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HP: 16/16. AC: 16(13). 1st Level Spells 0/3

"Being a part owner of a business like a tavern would make Waukeen happy right Mitchell? And I imagine having a Paladin of the Golden Lady part owner would make it very appealing to merchants, very respectable."

"Those are good points, Hob. Business can be nice and legit, while still profitable. Not my usual style but I'm not opposed to it!"

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

As they make their way to Nara's Rebuke, Talliree starts to sing the song that Ellena had been composing and performing back in the Yawning Portal.

Performance: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Male Human; HP-23/23; AC-20; LOH 10/10; INT +2; Spell Slots (1) 2/2 Paladin / 2; ST+3, DX+2, CO+4, IN-1, WI+4, CH+5; PP 14

Mitchell listens to the points with a nod of his head.

"Perhaps. I shall have to pray over it. While Waukeen is clear on the making of profit, I find that she is even more pleased when much of the coin finds its way into her coffers. I shall give it due thought".

With a resigned shake of his head Mitchell claps his hands and nods, then his million dollar smile returns to his face.

"But that's a problem for another day. For now let's enjoy the moment, and the safe reunion of friends".

Many apologies for the delay. Just took on two side contracts and it's taken me a few extra days to sort out scheduling my free time around them. Should be good to go from now on.

Volo leads the party, Renear and Floon out into the chill night, your cloaks and hair whipped about by the biting wind.

As he walks, he smiles as you all talk about the possibilites the Manor provides you, satisfied he's made a good deal for his friend Floon's life.

You're lead to and fro, through the late evening streets, across courtyards and down dark alleys, the star filled night revealed by a narrow gaps between the tall
building on either side. He talks as he walks, detailing events and rumors about seemingly every rock and corner of his beloved city.
Presently, after going on and on about a wizards's duel that occured 50 years ago in the last plaza crossed, he comes to the mouth of an alley. On either side, semi-respectable tenements and a few shops, now closed.

Holding up a finger, he warns, "Quiet now! I'm not supposed to know about this entrance." he says with a smile then disappears into the dark.
With a roll of his eyes, Renear follows, motioning you to accompany him.

As you enter, the darkness is lessened by a number of softly glowing motes of light that float here and there, revealing a small courtyard, bordered on all sides by brick walls, now covered by leafless vines. The walls ascend , revealing no windows or balconies that usually decorate such enclosed spaces in the city.

Humming Ellena's song, Volo taps a number of different brick, then sharply raps one in particular , causing it to pivot revealing a cavity. Reaching within, Volo causes a concealed door to open partially, spilling hot steamy air into the cold night.

"Come, this opens into the kitchen !" Volo exclaims excitedly, pulling the door open revealing a busy kitchen, cooks working feverishly, chopping and stirring. Helpers scurries to and fro carrying dishes, dirty and clean. All of this overseen by a short, spare woman standing on a box in the corner, her eye seeing every detail, her tongue lashing the lazy , scouring the incompetent.

Then her eyes settle on Yolo, "Yolo, close that door , you buffoon!" she cries, nodding to a waiting elf, who takes up her position...and scolding.

"Come in, Come in!" the woman commands, ushering you all in, clasping Renear's arms fondly, but giving Floon a cool look before moving on to Yolo ( you think there might be history there)

"You fool! she admonishes the writer fiercely but fondly, "That entrance is for deliveries only!"

Yolo leans in and whispers in her ear, talking excitedly, gesturing towards you and finally towards Floon.

Pushing him away, she looks to Renaer for comfirmation. At his nod, she clasps her hands together, tears welling up in her eyes, "You've done a great thing! I thank you. Come, anything you want tonight...is on the house!" she declares, wiping away at her moist cheeks, her gaze going again to Floon, but a gaze that is much softer and warmer than before ( Yes, definitely some history there! )

Yolo, rubbing his hands together with glee, comes to escort you all out of the kitchen, when he's brought up short by the woman, "Not you , vagabond. You pay like the others!" she says laughing, as Renaer pulls out a small bag of coins and tosses it to the woman, "Always the bag man, Renaer?!!" she excaims, laughing some more.

