An Old and Broken World

Game Master Simeon

Adventures in the post-apocalyptic wasteland known as the Barrens.

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Thanks for the submission! I’m going to close submissions on Friday morning, and have decisions up after that, probably Friday night.

As shiny as Spheres is, I think I will stick with the Bullet Wizard I actually submitted, so please just ignore my musings on Armiger or Technician concepts.

Thx for the headsup GM Coyote.

Weeeeell, s h i t.

Alright, I’ll be closing recruitment in about 12 hours.

And recruitment is closed! Thanks to everyone who submitted characters, it won’t be an easy decision. I’ll have selections up later today.

Would the following players please join me in the discussion thread:
Casey Jayne
Saraon Duskdragon
Ralrae Arkmir
Sprig Snaggletooth
Brindle Ghostfur

Thank you to everyone who submitted characters. This was probably the hardest recruitment decision I’ve had to make, but I couldn’t take every character.

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