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And the nail biting commences.

Liberty's Edge

-Karma- wrote:

Alrighty, the idea for the character:

** spoiler omitted **

I think Aldun will be a variant human fighter, specializing in crossbows. The crunch is here, but might change as I figure out the system better. And naturally I'll make PBP-friendlier character sheet here on the boards, should I be chosen.

I got into some other games, so I'll withdraw.

Best of luck to everyone!

Grand Lodge

Can't wait

Just so you know I put in three hopeful's, in hopes one might make the cut.

Antal Firebug Wood Elf Criminal Druid
Antonio Carvatee Human Noble Rouge
Quonx Human Acolyte Paladin

Can't wait

Grand Lodge

.... Drum roll please....

Sorry about the late reply. I'll have a decision up shortly.

Okay, everyone, here is my final decision. This was without a doubt the hardest I've ever had to work selecting a party. And some of the cuts were heart-breaking to me. But in the end I feel like I put together an interesting bunch that will work well as a party.

Kevin O'Rourke 440 -- Hob Teabadger -- Halfling Sage Diviner Wizard
Sapiens -- Ellena Garvaneel -- Human Charlatan ArchFey Pact Warlock
AdamWarnock -- Talliree Yndercook -- Half-elf Barbarian
scranford -- Mitchell Cloudkeep -- Human Noble Paladin
Dreaming Warforged -- Tania Teg -- Half-elf Criminal Rogue

For any who weren't selected, thank you for applying. Believe me, I considered your application quite seriously. And should one or more of the players drop for whatever reason, I may very well send you a PM.

For the players who were selected, welcome to the game. Please head to the gameplay tab to dot the thread, and then report to the discussion tab so we can make final adjustments to PCs and decide how you all know each other.

Grand Lodge

Good luck to the lucky selected!

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