[SFS][PBP GD VII] 1-28 It Rests Beneath by GM Lupulus (Inactive)

Game Master Lupulus

Dispatched by the Wayfinders' faction leader to a Near Space world, the PCs have orders to assist a local Starfinder research outpost. The outpost's head researcher sends the PCs on a mission to explore a strange calcified region, which soon reveals that there's more happening on this world than first appears.

Levels 1-4

Scenario Tags: Faction (Wayfinders), Vehicle

I'm going to try and wrap this game by early October.

That's not a huge rush, and my games I've run have always wrapped up in that time frame, but I just wanted to be up front about the pacing. It won't be rushed, but I will keep things moving.

I'm also going to want to start promptly, so if I don't get a check-in from a player a day or two after the game starts I'll get an alternate.

Once I have enough candidates in one subtier or the other I'll pick a party. I do want everyone in the same subtier, but I don't care too much which way it ends up going. If you want to apply, feel free to post a character in each subtier.

If you'd like to play this awesome scenario (it was one of my favorites when I played it), post your character's class and level. I'll pick soon after I have a full group in either subtier.

Happy gaming!


Hi, I'd like to apply as Cybel. Been awhile but posting will be fine.

Number: 34762-702
Level: 2
Race: Android
Class Technomancer
Faction: Dataphiles

Day Job: Archaeologist, take 10, professional outfit, archaeologist kit: 10 + 9 + 4 + 1 = 24

Welcome Cybel. I just posted in Castamir to try and get the other spots we need to make this table work.

Hey Cybel, if it wasn't already obvious, this game never got enough players, and won't be happening. There are still lots of other games available, so you should feel free to take Cybel to another one.


No worries, thanks anyway ^^

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