[Gameday VIII][PACS] Year of Rotting Ruin by BR Akaitora

Game Master Akaitora

Year of Rotting Ruin Adventure Path.

Turn Order:
1 - Quinn/MatsuKurisu
2 - Seoni/cartmanbeck
3 - Ukuja/Bigguyinblack
4 - Grenek/AAUGHWHY
5 - Enora/EmpTyger

Hand and Loot Tracker

Current Scenario: 2D - Last Breath
Scenario #: 2
Current Scenario Harrow Suit: Hammers

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Hi all. Please introduce yourselves here. I'll add information as I get it!

It looks like you have an arcane caster and an arcane caster.
I was strongly considering Feiya for my next character but we don't need a 3rd arcane caster.

So I'll think of something else to play.

Deck Handler

I'll play Estra.

Full caster party. All right!

If I can get the decks in time I may play Ranzak instead. GF + UE.

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Quinn here
Other table I was in went to 6 players so I decided to swap over
Not so keen on the time warp of 6 :-)
Will post more words later

EDIT: Actually I might switch to Kess. Would bring strength to the table :-) Will think about it

Deck Handler

After looking at the options I'll stick with Estra.

Welcome Matsu!

Hi, I'll be somehow *not* the most sorcerous character at the table? Well, that's a first for me online. Hopefully I don't slip up and forget I'm not Seoni Enora, playing her Ultimate Magic version.

At least as of now I'm leaning more towards a White Mage build. (I'm concurrently playing a WotR Enora Occularium Scholar in another game so I've been getting to play with plenty of book powers already.) Which also might help prevent potential overlap with Seoni, if I become an Arcane/Divine hybrid. In case that affects Bigguyinblack's choice any.
Of course, any planning is subject to change once the adventure actually is underway.

I'm in Central-US, but I'll post throughout the day, often by mobile.
For my own enjoyment, I typically like to include in-character flavor in my gameplay posts, but please don't feel pressure to do likewise, though- use as much or as little flavor as you like.

Depends on how many players we get. At a 5 - 6 player table the arcane casters can each run one cure and just banish it. That should cover us until Enora hits White Mage. 4 players we get more turns and have to use more resources so the cures matter more. We might get a bit of healing in the scenario as well.

Do we want to stick together for the full season? Does Akaitora want to BR that?

3 casters means we will be competing for spells a lot while weapons and armor go to waste. But I don't have the decks for any martial characters and after looking through the options I don't feel enthusiastic about playing one.

If we do plan to play the full season I may as well play a divine caster for party balance.

I have 3 options I'm willing to play.

1. OA1 Estra + UM. Never played her before and I'm not overly impressed with OA1 cards but she looks interesting.

2. RotR Lini + UM. A 1 trick pony but eventually adding 1d4 +4 to every roll I make is a big deal. Hindered by her dependence on animal allies coupled with the Druid CD not having many good animal allies.

3. Gronk + ???. Gronk has a similar ability as Lini. Reveal an animal to add 1d4 to a check. But in his case it is every local check. So very powerful if we stick together. He also suffers from using the outdated Druid deck.

And I know the Core set upgrades some of those cards but I don't own it so can't make the switch.

Edit: I guess Korundo + UW is an option. But to me he feels like a worse version of Ukuja and I don't want to play Ukuja again. If we do feel the desire for a martial character to balance the party he can hit hard and cast Cure.

Scarab Sages

Hi Everyone, I just signed up!

I'm not sure yet who I'll play. I think I'm finally going to cave and purchase the Barbarian Deck, so I'd like to play someone using that. Plus, this table need someone good at punching.

I'm leaning towards Kess, Ostog, or Grenek. I think I'll decide once it arrives and I actually start building a deck.

Deck Handler

Brielle looks cool because while she has the lowest base strength she has a good chance of recharging the card to add 1d12 to her strength check while other barbarians bury or discard it.

Looks like we have 5 players so if I play Estra and run 1 Cure and one of the Arcane Casters puts a Cure in their deck we should be okay for healing.

Enora recharges spells from her discard, so I'd rather not be adding in a Cure spell which would need to be banished or handed off.

Just discovered a bit of an issue. Both OA1 and UM are shy of good basic attack spells. I was thinking 2 Mind Thrust would cover me vs anything but undead, But I just realized they are arcane only. And tbh OA1 isn't as interesting to me as I hoped.

I don't know if we will get access to Blackjack in season 6. But I do know the Barbarian deck has Mountaineer in it. Which reads "Reveal to add 2d8 to all of Ukuja's combat checks."

Ukuja pros
Can be very strong at combat after just 1 scenario.
Will have good Divine and Survival skills.
Actually wants the Blackjack role if it comes up.
He has as much healing as we feel we'll need.
Uses UW which I think no one else at the table is. All my other options would use UM.
He is ideal for a capstone boon I just got.

