[ACG] [CAG II] We be Heroes? (Zalarian)

Game Master Zalarian

We Be Heroes?
WBH-1B: Chicken Run Act I

Turn Order
Grenek/Redeux Barbarian+UE - (EDT) GMT-4
Ukuja/morph147 Hunter - (EDT) GMT-4
Reepazo/Shnik Goblins Burn! + UW - (EDT) GMT-4
Jirelle/Zalarian Rogue + UI - (EDT) GMT-4
Kyra Core/EmpTyger Cleric - (CDT) GMT-5

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Discussion thread for We be Heroes?


Grenek here to smash. Grenek big hero.

Hi all! I'll be playing the new Grenek barbarian with the Barbarian class deck and the ultimate equipment deck (which is my favorite deck because it's so versatile). One thing to note, is my deck has 3 blessings of the quartermaster, and 2 allies called quartermaster. I distinguished these in my handler as putting "(ALLY)" next to the allies. Don't confuse them for blessings!

Hi! I don't have any goblin decks or characters, but currently I'm thinking I'll play a cleric, and leaning towards Core Kyra right now. I haven't decided for certain yet- I'll finalize during the week.

I'm in Central-US, but I'll post throughout the day, often by mobile.
For my own enjoyment, I typically like to include in-character flavor in my gameplay posts, albeit this will be my first goblin adventure. Please don't feel pressure to do likewise, though- use as much or as little flavor as you like.

Hi all, I will be playing as Ukuja from the Hunter deck. No add on.

I am currently in the Eastern time zone and will be jumping back and forth between Central and Eastern to visit family. I typically check discord 3-4 times a day so if we are using that I can keep us up to date. This is my first time playing with new rules so may need help during turns.

Reepazo Deck Handler

Hello everyone,

I'll be trying out Reepazo with the Goblins Burn! deck and Ultimate Wilderness. I'm in Eastern Standard Time zone.

I did decide on Core Kyra, using Cleric deck plus substitutions from Core/CotCT. I'll try to keep us alive :)

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Welcome All! Looking forward to running this!

Discord Connection Info:
Lobby Link
We be heroes main channel Link - link good for 24 hours
We Be Heroes Out of Game Chat Link - link good for 24 hours

Some ground guidelines (not rules, but I encourage you follow them):

1. Communication Information:
-Use the Lobby channel for discord questions and the like
-Use the main discord channel for strategy discussions, rules questions and the like.
-Use the out of game chat discord channel for just about everything else
-Use the discussion tab for Scenario rewards and other administrative items.
-Use the Gameplay tab for start of scenario information, turns and the like.
-If you’ve played PBP, you should know: it is always a good idea to ctrl-A,ctrl-C to copy your post before clicking Submit. You only have to lose one or two epic posts to the vagaries of the Internet before this becomes a habit.
-Bookmark your campaign page or this table’s main page so that the tabs display whether there are new posts. If you are using the Paizo campaign tools, then the campaign page is updated to more easily see if you have unread posts for your various campaigns.

2. I will post the locations without cards so you can post starting location and starting hand. Unless you want to change it, the starting player of the next scenario will be the person who is scheduled to go next after the scenario conclusion.

3. With the exception of the initial post, don’t wait for me to post a scenario update before taking your turn. In general, I prefer to not post updates because they’re gigantic walls of text and get in the way of reading everyone’s great roleplay and what other people did on their turns and what cards they have available. I’ll post an update whenever decks are shuffled, locations are closed, a new page starts up, or if it’s simply just been a while (3-5 turns) when convenient to do so, but don’t expect me to be constantly posting them after every turn. When I do a refresh, I will try to post when done.

4. Use your Notes wisely. The Notes section is a great way to share what cards are available for others to use, or if you have any relevant powers. I encourage you keep it up to date.

5. Bold actions that involve other players. If you’re using someone else’s card or if someone else at your location is impacted by something you do, bold that action and name that character so they don’t accidentally skip over it when skimming your post.

One option to help with some of the items above is to maintain a status sheet and use that (see resources below).

6. Include check types and difficulty in your dice tags. You should also list the outcome after the die roll; it helps when reading the post to make sure die roller is working as expected and everyone understands reasons for actions. One of these is far more readable than the other, and lets you know at a glance whether or not you succeeded without having to reference the other card: Combat 12: 1d10 + 1d4 + 5 ? (1) + (1) + 5 = 7 Did not defeat Monster vs 1d10 + 1d4 + 5 ? (6) + (2) + 5 = 13

7. If you are going to be unavailable for an extended period of time, please ensure that your deck handler is linked and available for other players, and provide instructions so that other players can bot your turn. I recommend putting the link in your alias Profile (put it in the Class line, and wrap it in the url tags so it turns into a link -- see "How to format your text" below the reply box for details on how to do that if you aren't sure)

8. There are no take-backs or retcons, with exception of invalid plays/turns and to a limited extent ignored instructions specified for other players. Use resources wisely, and keep in mind all the resources you and group have available including hero points and the other perks you get in Organized Play such as accessory re-rolls.

