out of anything, anywhere, with whatever materials happen to be on hand, spending only 10 minutes to perform the initial Crafting check. The temporary item must be common, non-magical, 1st level or lower, and must be a weapon, armor, or a nonconsumable piece of adventuring gear. Instead of a single item, you can create 10 pieces of a single type of ammunition. This is a shoddy item, but you don't take the normal penalty when using shoddy items you made using this feat. Your temporary item lasts for 1d4 hours before falling apart into its raw components; the GM rolls the number of hours secretly. You can create only the physical item, not any information or magic, so for example, while you could create a blank journal or one of random pages, you couldn't use it as a scholarly journal or a religious text.
You can incorporate any materials or items that you have on hand, even if they're not the type of materials that would ordinarily be used to Craft a given item, though you must have enough volume of material to make the item you want. Unless all the materials you used were an appropriate type to make the item, you take a –5 penalty to the Crafting check (or a –10 penalty if the materials you used were particularly unsuitable, as determined by the GM).
Special You can't select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the scrounger archetype.

Divine Grace (Champion 2) Trigger You attempt a save against a spell,
before you roll. You call upon your deity’s grace, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to the save.

Quick Repair (Skill 2) You take 1 minute to Repair an item. If you’re a master in Crafting, it takes 3 actions. If you’re legendary, it takes 1 action.

Magical Crafting (General 3) You can Craft magic items, though some have other requirements, as listed in Chapter 11. When you select this feat, you gain formulas for four common magic items of 2nd level or lower.

Everstand Strike (Champion 4) 1 Action, Press Requirement You are wielding a Shield in two hands.
Your follow-up blow leaves you an opening to set your shield. Make a Strike with the wielded shield. If the Strike hits and deals damage, you also Raise your Shield.

Additional Lore (Smithing) (Skill 4) Your knowledge has expanded to encompass a new field. Choose an additional Lore skill subcategory. You become trained in it. At 3rd, 7th, and 15th levels, you gain an additional skill increase you can apply only to the chosen Lore subcategory.
Special You can select this feat more than once. Each time you must select a new subcategory of Lore and you gain the additional skill increases to that subcategory for the listed levels.

Reverse Engineering (Archetype 4) You are able to reverse engineer items into formulas more effectively than most. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Crafting checks to reverse engineer a formula
from an item. Additionally, if you get a critical success on your Crafting check, you can opt to not only create the formula but also reassemble the original item at the same time, leaving you with the formula and the item instead of the formula and raw materials equal to half the item’s value.

Defy the Darkness (Ancestry 5) Using ancient dwarven methods developed to fight enemies wielding magical darkness, you've honed your darkvision and sworn not to use such magic yourself. You gain greater darkvision, enabling you to see through magical darkness even if it normally hampers darkvision (such as the darkness created by a 4th-level darkness spell). You can't cast spells with the darkness trait, use item activations with the darkness trait, or use any other ability with the darkness trait.

Shield Warden (Champion 6) You use your shield to protect your allies. When you have a shield raised, you can use your Shield Block reaction when an attack is made against an ally adjacent to you. If you do, the shield prevents that ally from taking damage instead of preventing you from taking damage, following the normal rules for Shield Block.

Tattoo Artist (Skill 6) You can craft tattoos, including magical tattoos. When you select this feat, you gain the formulas for four common magical tattoos of 2nd level or lower. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Crafting checks to Craft tattoos. If you're a master in Crafting, this bonus increases to +2 and you gain the formulas for four common magical tattoos of 7th level or lower.

Hight-Quality Scrounger (Archetype 6) When you Craft a temporary item using Scrounger Dedication, it can be an item of up to 3rd level (though the item must still be a weapon, armor, or a nonconsumable piece of adventuring gear). You can instead Craft it for someone else’s use, allowing them to avoid taking the penalty for using a shoddy item when using it, but causing you to take the penalty if you use it.

Alchemical Crafting (General 7) You can use the Craft activity to create alchemical items. When you select this feat, you immediately add the formulas for four common 1st-level alchemical items to your formula book.