Ukuja cons
I've played him a lot. Even if I don't get tired of him others might.
He's pretty bad at anything other then fighting.

The other options would be Druid deck + UM.
RotR Lini is pretty powerful but doesn't have any way to help others except blessings. Maznar adds 1d4 to all local checks but is fairly underpowered otherwise.

Hi all.

We are getting close to the start of the convention, so I wanted to start setting up things.

For communication, do people want to use Hangouts? Discord? None?

I find Discord to be easier.

I personally prefer either Hangouts or on-site discussion thread over Discord. But if everyone else wants Discord, I'd accommodate.

I can theoretically use either one, but Discord is completely blocked at work, so I would only be able to participate in evenings and weekends. If we do Hangouts, I can chat anytime.

Scarab Sages

I like Discord somewhat more than Hangouts, but either is fine.

Yea if Discord is a problem for Cartmenbeck participating then let's use Hangout.

Deck Handler Desired upgrades: Ally 2

Ukuja it is.

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Happy to use either discord or hangout.
Pref to use Hangouts to allow Cartmenbeck in :-)

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With the FAQ adding a recovery for Alchemical items, Quinn will be using Alchemist Deck instead

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Quinn {Alchemist}-Matsu Kurisu wrote:

With the FAQ adding a recovery for Alchemical items, Quinn will be using Alchemist Deck instead

OK, looking closer, I may not take Alchemist :-(

Reassessing between Rogue, Alchemist and Pathfinder Tales.
Will decide on the weekend

Dark Archive

Quinn will be using
Occult Adventures Character Deck 2

I received word of what the convention boon is going to be for this game. Once we get started, everyone (including yours truly) can roll 1d20 as usual. On a 19-20, you gain this convention boon:

Stick with Me! On your check during recovery, check a box that precedes this reward to add 1d6.

The e-mail didn't say how many boxes come with the boon, so that is to be seen.

Additionally, I have asked the powers-at-be to add your characters to our table. These are the characters that were added:

Seoni #44024-1028
Enora #296889-1006
Ukuja #145373-1015
Quinn #283767-1020
Grenek #126387-1005

Let me know if anything there isn't right so that we can have it fixed.

Other than that, a reminder that we will be starting next week on Monday, so let me know if you anticipate that causing any problems.

I'm excited to start!

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Minor correction
Quinn is # 283767-1021 (turns out I deleted 1020 somehow :-) )

Quick rules question:
I know the rules around traits and skill substitution have been changed via FAQ however I am not clear on the implementation

If I use Blowgun (Stealth) on a combat, then use Quinns power is it
* a Stealth check for Stalking Armor?
* a Knowledge check for Chronicler?


Blowgun wrote:

For your combat check, reveal this card to use your Dexterity, Ranged, or Stealth skill + 1d4; you may additionally recharge this card to add another 1d6...
Stalking Armor wrote:

Reveal this card to add 2 to your Stealth or Perception check....
Chronicler wrote:

Recharge this card to add 1d6 to your Diplomacy or Knowledge check;....
Quinn wrote:

For your check that invokes Finesse, you may recharge (☐ or reload) a card to use Knowledge instead of Acrobatics or Stealth, and add the card's level.

It would definitely be a stealth check, and you could definitely reveal stalking armor to add 2 to it.

The second part I'm a little iffy on, but the way I read it you should be able to reveal blowgun to use Stealth (instead of Strength/Melee) and then recharge a card to use your Knowledge, case in which it would be a Stealth and a Knowledge check, so Chronicler would work.

Grenek's Deck Handler // Searching For: Weapon 1 > Item 1 > Armor B > Item B

If you used your stealth skill then it would count as a Stealth check for Stalking Armor. It would not count as a Stealth Check if you instead used DEX or Ranged.

Blowgun doesn't have the Finesse Trait so you can't use Quinn's Studied Strike Power (I think that's what class feature that's supposed to be?) unless you add the Finesse Trait w/ Dandy Brute or a card like that.

If you were instead using Core Dagger, which has Finesse and lets you use Stealth, you could use Stalking Armor (Stealth Check) your Studied Strike Power and Chronicler (Also now a Knowledge Check). Incidentally, you could also use something like Blessing of Master of Masters to add 2 dice because your Knowledge is keyed off you INT, so the check is now also an INT check.

Dark Archive

Thanks guys!
Didn’t catch Blowgun wasn’t finesse!!
Back to the deck building and swap it out

Could we have the location card counts for determining starting location?

Deck Handler Desired upgrades: Ally 2

That was brought up in chat. Akaitora is waiting on the official start.

The wiki gives that info.





Abandoned Shacks


Dark Archive

Thanks for posting

Congratulations on completing the first scenario!