Things that make gameplay smoother:
1. If a location is shuffled, you can continue to examine or explore cards in it by rolling a die to see which card you examine/explore. No need to wait on me to post an update first with the shuffled deck.
2. When encountering a card, be very explicit in what card you are encountering. This helps other players at the same location know where you left off so they don't accidentally encounter the same cards that you just got through and have to re-do their turn.
3. Use your Notes section to describe any cards or powers that can be used to assist other players on their turns and that you are willing to use. If you post that certain cards are available for use, state what the card does as well and/or make sure the information is available in your deck handler.
4. When something impacts another player (a power that affects all characters at your location, or you're playing one of their cards), bold that thing so that it stands out (and/or update State Sheet).
5. It may be a good idea to set up parameters for botting location guardings or possibly other actions that may come up during a turn to save time. This is likely more important when people are on different post and game interaction schedules.

Things that make deck upgrades smoother:
1. Write a list of your 2-5 most desired deck upgrades, in order, and roll 1d1000 for each of them. Discussing loot distribution in chat helps as well.
You can also post what you are looking for in your profile and/or Powers list to help people decide what resources to use when handling boons
2. That will let us look through those lists and see how we can get everyone their #1 preferred upgrade without lots of times lost in back-and-forth. If people are fighting over an upgrade, the d1000 roll is used to determine who gets it (highest roll wins).

Tools out there:
Paizo Campaign Tools for Chrome or

General PbP ACG info Macro Coding to help with postings

Status Sheet to help with tracking info between BR refreshes
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h6gRqIEmf7MJYezXmg_V7jv4n4Qo83KbL0_ 38GdBJzw/edit?pli=1#gid=0

Other Resources:
- [PFSACG] Flaxseed On Deck Adventure Card Guild Lodge
- Character sheet created by community by Yewstance and others

I had no idea about the flavor when I settled on Kyra! Well, that makes me feel good about my character choice.

Ukuja Deck Handler

Here is my deck handler. Still dont full get if I am allowed to use the B elites for this match or not so I didnt include them. If they are considered 0 then I will go back and make a couple changes.

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Looks good. A new character must follow the hierarchies outlined in the cudi which means the only way a character could start with a B elite is if all the B basics are in your deck and still needs more cards of that type.

morph147 Ukuja wrote:

Here is my deck handler. Still dont full get if I am allowed to use the B elites for this match or not so I didnt

include them. If they are considered 0 then I will go back and make a couple changes.

Standard Bearer is a Cleric Basic B Ally, but a Core 1 card. In a similar situation in my other CAG game, the BR said it was allowed to make that Basic B/Core 1 substitution for my starting deck, as that’s still Tier 1 legal.
But while we’re talking about starting with non-Basics, I figured I’d check with you too. (And if you’d rather I use a Basic B/Core 0 Ally instead, I don’t mind replacing with Lookout.)

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Substitutions are allowed provided you submitted your proof to the powers that be. Core 0 and Core 1 are definitely allowed..not sure about others that are higher if they have same name but I know many cards have different AD numbers for different decks.


Current Guidelines for substitutions

This basically means:
1. The name has to match exactly.
2. The original card has to be able to be in your deck (which for us starting out, means it has to have the basic trait, or you were able to get the card through the heirarchy)
3. The core/curse version of the card has to be tier appropriate. (the new card can't exceed your tier level)

So in practical turns, Standard Bearer is a basic card and listed as AD-B in the cleric deck. So Kyra can add standard bearer to her deck. She then can replace it with the core version since it is a AD-1 card in Core and Kyra is tier 1 making it tier appropriate.

If the core standard bearer was AD-2, then it wouldn't be tier appropriate and she couldn't use the updated version until she was tier2. A real example is that barbarian has a basic Blue War Paint, but it is also a curse-4 card. So Grenek is starting with blue war paint, but he can't replace it with the curse card because it is not tier appropriate.

This also means that a paladin that isn't using an ultimate deck can't use Cure in their deck since their paladin class deck Cure is AD-2, and they wouldn't have it in their character deck to be able to swap out with a Core version of Cure which is AD0.

Ukuja Deck Handler

Giving someone permission to take my turn will be tomorrow evening before I ca. Play due to traveling otherwise.

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Loot: weapon Deathbane Light Crossbow, armor Magic Leather Armor.
Characters may choose a bonus deck upgrade.