Quick Shield Block (Champion 8) You can bring your shield into place with hardly a thought. At the start of each of your turns, you gain an additional reaction that you can use only to Shield Block.

Impeccable Crafting (Skill 8) You craft flawless creations with great efficiency. Whenever you roll a success at a Crafting check to make an item of the type you chose with Specialty Crafting, you get a critical success instead.
Sentinel Dedication (Archetype 8) You have trained carefully to maximize the protective qualities of your armor. You become trained in light armor and medium armor. If you already were trained in light armor and medium armor, you gain training in heavy armor as well. Whenever you gain a class feature that grants you expert or greater proficiency in any type of armor (but not unarmored defense), you also gain that proficiency in the armor types granted to you by this feat. If you are at least 13th level and you have a class feature that grants you expert proficiency in unarmored defense, you also become an expert in the armor types granted to you by this feat. Special You can’t select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the sentinel archetype.

Battleforger (Ancestry 9) You can sharpen weapons, polish armor, and apply special techniques to temporarily gain better effects from your armaments. By spending 1 hour working on a weapon or armor, you can grant it the effects of a +1 potency rune until your next daily preparations, gaining a +1 item bonus to attack rolls for a weapon or increasing armor’s item bonus to AC by 1. This has no effect if the weapon or armor already had a potency rune.

Shield of Reckoning (Champion 10) (Reaction) Trigger A foe’s attack against an ally matches the trigger for both your Shield Block reaction and your champion’s reaction.
When you shield your ally against an attack, you call upon your power to protect your ally further. You use the Shield Block reaction to prevent damage to an ally and also use your champion’s reaction against the foe that attacked your ally.

Inventor (Skill 10) You are a genius at Crafting, easily able to determine how things are made and create new inventions. You can spend downtime to invent a common formula that you don’t know. This works just like the Craft activity: you spend half the Price of the formula up front, attempt a Crafting check, and on a success either finish the formula by paying the difference or work for longer to decrease the Price. The difference is that you spend the additional time in research, design, and development, rather than in creating an item. Once it’s complete, you add the new formula you invented to your formula book.

Mighty Bulwark (Archetype 10) Thanks to your incredible connection to your armor, you can use it to shrug off an incredible array of dangers. Your bonus from the bulwark armor trait increases from +3 to +4, and it applies on all Reflex saves, not just damaging Reflex saves.


Shield Ally (Champion 3) A spirit of protection dwells within your shield. In your hands, the shield's Hardness increases by 2 and its HP and BT increase by half.

Weapon Expertise (Champion 5) Your proficiency ranks for simple weapons, martial weapons, and unarmed attacks increase to expert.

Armor Expertise (Champion 7) Your proficiency ranks for light, medium, and heavy armor, as well as for unarmored defense, increase to expert. You gain the armor specialization effects of medium and heavy armor.

Weapon Specialization (Champion 7) You deal 2 additional damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you are an expert. This damage increases to 3 if you’re a master, and to 4 if you’re legendary.

Champion Expertise (Champion 9) Prayers strengthen your divine power. Your proficiency ranks for your champion class DC and divine spell attack rolls and DCs increase to expert.

Divine Smite (Champion 9) You surround evil targets in a punishing halo. If you hit with your Retributive Strike, the target takes persistent good damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

Juggernaut (Champion 9) Your body is accustomed to physical hardship and resistant to ailments. Your proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to master. When you roll a success on a Fortitude save, you get a critical success instead.

Lightning Reflexes (Champion 9) Your reflexes are lightning fast. Your proficiency rank for Reflex saves increases to expert.