As she moves to take up her place on the box again, she turns back and says, "Be welcome and partake! I am Nara...and this is my Rebuke!!!" she says, holding her hands up with a smile, turning slowly.

Then with a motion of her hand, the elf drops down from her box and listens carefully to Nara as she give him instructions , pointing at your group.

Nodding, he smiles and advances towards you. With a slight bow, he says, "I am Nevinn, I hear you are Nara's guests tonight, please let me show you to your rooms..."

Without waiting, he takes you from the kitchen and up a narrow staircase, entering into a well appointed hallway with several door, "I will place you in adjacent rooms." he says indicating a number along one wall. Passing out keys to each of you, he says, "On the main floor you will find the tavern, a private dining room can be made available if you desire. "

Then he indicates and other wider stair case, "Up stairs you will find music and the baths. On this floor , through those doors is the gambling room if such a diversion suits you."

He then pauses, "In each room there is a rope. If you need anything tug once and a porter will come shortly. Tug thrice if there is an emergency."

The Nevinn inclines his head, "Enjoy your stay at the Rebuke" and departs, allowing you to invesitgate your rooms.

Now, up to you if you want to roleplay any events etc here, or just hand wave on to the next day's events...

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

I'll go with whatever the others decide, but I would love a chance to get up to some shenanigans first. :P

Talliree is beaming as she takes in the place and is almost bouncing in giddy glee as she opens the door to her room.

"Well, Mr. Whiskers, I think this will do nicely," she tells the small mouse on her shoulder before walking to the room and finding a place for her gear where it wouldn't make too much of a mess with the dust clinging to some of it. "All of what the nice man, Nevinn said sounded nice, but I think I really want a bath first." Mr. Whiskers twitches his whiskers at this, and Talliree ponders things for a moment.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. It's not like I get to enjoy things like this everyday!"

She tugs on the rope and waits for the porter to arrive.

"Hello! I don't suppose y'all have any fancy robes and pyjamas I could borrow after I take a bath? Seems a shame to have to put on my plain old things on after a fancy bath. Would you mind checkin' on that, please," she asks sweetly when they arrive.

HP: 16/16. AC: 16(13). 1st Level Spells 0/3

"This is a nice change of pace after those sewers. I think I'll grab a bath and see how good the music is tonight!"

Male Human; HP-23/23; AC-20; LOH 10/10; INT +2; Spell Slots (1) 2/2 Paladin / 2; ST+3, DX+2, CO+4, IN-1, WI+4, CH+5; PP 14

"I shall bathe as well, but will stay here in the hallway to make sure nobody messes with our stuff while we bathe. After that some fine food and wine should top off the day's activities just fine".

A porter stops on the way to Talliree's room, overhearing Mitchell's plans, "Sir, the locks on your room have some magical properties, your possessions will be quite safe."

He then enters Talliree's room, and says to her, "Of course, I'll be right back. You can leave your soiled clothing the the basket by the door and they'll be laundered over night. "

He leaves Talliree's room and repeats that option to those still talking in the hall as well as the option for complimentary robes and sleep wear, should the be desired.

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

"Thanks! just bring them to the baths," Talliree says as she hurries past the man to the bath hall. As she goes up the stairs, she can be heard admonishing her pet mouse.

"Remember, Mr. Whiskers, this is a nice place, so don't go chewin' on anythin', okay?"

Perhaps even more remarkable is Tania getting dragged behind, somehow swept up in Talliree's wake. The half-elf laughs as she climbs the stairs, hardly believing she's in such a fancy place a year after she had run away. She feels as if she doesn't have a care in the world other than how big the tubs would be.

Anyone who follows finds that Talliree is already enjoying the baths, hidden behind a mountain of bubbles and her clothes in a messy pile that overflows the basket provided. On a table next to where Talliree is, there's a miniature tub that contains a relaxing Mr. Whiskers.

"Ooooooh, this feels like heaven," Talliree says in probably the slowest and most chill voice the others have heard from her. "We should definitely have some of these in our new house."

Within Nara's Rebuke, Himo grins, much like a cat who has found where the cream is stored and with no pesky interruptions.