Acquired Cards
Mouse (Ally 0)
Giant Slug (Ally 1)
Lookout (Ally 0)
Porcupine (Ally 0)
Standard Bearer (Ally 1)
Teamster (Ally 0)
Light Shield (Armor 0)
Iomedae's Justice (Blessing 1)
Gorum's Iron (Blessing 1)
Desna's Freedom (Blessing 1)
Token Of Remembrance (Item 0)
Acid Arrow (Spell 0)
Knock (Spell 1)
Detect Evil (Spell 0)
Battleaxe (Weapon 0)
Rapier (Weapon 0)
Glorious Warhammer (Weapon 1)
Keen Rapier (Weapon 1)

Weapon 0011
Spell 010
Armor 0
Item 0
Ally 010010
Blessing 111

TBD on what and how boons are being done for CAGII

Tier Rewards
Each character gains 1 XP and 1 hero point.

The following needs to be provided:
Decision whether to convert Hero point to feat or abstaining
Deck Upgrade rolls


Weapon 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 798
Blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 305
item 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 948
Weapon B: 1d1000 ⇒ 633

If i get the blessing 1 i will take a card feat, otherwise, taking power feat.

Not interested in loot

Female Goblin | My Deck Handler Tier 1 Swashbuckler (Rogue / UI) (12789-1006)

Jirelle the Repugnant - WBH-1A: Dead Meat
Conversion Note: Played 1 successful Scenarios, gained 1 feats and 0 die bump therefore Currently have 1XP and 0 Hero Points
Scenario Reward
"Loot: weapon Deathbane Light Crossbow, armor Magic Leather Armor.
Characters may choose a bonus deck upgrade."

Adventure Reward

Tier/XP 1.1->1.2
Spend 1 Hero Point for Power Feat (Hand Size 6)
Hero Points (Prior + Gained - Used = Current)
0 + 1 - 1 = 0

Loot rolls
1st Choice Blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 205 Looking to Add Blessing of Achaekek
2nd Choice Item 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 430 Looking to Add Emerald of Dexterity
3rd Choice Ally 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 957 Looking to Add Marianix Karn
4th Choice Weapon 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 282 Looking to Add Deathbane Light Crossbow +1
Deck Upgrades
Banished Cards: None
Holes Filled: None
Removed: TBD (If Blessing Acquired then BotG, If Item then Sages Journal, if Ally then Burglar, if Weapon then Cutlass)

Female Human Goblin Cleric Deck Handler

Kyra will take a Power Feat, no interest in either loot.
I have so many upgrade options I'd be happy with, I can choose among whatever's left over after everyone else has picked twice.

Reepazo Deck Handler

Choice of deck upgrades, in order:
Weapon 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 288
Blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 49
Item 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 342
Ally 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 88
Ally 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 211

I'll spend my hero point for a Power Feat, my first power's second check, "or Divine".

None of the loot is useful to me.

Korundo Deck Handler

I will be taking a power feat, I will look later and update which one.

weapon 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 444
ally 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 830
blessing 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 978
spell 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 941

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Please review and let me know if correct:

Deck Upgrades
Grenek Weapon 1 / Blessing 1
Ukuja Weapon 1 / Ally 1
Jirelle Blessing 1 / Item 0
Reepazo Blessing 1 / Ally 0
Kyra TBD

Kyra Picking Last with the following remaining:
Weapon 00
Spell 010
Armor 0
Item None
Ally 0010
Blessing None

Feat Choices:
Grenek - Card Feat (Blessing)
Jirelle - Power Feat (Hand size +1)
Reepazo - Power Feat (1st power 2nd check Or Divine)
Ukuja - Power Feat
Kyra - Power Feat

Loot Interest:
Magic Leather Armor - None (or TBD)
Deathbane Lightbane Crossbow - Jirelle

Reepazo Deck Handler

Replacing Blessing of the Elements with Blessing of Milani
Replacing Shock Lizard with Poog of Zarongel

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Kyra's choices from Gameplay tab to keep in one place:

Hero Point: Power Feat: Gain the skills Fortitude: Constitution +2 and Perception: Wisdom +2.
Upgrading Spell B Cure into Spell 1 Fear
Upgrading Spell B Inflict into Spell B Holy Light (replacing with Core Spell 1 Holy Light)
Replacing banished item with Basic Item B Holy Water (replacing with Core Item 0 Holy Water)

Ukuja Deck Handler

Ukuja will take At the end of your turn, you may recharge a random card that has the Animal trait from your discard pile as the power feat.

Replace Javelin with Force Crossbow+1
Replace Dog with Snow Leopard.

