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Male LN tempered pilgrim witchwyrd operative 1 | SP 5/5 HP 5/10 | RP 2/3 | EAC 14; KAC 15 | Fort -1; Ref +4; Will +3 | Init: +2 | Perc: +0, SM: +2 | Speed 30ft | Active conditions: None.
Bluff +11, Computers +7, Culture +7, Diplomacy +9, Disguise +9, Engineering +7, Intimidate +6, Mysticism +6, Perception +6, Piloting +7, Profession (merchant) +14
GM bigboom wrote:
The shelving unit in this chamber contains four mk 1 serums of healing, two basic medkits, and four medpatches.

Morvruul continues to pout as a further search of the complex reveals little of interest. However, when he inspects the shelving unit, his spirits seem to lift.

Snagging one of the mk 1 serums of healing, he approaches Catsiel and quietly requests that the kasatha return the vial that he had given to his fellow Starfinder earlier.

THIS IS PERFECT! Morvruul schemes. FIRST, I will switch THIS vial of healing serum that we discovered here in the outpost with the vial-of-almost-certain poison that Rayburn had given me earlier. THEN, I will approach Rayburn and give him the newly-discovered healing serum, BUT I will tell him that it was the vial that he had given to me earlier. FINALLY, I will return to Rayburn the vial-of-almost-certain poison that he had given me earlier, BUT I will tell him that it is a vial of healing serum that we discovered here in the outpost! THUS, when Rayburn next goes to inject himself with a healing serum...

"Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!" The witchwyrd laughs aloud.

@ Rayburn -Promise kept.


Male LG damaya lashunta spacefarer mechanic 1 | SP 7/7 HP 10/10 | RP 2/3 | EAC 12; KAC 13 | Fort +3; Ref +3; Will +0 | Init: +0 | Perc: +4, SM: +0 | Speed 30ft | At will: daze, psychokinetic hand 1/day: detect thoughts | Active conditions: None.

Froese casually swings the machine gun over his shoulder, saying "It's aiming mechanism needs repairing."

Arming himself with his pistol, he proceeds to Room 4 and tries to log onto the system, looking for logs explaining what happened here, and also alerts to security systems in place.

Computers: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Starship Actions ; Ashes of Discovery ; Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear

Froese easily accesses the systems in the security room but there are no logs here. Rather, you find yourself able to view, turn off and turn on camera feeds interspersed both within and without the outpost. You are also able to access an outpost wide intercom system. And finally, you discover you would've been able to shut down the two security robots that attacked you initially. But seeing as those two robots are now scrap, this particular control is moot.

After finishing searching through every nook and cranny of the outpost, you return to the small town and the locals happily greet you! They're excited about your defeat over the Exile and ask many questions about whether it is now safe to venture to the outpost. In addition, they throw a small celebration in your honor with a whole parade of motor vehicles the youths call 'lowriders.' The party goes on for a while and a local band even premieres their newest song in your honor!! When all the festivities conclude, they promise to look favorably upon future Starfinder visitors!!

And upon your return to Absalom station, you return to the Lorespire Complex for a mission debriefing with Guidance. She says, "Welcome back, Starfinders. The contracting organization is eager to review the data you have recovered. I’ve prepared a list of subsequent missions that might appeal to you, once you’re properly debriefed. There are a multitude of other lost outposts in Near Space, and with your experience, we hope you will take these assignments into consideration. Now, what have you to report?"

And that's the end! Congratulations!! I'll post the game wrap up administrative details in the discussion thread. However, I'm traveling out of town a bit this weekend so it may take me a tad longer to get it together. As usual, feel free to continue posting here as desired!

Starship Actions ; Ashes of Discovery ; Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear

Oops... here's the song they put together in your honor: CLICK

My mistake!!

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

Male CG Xenoarcheologist Technomancer 2 (Arcanamirium Sage) | SP 7/10 HP 14/14 | RP 2/4 | EAC 15; KAC 16 | Fort +0; Ref +2; Will +3 | Init: +2 | Perc: +1, SM: +1,Dark Vision 60ft (IR scanners armor upgrade) Speed 30ft | Spells: 1st:3/3 | Active conditions: Shirt Reroll Used.

Ray looks at the whole group as they come back to the Station.

"I think we worked well as a group. If Guidance, or any of the venture captains will it, I hope we can meet again."

Had a lot of fun everybody. This scenario is what I am so hoping SFS does for their 'replayable'. I have ran this at least 3 times now (might be 4, I did reuse an exact planned thing for the exile and all that twice), and played it at least 4. And EVERY time it is different, and fun. Yes, there are 'obvious' things that don't change--space daddy shark for example (most of it is similar)--but the whole 'first contact' has been different each time. All in all, this scenario needs a GM that puts effort in (Thanks GM Bigboom!) and all the players--even the ultra-paranoid ones (Thanks Morvruul..... ;-) ) And thank you all for understanding that I was going to disappear for 6 or so days. Hope to play with or at any of your tables later!


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Human xenoarchaeologist Soldier 2| SP 18/18 HP 18/18 RP 3/4| EAC 15 KAC 15| F +5 R +3 W +3| Init +3, Percep +0

I agree. The space shark is basically the same. No matter the damage type, the storm is the same. The Exile's tactics are the same. It is in the first contact that this scenario shines. I've played or gm'd this scenario 10 times and it has been different each time due to the interpretation of the alien abilities and culture. Plus it runs so fast that you have time to spend in the alien village for a bit.

Starship Actions ; Ashes of Discovery ; Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear

cetx / Froese, I need you to PM me your email so that the con boon you've won can be awarded to you.

You haven't yet responded to the messages here nor to my PM. If you don't get back to me in three days (which will have been a week since I've distributed the chronicles), I'll go ahead and report the game without your email.

I don't want you to miss out on your boon so please PM me ASAP.

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