"A bath would be marvellous! And some vittles!", he adds.

Male Human; HP-23/23; AC-20; LOH 10/10; INT +2; Spell Slots (1) 2/2 Paladin / 2; ST+3, DX+2, CO+4, IN-1, WI+4, CH+5; PP 14

Mitchell after the reassurance of the porter, stripe off his adventuring gear, and walks towards the bath, with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Hi lean and muscular frame is crisscrossed with scars from learning to fight, but otherwise is flawless. He tosses back his mane of long curly hair as he walks towards the bath, flashing his dazzling smile at any he encounters.

Everyone seems to think getting clean is a good idea and make their way to the baths. Mitchell's chiseled physique attracts the admiring glances of a few female staff members, and even one of the male.

Ten tubs line the two walls of this stone walled room, silken privacy curtains tied off .

All of the waters send wafts of steam up into the air, all at a steady temperature of....ahhhhh, that feels wonderful

The others find Talliree and Tania...and Mr Whiskers already enjoying themselves.

As the heroes soak, music from the nearby festive hall reaches them through the walls, and you're positive that you hear a rendition of Ellena's song being performed.

After a period of soaking and scrubbing, one of the porters arrives with fresh towels and robes, addressing Volo's red cheeked face as it peeks just above the steaming water, "Your private room in the festive hall is ready, Sir"

"Excellent!" Volo exclaims, standing up and clapping his sudsy hands together, sending soap bubbles here and there, "Come everyone...vittles awaits!" he says, sending Himo a wink.

With out any modestly, he steps out and grabs a robe, hurrying out and, presumably, off the his room.

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

Not nearly so bold as Volo, Talliree slinks out of her tub and quickly dries off before pulling on the robe. Mr. Whiskers, now squeaky clean, nestles in small hand towel that swallows him whole as she carries him back to the room. A minute later she shuffles out, feeling a little self-conscious about her stature in clothes that are just a bit long on her.

"Oh well, at least they're comfy," she says pets Mr. Whiskers between the ears.

Despite her initial boost of confidence, she can't help but feel as if the staff are looking at her like she's a lost girl pretending to be an adult.

I guess that's not too far from the truth, is it...

Talliree slows to a stop as she feels herself tearing up. It takes her a moment to realize why. Tania was staying the night, but in the morning, she'd be gone, off to see to her father. Talliree would lose the one person she'd come to trust since leaving the Crimson Breakers.

But did she really trust Tania? Could she say she did without a doubt.

She shakes her head, clearing the doubts away for the moment. No, she isn't going to think about it, not here, not now. Tonight was a celebration, and she'd enjoy it. Tomorrow would take care of itself in good time.

Her grin renewed, she heads off to the festive hall for some food. She is starving!

HP: 16/16. AC: 16(13). 1st Level Spells 0/3

Wearing his robes Hob is oblivious to him companions inner turmoil.

He combs his wet hair on his head with a comb... and then he proceeds to take a finer comb out, putting each foot onto a stool he combs the curly hair on his feet.

Once dressed he headed off to see what food and drink was available.

Himo soaks, he oils, he preens, and he is most pleased with the results.

Relaxed and cheerful, the half-elf finds a comfortable robe in russet red, wraps it about himself, and gets moving for food.

All clean smelling and rid of any air of sewer-delving, the group enters the festive hall, seeing many other guests sporting the Rebuke's wonderfully comfy bathrobes.

A cheer and clapping erupts as the other guests see the heroes enter, word travels fast, and Floon is a popluar fellow.

Waving to the other guests, Volo smiles and ushers you all into an adjoining room...where a feast awaits.

Enough food to feed a company of soldiers lines the center line of a long table. Delicacies from all corner of the Realms are arrayed before you, and drink aplenty along sideboards to the left and right. Against the back wall, another array, this time of sweets and fancies tempt the palate.

"Come, eat, drink...let us celebrate!" Volo exclaims, waving around an meaty rib of some sort, waving you all in to sit and partake.