Simple Weapons (E)
Martial Weapons (E)
Unarmed (E)
All Armor (E)
Unarmored (E)


Focus Points: 1

Lay on Hands (1 Action) (Heightened 5) Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch. If you use lay on hands on a willing living target, you restore 6 Hit Points; if the target is one of your allies, they also gain a +2 status bonus to AC for 1 round. Against an undead target, you deal 1d6 damage and it must attempt a basic Fortitude save; if it fails, it also takes a –2 status penalty to AC for 1 round.
Heightened (+1) The amount of healing increases by 6, and the damage to an undead target increases by 1d6.
(30 Healing)


+1 Striking Shield Boss, +1 Striking Composite Longbow

+1 Resilient Flaming Star Fortress Plate (Invested)

Magic Items
Bag of Holding (Type I), Codebreaker's Parchment, Everburning Torch, Legerdemain Handkerchief, Mortar of Hidden Meaning, Pocket Stage, Predictable Silver Piece, Pyrite Rat, Sextant of the Night, Soft-Landing Cape (Invested), Wondrous Figurine (Onyx Dog), Belt of Good Health, Crafter's Eyepiece, Faith Tattoo, Memoir Map, Sturdy Shield (Lesser) Called, Sturdy Shield (Minor),

Addiction Suppressant (Lesser), Alchemical Fuse, Alchemist's Fire (Lesser), Animal Repellent (Minor), Antidote (Lesser), Antiplague (Lesser), Bookthief Brew x11, Truth Potion, Antivenom Potion, Healing Potion (Minor) x5, Potion of Water Breathing, Cat's Eye Elixir, Cheetah's Elixir (Lesser), Choker-Arm Mutagen (Lesser), Cognitive Mutagen (Lesser), Comprehension Elixir (Lesser), Darkvision Elixir (Lesser), Eagle Eye Elixir (Lesser), Forensic Dye, Ghost Ink, Leaper's Elixir (Lesser), Mender's Soup, Numbing Tonic (Lesser), Lovers' Ink x5, Self-Immolating Note, Sneezing Powder, Spiderfoot Brew (Lesser), Sunrod, Theatrical Mutagen (Lesser), Thunderstone (Lesser), Tindertwig, Timeless Salts

The Old Mage Deck, Cloak Artisan's Tools, Bedroll, Backpack, Chalk, Candle (10), Clothing (Winter), Compass, Cookware, Crowbar, Earplugs, Grappling Hook, Hammer, Hourglass, Ignitor, Magnifying Glass, Merchant's Scale, Mirror, Mug, Oil, Rations, Religious Symbol (Silver), Shield Sconce, Signal Whistle, Spyglass, Tent (Four-Person), Torch, Writing Set, Writing Set (Extra Ink and Paper), Steel Shield x5, 100 Gp of scrap Metal, 20 Arrows

Bag of Holding contains all except:
Fortress Plate, Sturdy Shield (Lesser) Called, Belt of Good Health, Faith Tattoo, Memoir Map, Crafters Eyepiece, Soft Landing Cape, Religious Symbol, Ignitor, Hammer, Compass, x2 Steel Shield

2 PP 3 GP, 4 SP, 5 CP

Bulk (Limit 10) (5, +5 Str)
8 bulk, 8 Light

Invested Items (6/10)
Fortress Plate, Soft Landing Cape, Belt of Good Health, Crafter's Eyepiece, Faith Tattoo, Memoir Map


Background: Artisan
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Gnomish, Goblin
Deity: Hephaestus
Physical Description:
Bástya stands at a height of only three foot eleven, with a sturdy, muscular build that betrays her strength and toughness. Her hair is a rich auburn color, worn in a short, practical style that frames her face, The hair on the sides and back of her head is cropped short, while a longer section at the top is styled in a braided crown that circles the back of her head. The braid is tightly woven and secured with small metal clasps, a practical choice that keeps her hair out of her face during battle and other physical activities.

Her skin is tanned and weathered from her travels, and her face bears a few small scars, testaments to past battles and hardships. In the few moments that she is not wearing her armor its hard not to take note of the numerous tattoos that cover her body. On her chest and stomach, she bears a stylized map of the world, with intricate details of coastlines, mountains, and rivers. The map seems to shift and change depending on the angle of the light. As Bástya travels the map seems to expand plotting her journey. Currently it shows her homeland of Skåne in southern Sweden in great detail as well as a thin line of land down to the south and a new bubble of land in Greece.