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Final Disposition for WBH-1A

Deck Upgrades | Feat Choices | Current XP | Current Hero Points
Kyra Spell 1 / Spell 0 | Power Feat (Skills Fort and Perc) | 1.1 | 0
Grenek Weapon 1 / Blessing 1 | Card Feat (Blessing)| 1.1 | 0
Ukuja Weapon 1 / Ally 1 | Power Feat (Recharge Random Animal)| 1.1 | 0
Reepazo Blessing 1 / Ally 0 | Power Feat (1st power 2nd check or Divine) | 1.1 | 0
Jirelle Blessing 1 / Item 0 | Power Feat (Hand Size +1 | 1.2 | 0

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Just wanted to post so people are aware of the following for the next scenario with 2 acts:

  • The hourglass has 30 blessings which are used for both Act 1 and Act 2
  • It isn't necessary to close any locations for act 1 and 2 in order to succeed

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CAGII Boon Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 6 Not Today


We Be Heros scenario 1: 1d20 ⇒ 1 nope

WBH-1A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 17

Ukuja Deck Handler

reward: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Reepazo Deck Handler

Boon!: 1d20 ⇒ 1

Too bad it wasn't "1 or 20"!

Could we confirm when would be okay to bot? At the very least, who would be okay with their start-of-turn Entangle checks. Which I think are:
Kyra: Fortitude 5: 1d6+2
Grenek: Fortitude 5: 1d8+1
Ukuja: Survival 5: 1d10+3
Reepazo: Survival 5: 2d6+3
Jirelle: Survival 5: 1d8+3

Maybe also indicate if okay to bot the reset scourge removal?
Although midturn summons are probably too tricky to automate.

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Scenario Reward
Each character gets a new level 1 blessing (added to list below)
Characters may choose a bonus deck upgrade.

Adventure Reward
Each player may add to any of their Class Decks the promo spell Embiggen and/or the promo blessing The Real Rabbit Prince.

Acquired Cards
Note: An Outstanding Avenge may adjust and add more
Archer (Ally 0)
Bodyguard (Ally 1)
Cat (Ally 0)
Lookout (Ally 0)
Acolyte (Ally 0)
Giant Slug (Ally 1)
Frog (Ally 0)
Chain Mail (Armor 0)
Spiked Breastplate (Armor 0)
Magic Chain Shirt (Armor 1)
Helm (Armor 0)
Orison (Blessing 0)
Prayer (Blessing 0)
Torag's Power (Blessing 1)
Nethys's Duality (Blessing 1)
Calistria's Sting (Blessing 1)
5 Blessing 1's
Acid Flask (Item 0)
Codex (Item 0)
Luckstone (Item 0)
Locate Object (Spell 1)
Life Drain (Spell 1)
Confusion (Spell 0)
Sling (Weapon 0)
Shortbow (Weapon 0)
Glorious Warhammer (Weapon 1)

Weapon 001
Spell 110
Armor 0010
Item 000
Ally 0100010
Blessing 0011111111

Boon Roll

Roll 1d20 in the discussion thread for a chance to win boon; 20 wins. The reward can be assigned to any PFSACG character (even someone elses).

Tier Rewards
Each character gains 1 XP and 1 hero point.

Convention Boon Roll: 1d20 ⇒ 9 Nope


Weapon 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 485 Greatclub+1 or Double Chicken Saber
Armor 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 639 Wolfhide Armor
item 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 863 Staff of Minor Healing
Weapon B (Only if didnt get weapon 1): 1d1000 ⇒ 17 Greatclub
Armor B (only if didnt get Armor 1): 1d1000 ⇒ 346 Magic Padded Armor

boon?: 1d20 ⇒ 6 nope

Hero point: you may discard ([[X] or recharge)

Reepazo Deck Handler

Deck upgrades
Weapon 1: 1d1000 ⇒ 688 => Flaming Heavy Pick +1
Item 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 746 => Blue Star
Ally 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 819 => Mogmurch
Otherwise, Blessing 0/1 => Blessing of Gozreh

Con Boon: 1d20 ⇒ 19 => almost...

Hero point spent on Skill Feat, Dexterity +1

Again, I’ll pick from the leftovers.
Hero point will be Skill: WIS+1.

WBH-1B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 1

Female Goblin | My Deck Handler Tier 1 Swashbuckler (Rogue / UI) (12789-1006)

Jirelle the Repugnant - WBH-1B: Chicken Run

Scenario Reward
Extra Deck Upgrade

Adventure Reward
Each player may add to any of their Class Decks the promo spell Embiggen and/or the promo blessing The Real Rabbit Prince.

Tier/XP 1.2->1.3
Spend 1 Hero Point for Card Feat (Blessing) - Blessing of the Ancients
Hero Points (Prior + Gained - Used = Current)
0 + 1 - 1 = 0

Loot rolls
1st Choice Item 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 279 Looking to Add Masterwork tools
2nd Choice Blessing 0: 1d1000 ⇒ 715 Looking to Blessing of Milani

Deck Upgrades
Masterwork Tools (Item 0)
Blessing of Milani (Blessing 0)
Banished Cards: None
Holes Filled: None
Removed: Thieve's Tools and Blessing of the Gods

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