As the food is eaten and the drink drunk, Volo maintains a constant stream of commentary and opinion, having himself traveled most of the Realms himself. But , his most frequent subject is Waterdeep herself, his home.

I've added a link to the Gameplay tab to a document that contains all of the info that Volo has on Waterdeep...have a read, lots of interesting facts etc...

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

Talliree finds herself blushing a bit at the applause, but manages to give a smile and a wave before disappearing into the private room and its richly appointed tables. It isn't long before the young half-elf is trying a bit of everything to figure out what she wants more of as she listens to Volo's tales and talks with Tania about the tavern they would be opening. The warm robes and hot food has an effect on her. She yawns and is soon fighting to keep from dozing off.

Mr. Whiskers, on the other hand, eats himself into a food coma and sleeps happily in the nest of the towel Talliree was using for him.

Male Human; HP-23/23; AC-20; LOH 10/10; INT +2; Spell Slots (1) 2/2 Paladin / 2; ST+3, DX+2, CO+4, IN-1, WI+4, CH+5; PP 14

Mitchell returns to his room, his hair drying in ringlets and cascading down his neck. He dons the plain but clean clothes left for his use, then decides to modify the outfit to more clearly fit his fashion sense. He takes out his dagger and goes to work...

Sleeves are for Sissys anyway.

He then joins the others for the splendid repast, flirting in earnest with any interested maidens that approach, and drinking quite a bit more than normal.

I shall worry tomorrow about how Waukeen fells about tavern ownership. For now I shall enjoy this bounty.

Much is eaten, and much more is drunk. Volo's voluminous vocabulary is incessant but always entertaining. Renaer and Floon partake with gusto, telling tall tales about each other to all who will listen.

At various times, Tania takes each of her friends aside and rather drunkenly and at times tearily, apologies for attempting to run of quickly. Her decision to stay is the best she's ever made, she'll even stay tomorrow to see the deed signed and transferred...maybe even have a look at the place before departing for Baldur's Gate.

As the night progresses, the party out in the festive hall and yours bleed into each other , as Volo is quite a popular person; as are the party for saving Floon.

Finally, as the band once again plays a version of Ellena's song, beds beckon and Renaer and Floon make their excuses and stagger back to their rooms, Floon arm and arm with a pretty red head.

Volo shakes his head, "Can't stay out of trouble, that one! Nara will have his head! " he chuckles.

Mitchell finds his flirting returned with interest by a number of maidens, but one that caught his eye was a lass from Neverwinter, a winsome brunette that sang with the band a number of times.

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

Mr. Whiskers, meanwhile, has scampered off somewhere, most likely with a lovely pocket mouse acting as some wizard's familiar, and Talliree is not far behind Mitchell. Luckily for the paladin of Waukeen, she's too sleepy to really notice anything. She's feeling the warmth of the drinks she's had, many of them of the expensive and exotic variety, as she fights the lure of sleep. Thankfully, one of the servants is there to help her find her room and get into the bed. Barely a breath after her head finds the pillow, Talliree is asleep.

A Dreamtime Interlude:

Talliree walks down the empty streets of Waterdeep under an empty night sky. The lights, few and far between, burn low. Her footsteps echo off the cobbles and the stone walls no matter how hard she tries to be quiet. She rubs her arms, trying to keep some warmth in her fingers. Her eyes dart from shadow to shadow, something telling her she is not safe despite the emptiness of the streets.

She rounds a corner and sees a familiar figure walking along ahead of her. Tania! Her face splits into a wide, beaming grin as she rushes to catch up. Talliree calls out to her friend, but her voice is far too quiet. She runs harder, but no matter how much ground she covers, she never gets any closer. She pushes herself harder and harder, her lungs burn from the exertion, but she cannot catch up to Tania. Her toe catches on a cobble and Talliree cries out as she bounces off the stones.

"Talli, Talli, Talli. Ye really are a mess, ain'cha?!"

Talliree turns around and sees Shiva Rune, the leader of the Crimson Breakers coming for her, a wicked grin on her face. Talliree reaches for her weapons, but finds that she has none of them.Terror fills her as she scrambles back on her hands and feet as she tries to put any distance she can between her and her doom. She gasps in fear as her hand plunges through the cobbles and she plunges into water as cold as ice and black as pitch.