As she travels at first, the tattoo only shows the general contours of the land, with some notable landmarks and major cities. But as she continues to travel the same area, the map gradually fills in with more detail. Mountain ranges, forests, and rivers appear, along with small villages and historical ruins. The rest of her body has various other tattoos including across the side of her neck an anvil on one side and a hammer on the other stylized in the form of the holy symbols of Hephaestus.

Generally, when people see her though she is covered in her armor that she forged herself, with incredible skill and precision. The armor is made of dark metal plates that cover her entire body save for slits her eyes, providing excellent protection against physical attacks. The armor is decorated with intricate etchings and symbols of Hephaestus and the other gods. The etchings are precise and detailed, depicting a variety of smithing tools and associated with Hephaestus as well as depictions of scenes from myth glorifying the gods.

The armor itself is expertly crafted, with a level of detail and care that is evident in every plate and joint. The plates are perfectly fitted to her body, with no gaps or weak spots that could be exploited by an enemy. The metal is polished to a high shine, giving the armor a sleek, intimidating appearance. Despite its impressive size and weight, the armor is surprisingly flexible and easy to move in, allowing the Paladin to dodge and deflect attacks with ease.

Finally, Bástya wears a long, flowing cape made of deep red fabric, which billows behind her as she moves. Her cape is also adorned with symbols of Hephaestus, woven into the fabric in gold thread.


Bástya was a fierce and independent female dwarf, born to Freja and Thorin Bástya's family had a long history of raiding and plundering, and her parents were no exception. Freja and Thorin were fierce warriors who raised their daughter to be just as formidable as they were. They taught her how to fight with a hand axe and shield, and she learned to ride horses and navigate the treacherous terrain of Skåne.

Despite their violent lifestyle, Bástya's parents loved their daughter deeply and wanted her to have a better life than they did. They encouraged her interest in engineering, smithing, and mechanics, and they often brought her back trinkets and tools from their raids.

One day, when Bástya was still young and in her prime, a volley of arrows was shot at her raiding group. Most of her companions were wounded, and her parents were killed. Bástya managed to escape almost unharmed because of her skill with her shield. Her mother died almost instantly after taking an arrow through her throat, and her father sustained a wound that would prove mortal after a few weeks. This exchange and her clan’s insistence that the Gods saw these deaths as good caused Bástya to start to see rifts form between herself and her faith. She vowed to never allow another to take a blow in her stead she set down her hand axe to never pick it up again using only a shield and guarding those around her first.

After the tragedy, Bástya turned to tattooing to cope with her grief. She began creating tattoos on herself and others and created a magical map tattoo that would chart the path she would take in life. She stopped raiding and became a smith instead. When Bástya was in her early fifties, she met Olaf, a raider from a neighboring clan. They fell in love and were married soon after. Olaf was a fierce warrior like Bástya, but he also had a softer side. He encouraged her to pursue her interests in engineering and smithing, and he often helped her with her projects. They had three children together: Erik, Ingrid, and Lars. For a while, Bástya was content with her life as a smith and a mother. Eventually she stopped raiding and focused on her family and her craft.

However tragedy would once again strike when Olaf and the children who had begun raiding together were killed during a coastal raid on a city that had been forward. After that everything changed. Bástya was devastated and angry, and she blamed the gods and herself for her loss wishing that she could trade her own life for her children’s had she been there. She felt like she had nothing left to live for she decided to leave Skåne with a curse towards the Norse Gods and start a new life elsewhere.

Over the next three years, Bástya took a long journey south by land and made it to Pella. There, she met two other travelers who would become her dear friends and confidantes. The first was a tall and lanky man named Nikos, who was a skilled trader and spoke several languages fluently he taught her to read and speak Goblin and Gnomish tools that proved invaluable in reading recipes for her craft. The second was a plump and jovial woman named Maria, who was a herbalist and healer who taught her alchemy.