Please post your choices for deck upgrades here. For reference, the list of acquired cards is:

•The Unicorn (Blessing 1)
•Gorum's Iron (Blessing 1)
•Enhance (Spell 0)
•Toxic Cloud (Spell 1)
•Quarterstaff of Vaulting (Weapon 1)

Let me know if I missed anything and I will add it to the list.

Deck Handler Desired upgrades: Ally 2

I was hoping we would get a weapon 0. Seems like a waste to use the weapon 1 but you have to admit it is a very good weapon.

roll for weapon 1 if needed: 1d1000 ⇒ 535

If someone beats me on the weapon I'll just take whatever pick is left over.

As for the hero point I'm spending it to bump my wisdom.

boon?: 1d20 ⇒ 18

Dark Archive

- 1A: Powder Keg

Scenario Reward
- Rally the supporter Pathfinder Chronicler
Pathfinder Chronicler: Supporter 0 Traits: Human, Bard
Display. While displayed:
• On any check against a barrier, a spell, or an item, you may bury to add 1d4+ # .
• □ You may bury to examine the top 3 cards of any location.

Adventure Reward
- N/a

Tier 1.1
- Hero point = Skill Feat(Int)

Card Upgrade
- Weapon 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 611
= Double Chicken Saber +1 (AD1) in, Haki Stick out,
- Blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 79
= Blessing of Kofusachi (AD1) in, Blessing of the Quartermaster 3 out,

Con Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 15

Grenek's Deck Handler // Searching For: Weapon 1 > Item 1 > Armor B > Item B

Blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 675 For Blessing of Gorum

Hero Point: Recharge to bite. On local check against monster, ([]recharge] to add 1d4 and Piercing

Boon?: 1d20 ⇒ 9

Ammended acquired card list:
•The Unicorn (Blessing 1)
•Gorum's Iron (Blessing 1)
•Enhance (Spell 0)
•Toxic Cloud (Spell 1)
•Quarterstaff of Vaulting (Weapon 1)
•Priest of Asmodeus (Ally 1)

If any of you actually wanted to roll for that, I will let you add it as either a first or second priority to your already rolled preferences.

Deck Handler Desired upgrades: Ally 2

ally 1 as second priority: 1d1000 ⇒ 419

Enora will take a spell card feat, filling it with whichever of the spell upgrades Seoni doesn't take. (Spell 1 Life Drain or Spell B Acid Splash)

6-1A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 15

Dark Archive

BR Akaitora wrote:

•Priest of Asmodeus (Ally 1)

If any of you actually wanted to roll for that, I will let you add it as either a first or second priority to your already rolled preferences.

No change for Quinn

Thanks Enora! Seoni would definitely like that Spell 1 to grab Life Drain, which I'll take a Spell card feat to pick up.

boon?: 1d20 ⇒ 16

Deck Handler Desired upgrades: Ally 2


Quinn - Weapon 1
Ukuja - Ally 1 (crow out, Fire Gecko in)
Seoni - Spell 1
Grenek = Blessing 1
Enora - Spell 0

Summary 1A: Powder Keg

Deck Upgrade: Weapon 1
Hero Point spent? Yes, Skill Feat (Int)

Deck Upgrade: Spell 1
Hero Point spent? Yes, Card Feat (Spell)

Deck Upgrade: Ally 1
Hero Point spent? Yes, Skill Feat (Wis)

Deck Upgrade: Blessing 1
Hero Point spent? Yes, Power Feat (On local check against monster, you may discard or recharge a card to add 1d4 and Piercing trait.)

Deck Upgrade: Spell 0
Hero Point spent? Yes, Card Feat (Spell)

Deck Handler Desired upgrades: Ally 2

Desired upgrades.

weapon 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 133
ally 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 62
blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 882

Enora's turn to take Spell 1 Life Drain.
Still thinking over which feat to take, but leaning towards the power to boost my attack to 2d6.

Spell 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 745 for Scorching Ray.

Saving my hero point.

Actually going to take Skill (INT+1) for the feat.

6-1B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Grenek's Deck Handler // Searching For: Weapon 1 > Item 1 > Armor B > Item B

Weapon 0 (there should be an additional one): 1d1000 ⇒ 243

I'll use my Hero Point to take a Skill Feat: CON

Dark Archive

- 1B: Tangled Sails

Scenario Reward
- Rally the supporter Pathfinder Bodyguard
Pathfinder Bodyguard:
Display. While displayed:
• When a local character suffers damage, you may bury to reduce it to 0.
• □ To let any character avenge, you may bury; during the encounter, add 1d6 to all checks.

Adventure Reward
- N/a

Tier 1.2
- Hero point = Keep

Card Upgrade
- Blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 379
= Blessing of Kofusachi (AD1) in, Blessing of the Quartermaster 3 out,
- Item 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 156
= Staff of Minor Healing in, Planchette out,

Con Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 10

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