She swims up as best as she can, her limbs numb from the cold. She feels her lungs burning as she swims. She holds her breath as long as she can, and only when she is about to gulp in the water does she break the foamy surface. Brown ale sloshes about the tankard and Talliree can hear Shiva Rune's laughter from all around. She barely has time to comprehend her predicament before a wave of ale comes washing over her and nearly drowning her.

Talliree catches her breath as she floats with the flow of the ale. A moment later she opens her eyes and finds herself on a pile fo gold coins. She shivers from the cold bite in the air.

"You owe me, Talli," Shiva Rune growls as she twists her hand into the neck of Talliree's top and half-throws, half-shoves her around her and stumbling onto a stage where hundreds of Farlo Hens leer down at her as she tries to cover her half-naked body.

"I intend to collect," Shive Rune whispers in Talliree's ear before shoving her to the grabbing, tearing, clawing hands of Farlo Hen. Talliree screams as she feels her bones snap and her flesh rip from the onslaught.

Talliree wakes up in a cold sweat in her room at Nara's Rebuke. She looks around the room to find it empty. She is alone.

She is all alone.

She curls her knees up to her chest and rocks back and forth as she weeps. An hour later, sleep has once again taken over an exhausted Talliree, and she finds her sleep mercifully dreamless.

HP: 16/16. AC: 16(13). 1st Level Spells 0/3

Hob begins to talks to Tania about what he considers interesting pieces of trivia and rumours. "I met this gnome once, from-" Hob frowns "I can't remember. Anyway he said he was once at a big gnomish feast and for the main course they had hamster... not a bunch of small ones. One big one the size of a cow. Said it was delicious."

Himo thoroughly enjoys himself with his friends, taking a rare opportunity to relax in style on someone else's coin.

It's a good night.

Male Human; HP-23/23; AC-20; LOH 10/10; INT +2; Spell Slots (1) 2/2 Paladin / 2; ST+3, DX+2, CO+4, IN-1, WI+4, CH+5; PP 14

Mitchell wakes in the morning his head a bit worse for the wear, and untangles his limbs from the gently snoring brunette lying next to him. He rises with a groan, and begins his morning with his prayers to Waukeen, and then starts his morning stretching routine while he waits for his acquaintance of the evening to awaken, gently smiling as she begins to awake.

She is very nice, pretty and fun... hope I can remember her name before she awakens.

A ribald night, followed by a mostly peaceful slumber, most of you are each woken by a discreet knock at the door and the porter outside calling , "Breakfast served in 30 minutes. Same location as last night. "

Mitchell's companion's eye open and take in his routine, smiling and stretching, her body beautiful in the morning light. She glances at the light coming in
the window and guages the time. With a curse, she leaps out of bed and quickly dresses, catching the look on Mitchell's face, pacing over and
planting a quick kiss on his lips, "My name is Mel...your's is Mitchell. See you around!" she says happily, spinning around and slipping out the door.

Each of you finds any clothing or equipment you requested to be cleaned, either hanging or neatly folded on a nearby table.

Talliree finds that at some point during the night, Talia managed to enter her room and curl up with her in her bed, holding her tight for part of the
night and morning.

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

Talia? Do you mean Tania?

Yup!! :)

HP: 16/16. AC: 16(13). 1st Level Spells 0/3

Hob begins his morning routine of grooming and getting dressed. After donning a pair of emerald robes with an amber stitched hems.

Once he comes down he gets a table big enough for the entire group and asks a member of staff. "Whats on the menu for breakfast?"

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

Alrighty then.

Talliree wakes up to the knock, groaning at the ungodly racket that made her head throb with each bang. She starts to get up, only to stop when she feels Tania hold her more tightly. Talliree shifts so that she's looking at her friend and wraps her arms around Tania as best she can without disturbing her.

She hates that Tania is leaving. She knows the others have folks they cared about outside of their group, but all Talliree has is Tania. She wants to beg Tania to stay, to not worry about her father, but she can't. It isn't fair to Tania.