Together, Bástya, Nikos, and Maria traveled to Athens, where Bástya pledged herself to creating a suit of armor for herself, venerating the Greek Gods in the hopes of making an impression on them. When she completed it, she began selling her services both as a warrior and a craftsman. With Nikos' help, she found clients who appreciated her unique blend of talent and tenacity. With Maria's help, she healed the sick and wounded, earning a reputation as a kind and compassionate soul.

Bástya is a fierce and independent woman, with a strong sense of purpose and determination. She has a quick wit and a sharp tongue, and is not afraid to speak her mind, even if it means challenging authority or tradition. She is also deeply loyal to those she loves and cares about, and will go to great lengths to protect them.
Bástya is a skilled defender, trained to protect herself and others with her shield. She is tough, resilient and can endure great physical hardship. Despite her strength and skill in combat, she is not a bloodthirsty or violent person. She prefers to use her skills in a constructive way, and is always looking for ways to make the world a better place.

Bástya is highly intelligent and curious, with a keen interest in engineering, smithing, and mechanics. She enjoys solving complex problems and building things with her hands. Her fascination with technology and innovation sets her apart from others in her community, and gives her a unique perspective on the world.
After the loss of her family her maternal instincts extended well beyond her own family. She often goes out of her way to care for and protect others. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and allies she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. Her protective instincts are complemented by her natural empathy and compassion, and she is always willing to lend an ear or offer a helping hand to those in need.
Bástya's nurturing side is also evident in her love of crafting and engineering. She enjoys creating things with her hands, whether it's a suit of armor for herself or a useful tool for someone in her community. She takes pride in her work and is always looking for ways to improve and innovate.

At times, Bástya can be guarded and reserved, especially when it comes to her emotions. She has experienced great loss and tragedy in her life, and has learned to keep her feelings to herself as a coping mechanism. However, she is also capable of great empathy and compassion, and will often go out of her way to help those in need.

Party Role
I built Bástya to be a defender first, her largest asset is protecting those around her She does particularly well if she has someone else in melee with her but can preform fine if she is alone as well. She can give any adjacent character DR 26 on a physical attack every round. In terms of damage, she doesn’t have as much power as normal I think. Outside of combat she can be an okay face but excels at crafting, She can put together mundane items for use in 10 minutes, repair damage extraordinarily quickly and create magic items in down time even without any examples of them. she has a large repository of random low level items and consumables I intend to keep stocked so she has the random potion that’s needed. Finally, she doesn’t fit the archetype of a “paladin” super well Moreso being a warrior with a strong connection to the gods and a strong faith but without as much divine power as normally is anticipated with her only magical ability being lay on hands.

Also, is there a planned closing date for submissions?

Very likely by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Domains that I totally didn't forget to do.

Ah, si this is not really Greece, right?

I mean I talk about being from Athens, but I'm not sure there's an Athens here...

In any case, I am giving the final touches to Aristeides Xiphias. Anything that doesn't make sense I'll change it.

I don't know what you mean. It's a fictionalized version of ancient Greece, though I have made a few changes to the story.


DM Amazing Red wrote:
I don't know what you mean. It's a fictionalized version of ancient Greece, though I have made a few changes to the story.

Yes, that's what I've noticed. It's all fine, just that I took some limitations to represent a more "ancient" panoply (used spears and short swords, breastplates, etc). I can see that is not needed (though I'll probably stay the same).

The character needs to finish picking spells, and In also doing a list of available actions. Other than that and picking gear, he's fine (I guess we can skip the gear and do it only if he gets picked).

Talking about getting picked... You mentioned maybe picking 2 guys. Is that still a possibility in your mind?

Yea, most NPCs will use more traditional arms and armor, but I didn't see the point in limiting the PCs. It is a possibility depending on the strength of the applicants.

Last call for submissions. I will make my decision by the end of tommorrow night.

Good luck everyone!

Speaking as one of the other players, good luck, all!

Alrighty, I welcome Bastya Thunderforge to the group. I will PM you later on how to introduce you to the group. But in the mean time feel free to post in OOC.

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