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I do not think much explanation is needed. I'll be running the Mosquito witch by Eleanor Ferron.

There will be a maximum of six spots. If you're using a character that has played before I'll need a copy of your latest chronicle sheet. If not, then I'll need a full PFS number and faction

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I can play my alchemist / wizard, Siobhan (73957-2001). I can send you my chronicle sheets when I get home later, she's level 2 with 8 xp between the playtest boon and me GMing 1-00 and 1-03 at GenCon.

Playing with a brand new character. Will link from alt (once I get it made) shortly.

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Here be Vrog's entry.

cool. Just one more to have a legal table

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I'll hop in. I need to make a new character (will post info later), and this will be my first pfs2 game outside of one casual playtest run that I'm pretty sure never got recorded.

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This is sort of embarassing, but it turns out I won't be playing afterall. Sorry to show up then drop out 12 hours later. Good luck!

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Unfortunately I think I will be dropping out as well. I got accepted to an unexpected number of other games and don't know that I'll be able to commit the time. Sorry!

with that I'm withdrawing this session for now. Perhaps at a later time.

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