"Yer my only friend, Tania," she whispers after several long minutes. "Please, be safe."

She give Tania a hug, then slips out of the bed to get ready.


She arrives not much longer after Hob. The usual spring in her step is gone and she lays her head on the table while using her arms as a pillow. Mister Whiskers isn't even himself as he lays next to Talliree's elbow and nuzzles her arm.

Male Human; HP-23/23; AC-20; LOH 10/10; INT +2; Spell Slots (1) 2/2 Paladin / 2; ST+3, DX+2, CO+4, IN-1, WI+4, CH+5; PP 14

Mitchell stares at Mel as she dresses to rush out. "Say where can I find you"? he shouts at her retreating form, knowing that she might not want to be found.

He simply shrugs and completes his morning ritual, knowing that the vestiges of last nights revelry won't truly leave him until after a big breakfast, and a gallon of juice. He dresses in the simple garments happy that he doesn't need to modify them further by ripping out the sleeves, then heads down to join the others for breaking of the fast.

As he sits he insists the others join him in a silent prayer to whatever deity they support, then digs into his meal with gusto.

"So what do we do today"?

Himo only groans slightly as he awakens.

He only clutches his head occasionally as he staggers downstairs.

He is more than happy to make a silent prayer when Mitchell suggests one.

"Today? How about we check out the pub?"

Volo bustles in , catching Mitchell and Himo's question, "Indeed, we shall introduce our heroes to their new property. But first we eat, and then we take care of the legalities!" he declares, sampling a plump , greasy sausage. Finding it to his liking, he piles another half dozen on a plate and begins to noisily consume them, grinning at everyone, seeming very pleased with himself.

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

Supposing she should eat something, Talliree piles her plate with a stack of pancakes with bacon and sausages on the side. A little butter and a lot of syrup tops the towering stack of doom. The others see that she doesn't really have many table manners, gripping the knife and fork like they were weapons and not eating utensils. Thankfully, she doesn't talk with her mouth full or opens it while chewing. After a few minutes of not making much progress, Talliree forgoes the utensils and uses her fingers.

Mister Whiskers, in contrast, is a gentlemanly mouse and eats with all of the care and poise of a member of nobility.

Admittedly, this is more difficult when most of the eating utensils are larger than you are.

"Has anyone seen Tania or Ellena," she asks about half-way through her meal. There's a broken, worried note in her voice that the others have never heard from her.

Himo turns to Talliree, concern leaking into his own face.

"No. No, I haven't. Has anyone seen them?"

"Seen who?" Tania says as she enters the dining room, rubbing her eyes, her hair a wild halo around her head.

With really waiting for an answer, she sits next to Taliree, bumps her shoulder with her own and digs in....then around a mouthful of food, "When do we go see this dump? I gotta get on the road..."

HP: 16/16. AC: 16(13). 1st Level Spells 0/3

"It's not a dump its an opportunity!" Hob cheerfully responds.

Female Half-Elf Barbarian HP: 25/25 | AC: 16 | Saves: STR* +5 DEX +3 CON* +5 INT +1 WIS +1 CHA +3 | Perception: +3, Investigate: +1, Insight: +1 | Rage: 2/2 Status:

Talliree brightens up, but the mention of the road kills the grin growing wide on her face. The slip is slight as she perks back up barely an eye-blink later.

"We go as soon as we're all done stuffing our faces," Talliree says as she rolls up another pancake around a sausage and some strips of bacon drizzled in syrup. "And don't worry! We'll fix yer room up all nice and proper-like!"

Deception (To hide how she's really feeling.): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (18) + 5 = 23

Himo goes quiet as Tania walks in.

Insight: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

Very quiet.

Male Human; HP-23/23; AC-20; LOH 10/10; INT +2; Spell Slots (1) 2/2 Paladin / 2; ST+3, DX+2, CO+4, IN-1, WI+4, CH+5; PP 14

Mitchell... busy shoveling down his breakfast... which consists of everything thrown together in a big bowl, and covered with hot sauce, shrugs and says something unintelligible at Talliree's question.

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